"The Plan" is the third episode to the original web series King. Proven. by .:.TellZeal.:. Productions in courtesy of the Sonic Fanon Wikia. It was completed on January 6, 2017.

Episode Text

Effinhaum 4.12.6

There is nothing more than the media just crowding the visual. I would have never thought that the marriage of a silly queen would be so important. But, apparently to my new experience, there is some importance to this event that bothers me.

"Please, Whillis," Wvia leaned closer to the camera for the fourth time, "Show yourself to the kingdom so that we can all know why you have a bold interest for the Princess."

And, that is not it. Yesterday, I got a letter from the Colonaian Council that basically told me to back off:

To Whillis Allavan of the Colonaian Research Institute,

It is our primary concern as a people to blatantly and coarsely address that your actions against the Princess of Colona have been considered an act of treason. It is our request by the authority of the entirety of the Colonaian Council that you repel your romantic interests from the Princess. Otherwise, we will find the means to put you on trial and have you removed from the kingdom. The situation of your coming to Colona's Heart has already been investigated and figured. It is in your decision now to take action for yourself and your two children.

Yours Truly,

The entirety of the Colonaian Council

It was short ans sweet after all, but I totally felt impaired to know that I would be put on trial just for making a romantic move on the Princess. Do they not accept me as a person that cannot be married? Or, are they just trying to have that Prince get married to her? I don't know why King Uwa Iwa even did it the way that he did. As a matter of fact, maybe he knew I was going to do this to the kingdom? This is all just nonsense.

But, I have another rule: don't give up on the girl. If one really wants to have a girl on their side, they are going to fight to the very end for them, even if it means it is considered an act of treason. My point is to show this "love" for the Princess so that she can repel all issues with the power that she has and take control. Then when I do this, she will fall in love with me, because she sees that I love her enough to make some sacrifices. I'll say this, though; this will be the hardest rule to follow.



Today, my children were let out of school early because of a disease outbreak or something. It worries me so much, because I don't want to have what they have if they have it. Apparently, the symptoms consists of sneezing, coughing, and rambling in sleep. I wouldn't want the media finding me rambling what I write in here to the camera.

We were walking back home. I said, "Who was sick, Etshiro?"


"Lola? Do you play with her? Have you played with her at all this week or this month?"

"I play with her when she asks. I don't play with her, because she likes to play with the other boys."

"With the other boys? Do you play with those boys that she plays with?"

Etshiro stopped walking and just looked up at me.

"Well? Do you, Etshiro?"

"Yes. I'm sorry. I didn't know they were sick, dad."

I closed my eyes and sighed. "Well, they said that the chance of contracting it is very slim and mostly affects adults anyway. Come on."

From there, we continued our way back home. I also went to go and pick up Ovina from the daycare center, where they were learning about water or something. I went out my way and got to the house as quick as possible.


Effinhaum 4.12.8

The next day after that incident, the students were allowed to go back to school, as they deemed the disease outbreak obsolete because it only affects those that intake some liquid that a class made for a science project. That was funny to me, because they made such a big deal of it and didn't even know that the child science project would cause such harm.

"They've been asking for you for days, Whillis," Oxva said. "Why don't you just go and turn yourself in?"

"I don't want to." I set my folders down on the table and spread them out. "Alright, what do we need to do today? Are we done with gathering information, or do you want me to go somewhere else and get something?"

"That's good for now. We've even got some stuff from the Rongom Chapter, so we can make a thesis about the evolution of our topic if it's available."

So, the two of us got to work. We found out that the use of abilities in children have shown them to be less prone to violence when they use them at a young age, and that the change in the use of abilities at young ages have decreased over the years. We have also found that a certain part of the brain would be affected more when using according to the triggering field of abilities, that being of Tactile, mental, self-inducing, and negating abilities. Then there are the unfortunate children that are catagorized into Lacks. Certain parts of the brain are more stressed according to the type of ability documented, and that also depends on how young a child first uses them and how many other times they use them.

"We've gotten alot from this." Oxva said. "We need to call Klavan and Taiytee down here and tell them."

"Do it, then." I filed my nails.

Oxva left the room to go and get them from the communications device. While he was doing that, I was thinking about what I would need to do in order to get as much attention as I can for the kingdom to see me. Perhaps, I should take the leap and tell them who I am on the visual and everything. Or, maybe I should remain mysterious so that they don't see me as one of the bold types. Well, no, because the Princess sees me as bold, so I shouldn't lie about how I really am.



I just got checked for any suspicious activity by Colonaian Council Offical, checking me and my family for any signs for me to act in treason. They searched all in this house, but I had this diary in my possession, so they didn't look though it. As determined as they were in finding a sign of any treason, I thought they would search me and my children in what we were wearing. But, they just looked through my dressers a little bit, watched the visual for a good time and even talked to me about the play that was showing on it, and then determined me as "filed," meaning that they will continue to watch me for future's sake.

