Earth Flag

Flag of the Kingdom of Earth.

This is an article about Kingdom of Earth, a location created by Jlnhlfan.


The Kingdom of Earth is basically like life on modern-day Earth, but Mobians searching for lives to live ran away to here.


The climate of the Kingdom of Earth is basically like that of modern-day Earth.


Earth faces an alternate timeline at AD 745 - the year that King Ertskavelki I (who's name is the full version of Earth) made a kingdom out of Earth. A war occurred, however, in 867 between Central Europe's Czar Vladimir started war against King Stavelskiy of the Kingdom of Earth. Stavelskiy won that war and unified more of his kingdom. In the year 999, the kingdom faced a Dark Age. As a result, the population decreased by 84%. In 1345, King Marks of Latvia (now part of Ruso-Finland) becomes King of all Yertskiÿ. Marks would save the kingdom from the Dark Age. In 1688, the Republic of Quebéc was founded, becoming the seat of the Republican leader, Aurelien DeMarcel. In 1999, rumours start spreading about the end of the kingdom. It didn't happen.

Significant Populations

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Notable Areas

One notable area is the city of Vancouver, where the new seat of the Kingdom of Earth, now run by King Sviatoslav Hayovsky III. Another is the Village of Duncan - the place where our hero, Jared Mink, currently resides. The last known one is the country of Sweden, which is allied with the kingdom.


Landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, have become notable landmarks of the Kingdom of Earth.


Because the kingdom was founded in Russia, the flag is based on that of Russia.

This is an alternate timeline. The real timeline has been altered to the fans' liking.

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