Cquote1 Even if my hands aren't for killing, I will surpass myself to protect those dear to me. Cquote2
Kinomi Fox

Kinomi Fox

Current Years and Days
Name Kinomi Fox
Weapons None
Profession(s), Occupation(s) Florist
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Age:15-16
Affiliation(s) Friends
Romantic Interest(s) Marcus Winstill

Extremely smart. Acute memory Does not fall for lies easily Carefully observant


none so far

Likes Flowers, being alone when she's thinking, stargazing, reading, strolling through meadows
Dislikes Rotten stuff, annoying people
Alternative Names


Kinomi Fox (Kinomi Fokkusu) (ベリー キツネ)


Kinomi may look like a sweet and loving young girl, but she is in fact quite distant and hard to trust people. She isn't always so cold, however, and can turn into the sunshine girl she looks like when she is in a good mood. Her temper is easy to snap, and she can get into a petty argument at the smallest provocation. Despite her generally negative personality traits, Kinomi is often linked to cute, girly stuff such as flowers and meadow. Her grumpy disposition is backed up by the fact that her father and mother disappeared during a civil war and her sister was slaughtered during the war. She is considered 'way too gloomy and serious for her age', usually keeping to herself and recluse herself from social activities, but she is at heart a fun-loving girl. She usually spends hours cooped up inside her room reading, and thanks to her acute memory, she gained tremendous amounts of wisdom. She is particularly interested in the field of science, especially mythological and philosophical subjects. Her love of science has also led her to studying astronomy, mainly by stargazing, as she believes that space can expand her knowledge on science.


Kinomi was born in the same city she now resides, near the ocean bordering her country and other countries. At a young age, Kinomi developed her love of books, and would spend a great amount of time reading. This led her to become the more reclusive family member. She had a small dislike towards her younger sister, primarily because she would beg to play and cry if Kinomi refuses. This fact made Kinomi's relationship with her family colder because her parents would think Kinomi was being mean to her younger sister and back her up. There were times when she appreciated her family's companionship, mainly when she was stargazing. They would talk about different astrological signs and discuss the fields of science. Despite her parents' attempts to get closer to their oldest daughter, Kinomi felt truly content when she was alone with her books.

At the age of 8, her relationship with her family was slowly beginning to get better. She began to play with her little sister more and more, and never complained when her parents accompanied her wherever she went. However, the same year her relationship was healing, a civil war raged through the land, killing her younger sister. Her parents also disappeared not long after their youngest daughter's death, leaving Kinomi alone to fend for herself, and in the midst of a bloody war.

Even though Kinomi was grief-stricken with the death and disappearance of her family, she quickly recovered from it, having not had a great relationship with her family until a few months ago. She began to survive on her own, and soon developed the technique to steal and lie as well as any burglars in order to stay alive. At last, after the civil war ended, Kinomi returned to her old home and began to live herself, taking the job as a florist and tossed all the events that happened in her 8 years behind.

Kinomi Fox: 25 Years Later

Even though Kinomi herself did not appear, two children who strongly resembles Kinomi and Marcus in appearance and personality appeared, and seemed to be referred to as siblings. This could mean that Kinomi married Marcus Winstill.

Abilities and Weaknesses

Unlike all the Sonic characters, Kinomi has absolutely no skills when it comes to fighting, except for wildly improvised moves when she is in serious danger. However, this does not make her weak at all. She is skilled in dodging attacks, and her reflexes are very quick and unpredictable. She is also a potent user of portable explosives such as smoke grenades and flash bangs, and she always carries a small handheld gun with her wherever she goes, and can pull it out and fire at extreme speed when threatened. Her knowledge on science can also be used against her opponents. She can use nearby items and twist them to her advantage by applying science uses on them.

Like Blaze, Kinomi is afraid of heights. Since she is not as acrobatic and physically strong as the other characters, Kinomi often needs people to protect her, much to her annoyance. She likes to put up a brave and tough front, though on the inside she really is just an insecure young teen.

Kinomi is the type of person who knows when to shut up but doesn't know when to speak up. It has proved to be a major flaw as it can cause her many opportunities and can even get her into trouble. Part of this is because she is naturally shy and oddly polite around people who's not her friends.

Interactions with other Characters


Living in a reclusive and rather small city, Kinomi has had minimal interactions with other furries. She has met Sonic and his gang once or twice, but she never actually joined their adventures and made friends with them. Kinomi has not made many friends in the city either, because of her low tolerance for young kids and her gloomy personality, but she hangs out well with the city's elders and adults.

She met a teenage dingo named Marcus Winstill when he chased a thief around Lior and eventually into the flower shop she works in. Marcus and the thief then engaged in a childish mock fight, destroying several vases in the process and made a mess out of the shop. Kinomi and the the shop's owner, after a good round of pummeling the two, ended up treating Marcus and the thief with food after learning the latter is Marcus's wayward cousin, who is also a military-in-training. After that, Kinomi begins to see Marcus more and more often as she joins him on different quests.

Kinomi also befriends a 2 tailed fox with a distinctive helmet and hoodie named Twister. Although Twister and Kino hangs out well, Kinomi couldn't help but think that Twister is a little too childish for his age. This often leads her to having anger issues towards the golden fox when he does something she considers immature.

Theme songs


  • " You can't catch a baby tiger without going into the mother's den, and he pretty much charged right in. - When she is exasperated with Marcus for doing things without thinking.
  • " I'm pretty sure you've heard of the word 'deranged'. If you hadn't, you're thicker than that word can describe. " -Talking to someone she deems dumb with minimal patience.


  • Kinomi is the Japanese word for berry, fruit, and nut
  • Kinomi's appearance is based off of Skye's Leafeon in Pokemon Platinum, who is also named Kinomi.
  • Kinomi's hairstyle slightly resembles her real life creator's hairstyle, and also resembles Rose Thomas's hair from the manga Fullmetal Alchemist.
  • Kinomi's personality also greatly, but not fully, reflect her real life creator's personality, possibly making her her real life creator's fursona, though it is highly unlikely.
  • Kinomi is one of the only characters who doesn't wear the same outfit for a long period of time, reason being she somewhat detests being dirty.
  • While most Sonic characters' hands goes down to below the waist level, to the point they can almost touch their shoes, Kinomi's hand just slightly goes below the waist, like a normal human. She shares this trait with Marcus Winstill
  • Kinomi enjoys wearing attires with bizarre or unique colors.


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