"Why were those men here?" Etshiro said.

"They were just making sure that we aren't criminals. That's all. Don't worry about it. This is partially my fault. You know the female that might be your new mom?"

He nodded.

"Well," I said, "Those men work for the new mom that might be my wife at some time. They're just making sure that I'm not out to hurt her or anything. Do you want to hurt her?"

"No, of course not, dad."

"Good." I turned over to Ovina, who was chewing on her middle finger. "Hey, hey, don't do that. Stop that."

"It tastes like ice cream."

"That doesn't mean you have the right to eat your finger. You two, I'm going off to work now. Etshiro, look after your sister, and Ovina, stop chewing your finger like I told you."

They both agreed on my consensus and I went off to work. When I got there, Ourier Ranton was standing right at my desk as Klavan was chuckling in the back.

"Whillis, I had heard everything that's going on between you and the Princess, so I've decided that you should be dismissed for a while until this clears up."


"No, no, this was just the request of the Colonaian Council for me to do this. They said if I didn't do this, they would dismiss me. And honestly, you are not going to have a choice on if I'm going home everyday with a paycheck or not."

"Am I going to get to finish the project with my team at least?"

"I don't know, Whillis. Will you? This is the problem that you put yourself in. So solve it. Get with the queen or whatever and reconcile so I can allow you back here."

"She's not a queen," I stormed off and glared at the chuckling Klavan. "Damn it, stop laughing, Klavan."

"I told you something would happen. Didn't I say a few days ago that you might get fired?"

"Okay, I thought you were kidding though. Well, I guess I'll have to find another job."

"Or," he leaned over and whispered in my ear, "You can go to the kingdom and try to get married so that you can be over everything in the country."

"That's another job to you? What's the likelihood of that happening to me?" I said this as if I were doubtful, but in my heart I know I can do it, so I just did that for him to answer.

"Well," he looked to the sky then back to me, "It's likely enough. That's probably why King Uwa Iwa put the two of them separate. It's probably a race on who can get married to her first."

"King Uwa Iwa has nothing to do with this. All he does now is blow dust when he talks, 'cause he's too old."

"Fellow, he was making a statement about the matter like an hour ago on the visual. Didn't you see it?"

"I don't think I want to see any more. Don't even remind me about it."

"Look, fellow, this is what I'm trying to say. If you ignore this too long, Wvia's going to get tired of coaxing you on the screen in her short dress. Then, she'll side with Opia Diva and try to get you expelled from the relationship. You are actually the first person that had ever romantically approached Princess Tuwark, according to what she's said. You should go for it."

"I know, I know, but I don't know how to do it. The Princess seems overwhelmed with all the media in her face and all that, and those media people are searching hard for me. I guess I do have to expose myself."

"No, what you should do is send letters to the kingdom but make it an anonymous location, then no one will try looking for you."

"Okay, that's kinda too late, because I got a letter from the Colonaian Council saying that if I didn't pull away from this, then they'll put me on trial for treason."

"Treason...?" Klavan quieted.

Ourier Ranton walked to us and put his hands on his hips. "Get outta here, Whillis."

"Eh, can I just stay a little - ?"

"No. Get out, before I get in trouble with the government. Go. Now."

"Just meet with me at my house later," I said as I made my way out of the door.

"Don't do that, either, K," Ourier said. "Don't you get associated with him right now."

But, that order didn't last long. when I was sitting at home the same day, Klavan came to my house and payed a visit. After all, he knew where I lived and all that because he had visited before. I told him everything that was going on, even to the point where it all started. I even confessed to him about my lying to him that I had "too much to drink."

"You lied? Seriously? I thought you weren't."

"No, no, I was partially lying. I said it in my consciousness, but I still did have too much to drink. I never said it was the reason why I said that."

"Okay, stop being technical. Just tell me what you're going to do about this, because this is going to make you and me look bad if the media sees this."

I told him my very intricate plan of what to do. First, I would take some of the rules into account. I would have to ensure that I would be able to take part in some political work for the Colonaian Council. Klavan didn't believe me at first, but then he just went ahead and accepted. Then, when I do this, I would "happen" to meet with the Princess after some research on her location and avoid Prince Lawka as much as possible. Then, it would just sprout from there, because she would know that I came back for her.

"Okay, but what about the media?" Klavan said.

"You don't have to worry about the media. Just worry about the Princess and go on. What I need you to do is send me a one-way ticket into the favor of the media. I mean, you've told me that your famil-"

"Okay, just leave that to me. I get it now."

So, he went out the house and got to work, while I took some tea to thought and made myself sure of my plan.

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