Kinkaja is a ageless (100000+) female chinese dragon.


She has a white and cream yellow fur snake-like body, with her fur being white, with a light yellow colored. Her eyes are a sparkling lime green. She has medium sized eyelashes. When she's super, like Hyper Sonic, she's a rainbow of colors.


She is a sweet, caring, and kind chinese dragon. She is trained to use her telepathy on evil, she is also a very good trainer too all who visit her cave. She never like to fight physically, but use's her telekinesis and telepathy on enemies. She can also be very strict when your training with her.


She was born at the last of the elemental gates, the mixed element cave. She was born with the other chinese dragons, their parents teaching the elements. She had a stress free life, until when of the chinese dragons fell into the creek, then he fell from the sky, because the last element gate is in the sky. She had to go get him, when she saw the real world, pain anger, stress, revenge, and sin swelled in her. She had to be banned from the gates until she got it out of her. When she had gotten it out of her, it had been too late. The other chinese dragons had died, for some reason, an evil form destroyed the gates, destroying them along with it. She had to spend 3000 years making them again. When she finished, she started to live in the last element cave again, taking eternal sleep until the day of the dragon.


She uses telepathy and telekinesis to use for enemies, such as Dark Gaia.

Special Abilities

She can fly without wings, using an orb to fly.


She has mastered the elements.


She is very weak against the elements dark. Also, she is weak against sin and darkness.


She loves to visit Chun-nan and other places to go on adventure sometimes.

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