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{{Youmay|the fictional country created by [[User:BearfootTruck|BearfootTruck]] before the takeover|[[Mobius|the planet as a whole]] or [[Eggman Empire|the government that Robotnik set up after taking over]]}}
{{Youmay|the fictional country created by [[User:BearfootTruck|BearfootTruck]], before it was taken over|[[Mobius|the planet as a whole]] or [[Eggman Empire|the government that Robotnik set up here after taking over]]}}
{{Infobox country
{{Infobox country

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Kingdom of Mobius
Motto: "Seize Opportunity"
Anthem: "Mobius, Our Homeland"

Flag of Mobius


Vital Information

Largest City

Emerald City
Emerald City

Official Language(s) No official language per se.
National Language English is considered the de facto language, and there are
Denonym Mobian
  • King
  • Queen
Constitutional monarchy
Legislature Parliament
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Population 75,004,776 (2XX6)
Land area 2,321,431.4 sq mi. (est.)
  • Total
  • Per capita
Last estimate
  • M2.5 trillion
  • M65,335
Currency Mobium (M)
Drives on the Right
Calling code 691

The Kingdom of Mobius — often shortened to Mobius — is a fictional country created by BearfootTruck. In ASMW, this is where Sonic and many of his friends were born, although this may vary in other stories. Just like in SatAM, Robotnik has taken over and roboticized most of the citizenry, providing a backstory for the ASMW series. Prior to this, it was ruled over by King & Queen Acorn.


In both this universe and the real world, "Mobius" is a shortened form of "Bartholomäus", here referring to the name of the first King of Mobius.


Many years ago, the land that is now the Kingdom of Mobius was once a loose confederation of warring tribes. Then, Bartholomäus Rotberg – a.k.a. Bartholomäus the German Shepherd – came up with the idea of unifying all of these tribes into one. He noticed that each tribe possessed members with special powers, and in his opinion, such powers would be wasted if the fighting continued. To this end, Bartholomäus worked tirelessly towards reuniting the tribes.

While most of them eventually complied with him, a select few tribes proved harder to placate. In particular, humans (known as "Overlanders" in the ancient Mobian languages) would not join with them no matter how hard Bartholomäus tried. They considered humanoid animals to be inferior life forms, unfit to govern themselves or anyone else. Note however, that such an attitude wasn’t unique to humans of Mobius; humans of all nations were racist towards humanoid animals of all species during this time period and would deal with the matter in different ways sooner or later. In Mobius, such a matter was dealt with violently: For four years, humans & animals fought the Overland Wars. As a result of this war, humans were expelled from Mobius and would not return for hundreds of years.

However, Mobius also had a situation unique to itself: The Echidnas. Noted for their contributions to the arts & sciences, the Echidnas refused to assimilate with the rest of the Mobians, fearing a dilution of their unique culture. Such a refusal manifested itself in two ways: One clan – the Knuckles Clan – simply decided to isolate themselves from the rest of the land and continue alone. However, the Nocturnus Clan wanted to destroy the other Mobians and take over the country. This hatred culminated in the Echidna War. The Knuckles Clan tried hard to remain neutral, but the Mobian forces attacked Echidnas regardless of their affiliation, not to mention the Nocturnus Clan attacked the Knuckles Clan as well.

Finally, after six years of bloodshed, Yucatan the Echidna – the leader of the Knuckles Clan – brokered a peace treaty with Bartholomäus. As part of the treaty, the Knuckles Clan agreed to leave Mobius peacefully. To accomplish this, they called upon the power of the Master Emerald. After constructing a special shrine near the Azure Mountains, they installed the Master Emerald and said some sacred chants. Upon doing this, the section of land was torn from the ground and began floating away. Today, this land is known as Angel Island, and the hole in the ground filled up with water over time, becoming the Azure Lake. As for the Nocturnus Clan, their members continued warring with the Knuckles Clan up on Angel Island.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Mobians continued to live in peace. However, the Kingdom of Mobius would be rocked by a few turbulent events in the coming years. First of all, numerous citizens died during the Great Plague. Fortunately, the country recovered, and King Artemis Acorn began an era of technological & cultural development. Years later, the country would be invaded by Roseinia, then under the control of Yurgin IV. However, the Mobians pushed back the invasion. Many years after that, the country would experience a surge in immigration, chiefly from people trying to escape wars or religious turmoil. Seeing this, King Francis Acorn enacted more laws allowing for freedom of religious expression, in addition to freedom of speech.

Despite being forced to retreat in the War of the Three Spearheads, Mobius had taken its place on the world stage. Aside from the various technological developments, the country was known for having the most diverse city on the planet – Emerald City, its capital. In fact, Mobius was such a prominent country that in many languages, the word "mobius" came to mean "planet" or "world".

