Kingdom of Sol
2300 CE

The Kingdom of Sol was a superstate ruled by the Guardian of the Sol and Chaos Emeralds. It was the biggest state existing, with the European Union and most of Asia covered. Based on Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Sol was a peace agreement to merge into one state. At the time, a war was fought between Robotnikland and the western world.

It is known for its diverse community - with many Canadians living in Bangladesh and a group coexisting groups. However, internal conflicts, especially with taxes and financial matters, were existent in this country.


The Great War


In the warring period of Earth, leaders from various countries joined to have a meeting based on the exchange of supplies and troops. However, one of the leaders suggested joining as one state. This started the idea for the Kingdom of Sol. At first, the European Union rejected any request to join the state but with most of the countries dissolving into the newly made state, the European Union would disassemble and become part of the Kingdom of Sol.

Various other countries followed this, realising the upper hand they could get against Robotnikland.


The Kingdom of Sol has a different variety of species within it. Ranging from humans to vegans (an alien race), it is, by far, the most diverse state within Earth. However, because of various depressions caused by geothermal energy plants, most of this Kingdom is located underground. The Kingdom of Sol is known to have the worst reputation with crime - most of which happens under sea level.


There is no official religion for the Kingdom of Sol, being a multi-cultural society. However, Christianity is the most common. The princess herself, however, is atheist.


The Kingdom of Sol, at first, faced a complete black-out when these countries joined the state. With many bankrupt, most of the other countries that have asked to join - especially in Africa - had been rejected. With different currencies to base the rates, the Kingdom of Sol had decided that every economy would be still separated.

Thus, every country within this superstate would be counted as a separate economy.

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