The Kingdom of Ahto is a constitutional monarchy, bordering the country of Valaria to the east, while at the same time close to the lands of the United Federation, as the country is a signatory.

Kingdom of Ahto

LeadersKing Jason Morris
CapitalPhlors Barsta


The environment of the Kingdom is mostly flatland plains and a few lakes, although there are mountains to the northern border and a number of snaking valleys scattered throughout the southwest. These environments support a rather large ecosystem of fauna and flora.


The land that became the kingdom was first settled in the Demon-Celestial War by a tribe of hedgehogs, although they were destroyed in collateral damage from a Demon attack on a nearby Celestial camp. However, during the Mobian Dark Age the land was settled once again by a family of hedgehogs. Over time, this family grew to become the monarchy, with the lands surrounding it slowly becoming part of their new kingdom, known as the Kingdom of Ahto after the founder of the dynasty.

War broke out on a number of occasions during the Dark Ages with their neighbor, the country of Valaria. However, towards the end of the Dark Ages, a treaty was created. This treaty lasted until the years leading up until the Great War, when the two countries once again resumed fighting. This conflict continued to flare up regularly until G.U.N. intervened with peacekeepers.

Of note is the University of Ahto, which is a major intellectual force in the region.



While the majority of residents of Ahto are literate in Mobian Standard, the second most common language is Ahtan, a language only spoken in the region and one which has been tied with the politics in the area.


A wide variety of fresh meats and vegetables are enjoyed within the country, with game meat on offer varying over the seasons amongst the non-anthropomorphic wildlife. The people are also fond of locally-produced sausages and soups. In the manner of drinking, vodka and brandy are the two most common alcoholic drinks on-tap, with coffee, tea and other common drinks available away from the alcohol.


While quite vicious towards their neighboring countries, Ahto is notable for it's accepting policies. Unlike many other similar nations, the country has no discriminatory behaviors aimed at minorities or individual elemental types, with gender equality and support for the rights of the disabled being noted. This is noted as being from the influence of the royal family, who have a very nationalistic stance, aiming to encourage the safety of the people and their country over the way they appear to outsiders. As such, the country is incredibly stable within its borders.

Common Species

As with most of Mobius, the standard population of Ahto covers a wide range of species, with the most prevalent being hedgehogs, foxes and echidnas. There is a number of hives in the northern lands of the country where bees congregate, although these serve as some of the few secular cities in the area.


Unusually for a nation, the military of Ahto is focused on the ideals of speed and stealth, with guerrilla tactics and hit-and-fade attacks both favourite strategies.

The vast majority of the armory fits this logic, with most vehicles fitting into the lighter categories, while at the same time possessing enough speed to flank heavier forces. In a contrast, while they do have a few heavy front-line fighters, the slowest vehicles they use are long-range artillery, which once again serve a similar role in the stealth idea - attacking from where the enemy cannot see them.

Being fully aware of the failings of their preferred tactics, especially when most enemies employ more powerful forces in direct conflict, the country has invested a lot of time and money into the creation of a vast subterranean network beneath the country, with some tunnels extending into neighboring nations. These provide easy access paths for almost any military force. At the same time, they are also frequent users of stealth technology, outfitting a number of their vehicles with cloaking devices. If forced into a defensive battle, most military installations have high-powered turrets hidden underground on a retractable system, allowing for heavy defense to hold while a defense force leaves the tunnels to attack the target from behind. Due to the emphasis on these areas, the military logistics and infrastructure groups are always interested in any being capable of manipulating Earth, Light or Darkness.

Controversially, the country has very few scruples in technology, researching into areas that even Technomage weapon manufacturers view as immoral. Chemical and biological weaponry are two of the areas of research, and are the two that are key to the most concern. However, there are other technology fields that they are fond of. Chaos-based weaponry and augmentation. Lasers, flamethrowers & direct-fire energy weaponry. Nuclear technology. Robotics, artificial intelligence and cybernetics. Genetics and cloning. Along with the subterranean and stealth technologies mentioned earlier, the country fights more like a terrorist organization or resistance group then an established nation.

One of the most frightening rumors based around the Ahtan military is of the disgraced members of the army. If they are a persistent problem, then they are "treated" by commanding officers with a chemical concoction capable of converting them back into fanatics, before being strapped with explosives and launched into flanking attacks on enemies... as suicide bombers. These rumors have never been confirmed by G.U.N, but the military is incredibly cagey with talking about these issues.

Known Ranks and Classes

  • Salamander Command Trooper: The pride of the infantry forces, every squad of foot-soldiers is commanded by a Salamander. Armed with assault rifles, an array of hallucinogenic grenades and whatever melee weapons and sidearms that the Salamander wants, these officers double up as intelligence officers and interrogators to deal with captive enemies.
  • Phantom Scout Trooper: The lightly-armed scouts of Ahto, the Phoenix Scouts are trained in stealth, sabotage and support. These men and women carry their personal weapons, with their hand-to-hand combat training as the common fighting ground. This is because they carry intricate tool kits including maintenance and some demolitions supplies. These men are trained to repair any vehicle in the Ahtan military, and at the same time sabotage most bases and enemy units. To back up their stealth training, each soldier carries a sound-dampening cloaking device.
  • Phoenix Technicians: Another class armed only with their personal weaponry and trained in hand-to-hand combat, Phoenix Technicians are the key to the Ahtan bases as they are the only ones capable of maintaining and operating the base defenses and the other buildings.

Known Vehicles

Support Vehicles

  • Stauten-Krauzach IA-18 Halftrack: The IA-18 Halftrack is a truck-like anti-air and anti-armor vehicle, armed with six medium-range missile launcher tubes.
  • Thundan Armored Enterprises Quartermaster Loader Tank: One of the more obscure TAE products, the Quartermaster Loader Tank is a heavily armored supply vehicle, designed to function close to the front lines and resupply teammates, with a few light weapons to defend itself.
  • Thundan Armored Enterprises Shieldbearer Field Tank: Another obscure TAE product, the Shieldbearer is an unarmed armored vehicle fitted with high-powered shield generators, capable of protecting the area around it with a high-powered barrier. Despite being slow, it can also transfer that energy into a cloaking field generator to help disguise it's allies.
  • Tasfira Armaments Steel Horse APC - A design that lost funding from the Tasfiran Defense Force, the Steel Horse became one of the transport units in their ownership, with a new loadout more suited to their ideals being created for the elite pilots.


  • Pyran Global Knight-type Main Battle Tank: A reasonably standard combat unit, the Knight carries a powerful laser cannon for use against armor.
  • Tasfira Armaments C-87 Main Battle Tank: The much-less common MBT in their forces, the C-87 carries more armor and direct firepower on an amphibious frame, with a Chaos-infused laser cannon charged with fake Chaos Emerald shards, however it is at the same time much slower.



  • Pyran Global Falcon Attack Aircraft: One of the more well-known aircraft employed by the Ahtan military, the Falcon Attack Aircraft is armed with twin gatling guns and is normally armed with depleted uranium rounds to help hunt heavy-armored land and air units alike.

Notable Residents

King Jason Morris

The king and head-of-state.

Baldur Stutrai

One of the kings advisers and the father of G.U.N. First Army Division general, Reflex Stutrai, who fled the country after his father's cruelty led to him being blinded.

Other Residents

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Battle Mages







Civilians/Non-Military Residents

Points of Interest



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