However, peace would not last forever. In a bid for conquest, the Roseinian Empire – led by Genrikh Bolshov – invaded Mobius. This resulted in the longest war in Mobian history, the Great War. At first, the Mobians suffered heavy losses. However, thanks to their superior technology, the Mobian forces pushed back the Roseinians. The Roseinians weren't giving up yet, however. Not only did the Mobians have to contend with the Roseinians, but in the early days of the war, they also had to face the military might of Chun-Nan. Although Chun-Nan pulled out after a couple of years, the war continued on.

After 25 years and several million losses, King Maximillian Acorn met with Valentin Fridberg of the Roseinian Empire and brokered a peace treaty, ending the war. This event was widely celebrated by the people of Mobius, and it seemed as if peace would last for a long time. Unexpectedly, a shocking event took place. A mad scientist named Ivo Robotnik started an aggressive coup, ousting the monarchy and establishing his own government. After this, Robotnik turned most of the country's citizens into robots. Once that was accomplished, he resumed the war against the Roseinian Empire. Despite Robotnik's superior technology, the Roseinians held out for the past 10 years, albeit with great losses. Then, a certain hedgehog appeared on the scene, and things would never be the same…


Mobius is perhaps the most biodiverse nation on the planet. Many types of climates & landscapes co-exist here. From the west all the way down to certain parts of the southeast, there are fertile grasslands, swamps & forests. The center of the country is mainly comprised of rocky plains. To the east, and on the border of Shamar, there are harsh desert lands, except for the area around Emerald City, which includes a lush oasis. Rocky canyons dominate the northern part. In the northeast, there are tall mountains & hills, plus some cold tundra areas. A few active volcanoes also dot the north & northwestern parts of the country.

Administrative Divisions

Unlike most countries, Mobius has no official administrative divisions or states per se. However, it does have a number of "zones" (e.g., Green Hill Zone, Rail Canyon Zone, etc…)


Most citizens of Mobius speak English as their native tongue, although many are also fluent in a second language. Among those who speak another language, Roseinian, French & Arabic are quite common. In terms of grammar, vocabulary & syntax, Mobian English is closer to American & Canadian English, although some people speak & write British English. There are also feral tribes who speak some of the old Mobian languages.


The Crown Armed Forces of Mobius includes the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines & a National Guard, plus some local Militia units. . Under Mobian law, there is no national conscription except in times of emergency. All able-bodied citizens – regardless of gender or species – can join the service. However, because Mobians are varied in their abilities, the Armed Forces have to tailor their physical fitness requirements depending on one's abilities. Generally, though, all candidates must be at least physically fit to perform the essential duties at hand.

The Crown Armed Forces have fewer troops than the Roseinians, but generally have more state-of-the-art equipment plus better accuracy. The standard-issue rifle is the M16A1, but the M14 is also common in the Militia units. The Colt M1911A1 is the standard sidearm, though officers can also purchase their own sidearms. Special Forces units can choose from a variety of weapons, but the two most popular are the UZI & MP5. Towards the end of the war, scientists were also developing laser weaponry. Machine guns used by the CAFM include the M60, FN Minimi & Browning .50

Like all modern militaries, the CAFM has a wide variety of vehicles at its disposal. The Humvee is used as the standard frontline four-wheel-drive, with GMC & Dodge CUCVs serving in support roles. The M1A1 Abrams is the standard main battle tank, though significant numbers of M60 Pattons are still in use. The AH-64 is the standard attack helicopter, with Hueys being used for support roles. For air superiority, the F-15 is standard, and there are a few squadrons of F-22s as well. The stealthbot & hover unit were put in use towards the end of the Great War as well.

Notable Areas

Mobius is home to a number of levels from Sonic games past & present, including Green Hill Zone, Seaside Hill Zone, Volcano Valley Zone, etc… The Great Forest & Knothole Village are located near the western border of the country. Emerald City is located in the east, as is Azure Lake.

Landmarks & Monuments

Knothole Village could be considered a landmark in and of itself. The Royal Palace in Emerald City is also a well-known landmark, as is the Parliamentary Hall. Like the Emerald City that Dorothy visited, there is indeed a Yellow Brick Road in this universe. In front of the Royal Palace, there is a statue of Bartholomäus. Speaking of statues, Sonic & Tails get one dedicated to them in "Sonic's Weird Birthday", although this story wasn't part of the main series.

Notable Residents


The Kingdom of Mobius is the main setting for the ASMW series, plus the following stories:

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