The Kingdom of Acorn is a mobian-excusive nation that spreads across the Acorn Archipelago.

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The Kingdom of Acorn was founded in early Mobian history by Alexander Acorn, a philosopher who shared his vision of a nation of where many species worked together. Because of his efforts, his kingdom was named after his family name and Alexander became the first king of Mobotropolis, the capital of the Kingdom of Acorn.

Great War

During the reign on King Fredrick Acorn, the Kingdom of Acorn came into conflict with the United Federation, which resulted in the Great War. Although how many years the Great War went on is unknown, in the end the Kingdom of Acorn won out.

Eggman Invasion

During the reign of King Nigel Acorn, Dr. Eggman earned the kings trust, which resulted with the king and royal wizard banished into the Special Zone and the conquering of the Kingdom of Acorn. Dr. Eggman ruled tyrannically over the Kingdom of Acorn for several years before being defeated by Sonic the Hedgehog in the Final Zone. Inspired by Sonic's heroics, the Freedom Fighters, lead by Princess Sally Acorn, the daughter of King Nigel Acorn, reclaimed the kingdom, although Eggman still maintained hold of Metropolis Zone.


The Kingdom of Acorn is located on the Acorn Archipelago, a series of islands that originally started out as Pancardina, a landmass that was the civilization for the Trolls before an unknown being wiped out a majority of the Trolls and split Pancardina into separate islands.


Royal Guard

Royal Palace Guard

The Royal Guard is a mix-Mobian branch of the royal armed forces of the Kingdom of Acorn, established as the defenders of Mobotropolis and the Kingdom of Acorn. Antoine D'Coolette and his cousin, Belle Deperidu, make up one of the many members of the Royal Guards and Amadeus Prower is the commander.

Freedom Fighters

See Freedom Fighters

Contrary to popular belief, the Freedom Fighters are a branch of the Kingdom of Acorn's armed forces. In addition to protecting the world, they also protect the Kingdom of Acorn.

Royal Secret Service

The Royal Secret Service is a mix-mobian independent branch of the royal armed forces that serve King Acorn directly. Lead by Geoffrey St. John, son of Ian St. John, the secret service members include Hershey St. John, Athena the Dingo, Larry the Lynx, to name a few.

Notable Areas

  • Christmas Island
  • Westside Island
  • South Island
  • Seaside Island
  • Cocoa Island
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