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Baby Kino and Ohka.png

Biographical Information
Age 9
Romantic Interests
  • Kiny(Kino's nickname)
  • Ohky(Ohka's nickname)
Team affliction
  • SFW
Physical Description
Species Data Realmer
Gender Male and Female
  • Silver hair(Kino)
  • Blue eyes(Kino)
  • Black hair(Ohka)
  • Red eyes(Ohka)
  • White with cyan trim clothes(Kino)
  • Cyan with white trim clothes(Ohka)
Abilities and forms
  • Small data powers
  • Raddles
Super Forms
Theme Song
Created by

Memphis creator of light and User:Hikaruyami-having fun*


Two new borns of Darkaru and Hotaru. Once they were born, they were greatly loved by their whole family and were blissed to live long as future heirs to the Data Realm. Two years now, they are under the watchful eye of the mother, Hotaru, and their big brother Mason, along with digispider pets Jolt and Diva to protect them from those who would harm them.



Kino takes after his mother, being caring and giving guidence to his little sister to keep her from getting in trouble. He also shows signs of generosity to his family and friends. He can sometimes gets carried away in his acions at time, but he does his best for others, but only to have fun with his family.


Ohka takes after her father, being very jolly and mocking to her brother and others. She's also shows that she's outgoing and energetic, as well as being funny. Sometimes, when pranking, her pranks eithr messes up things, but everyhing gets better later. But she cares very much for her family that she would do anything to keep her family safe.



They love their mother very much and counts on her to keep them warm and give them milk and safety from those that would hurt them.


They enjoy the fun things he does and loves him very much,they always laugh and cheer for him.


(Cries)-When they are 1st born



Kino is a male Data Realmer with pale skin, short silver hair from his mother and blue eyes from his father. His baby outfit is a white oney with cyan trim, but he get other clothes to were and he picks them on his own, even helping his sister pick them. Sometimes he wears costumes for holidays like Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day and Christmas.


Ohka is a female Data Realmer with pale skin, short black hair from her father and red eyes from her mother. Her baby outfit is a cyan oney with white trim, but she get other clothes to were and she puts them on with the help of her brother. Sometimes she wears costumes for holidays like Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day and Christmas.