Kingdom of Mercia is a stage in The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: I Am the Future. It is the last and the largest city of Freedom Fighters and humans in the world, standing against Immarius's reign of terror. The stage features four Acts and a Boss for Sonic, while 2 Acts, a mission and a Boss for the Freedom Fighters. You can click here to see an image from DeviantART.


The city's past is never explained in the game, though it is assumed that the Kingdom of Mercia existed during Sonic's timeline 100 years ago as it appears to have needed many years for it to be constructed. The kingdom is predominantly inhabited by humans, although anthropomorphic freedom fighters also live there. In the Gallery, once the player unlocks Bonuses regarding the Kingdom of Mercia by collecting Red Star Rings, they can read trivia concerning the city as well as some concept artwork.


As stated above, the Kingdom of Mercia is the largest and the longest standing city of the resistance. It is home to many Freedom Fighters, including humans, as well as civilians. The city appears to be technologically advanced. It is heavily fortified with an iron wall surrounding its perimeter. It is equipped with laser turrets, electromagnetic barriers and scouts. Inside, the city features multiple skyscrapers, superhighways and bases. In the core of the city, there is a huge cylindrical structure which stretches underground, creating multiple shelters, underground canals and bases, kind of like the city Zion from the Matrix trilogy.

Sonic's Story

As states above, Sonic has 4 Acts in this stage and a Boss. After having been united with the Freedom Fighters from Soumerca, Northern Tundra, Downunda, City of Men and Sector Z, Sonic and his team head to the Kingdom of Mercia, having been informed by Alcibiades that Immarius intends on lunching a massive attack against the Freedom Fighters' central base, to protect the city and prepare its inhabitants for battle.

Metropolis View is the first Act. The stage is a metropolis themed level with vast superhighways, skyscrapers, bridges and hangars. The stage

The Kingdom of Mercia from inside. (image from The Matrix trilogy)

features many Gravitus as common enemies, as well as several gimmicks. White Walls is the second Act of Kingdom of Mercia and is very similar to the first Act. The stage refers to the metal white walls of the kingdom surrounding it. Kingdom Crisis is the third Act of Kingdom of Mercia. The stage takes place on the same location as the two previous ones during the war. However, the stage appears to be more destroyed and devastated as a result of the attack of the Gravitus. Many parts of the stage, such as bridges, walls and platforms collapse during gameplay. There are many large Gravitus in this stage. Finally, Final Run is the fourth Act of Kingdom of Mercia. The stage is a replica of Kingdom Crisis, except that it takes a different route. The entire kingdom is falling apart during gameplay, hampering Sonic making it to the goal ring.

Placido reappears as a Boss in Kingdom of Mercia. He is fought with the same way as before, but is way more powerful and quicker. He is fought on a bridge. Most of his attacks involve using his sword to attack with physical attacks and projectiles.

Freedom Fighters' Story

The Freedom Fighters' features 2 normal Acts and a mission, as well as a Boss. The first two Acts have no mission. Players pass through multiple areas of the stage such as hangars, bridges, tunnels and hideout chambers. Humans can be seen fighting in the background. In the second Act, most of the stage is falling apart. Each stage is approximately 15 minutes long. You can freely select any Freedom Fighter you have unlocked so far. Afterwards, there is a mission, which is to head to the core of the kingdom and activate 7 attack units. These units are scattered across the level. They resemble large towers which project energy. Once activated, the player must continue to the other ones.

This is the only stage in the game where Sonic and the Freedom Fighters have a different Boss. For the Freedom Fighters, the Boss is called Gravitus Punisher. It is an enormous war machine, typical of the Gravitus army. It is quite difficult and needs a lot of time to beat. It is fought on the interior part of the cylinder structure, which, as a result of the battle, have been destroyed and is falling apart.

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