This is an article about Kirai the Seedrian, a character created by Bitbyte1214.


Kirai is a seedrian with shoulder-length sprout green 'hair' worn down. Her dress is dark purple with a long collar, colored black. The border is jagged and dark pale green. Her shoes are fashioned in a similar way, as they are dark purple with a pale green border. She has black makeup that imitates a scar across her right eye and a black fingerless glove on her left hand.


Kirai is cheerful, conscientious, and energetic girl. She does have a tendency to become bored of things very easily, especially when she isn't writing or playing music. Many people around her say she has a 'loud' personality, even to the point where others say she is annoying and that her loud guitar-playing is disturbing.


Kirai's familiy is widely unknown to many because she was actually born because of a genetically modified plant seed. She was raised in a lab, treated more like a plant if anything, with all kinds of tests run on her when she was younger. She developed a sensitivity to sound, being able to hear things better than humans or a normal Mobian would.


Kirai can easily manupulate sounds, mostly musical sounds. She can create sound waves and echoes with her instrument, and causes others to be annoyed by her music. When Kirai and Carmen are together, they can create large soundwaves that can even burst other's eardrums or cause hallucinations.


She cannot stand hot areas or being overheated, as it makes her uncomfortable. Fire also causes her to feel uncomfortable. She also hates being silenced and has a severe allergy to poison ivy plants.


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