"Start Over" is the first episode to the King. Proven. series. Below is the episode. This was completed by .:.TellZeal.:. Productions in courtesy of the Sonic Fanon Wikia, showing on January 6th, 2017.

Episode Text


I can't believe I'm actually doing this, but I have decided to start writing in this journal that Convilas just gave me. This is more of just what I had been thinking the entire time; Convilas hates me. But, I think that there was a reason she gave this to me. I think she wanted me to vent my anger about what she did to me so that I could look back on it and laugh about it later.

Yeah right.

However, this was my father's fault for getting into my business in the first place. I was young and thirteen and wanted my own love. But, what did my father do? He tried to get it to where I was accountable for my own actions and that I could never get a hold of myself. My father, Noon Allavan, was doing strange things when I was coming close to Kaypee. Oh, and Kaypee is my good ol' friend that always sticks beside me when I need some expertise. But, anyway, my father was trying to pull me away from Kaypee, so he arranged for me to fall in love with Convilas, and I was dumb enough for a ten year old to fall for it.

Convilas Phazzu, one of the most beautiful girls that I had ever come to meet, was indeed shy in nature and strong in heart. I remember our very close memory together when we were both challenged of our faith in the government. One fateful day, the two of us had to hide at Kaypee's house while my father was in his foolish family rivalry with the Neverans. For many hours, the two of us, Convilas and I, stared at one another in hesitation of what to do with our life. I went up to hold her hand, and she was accepting. From there, our love blossomed more and more since that day. Once she told me that she anticipated a baby sister and instead found her stillborn, my heart diverged into a passion to fulfill the emptiness that Convilas suffered.

"Convilas, we can have a sister together," I said as I looked to the night sky by a lake. "I know you and your parents would be worried about making this decision and what not, but if you really want a sister, we can always have one. After all, we're close enough to have anything together."

She gladly accepted, and there we were at thirteen having children. The first was my beloved child Hanna, and a year later, my son Etshiro was born. Convilas and I were on a good start to having a great life.

However, it seems as once Etshiro was born, or maybe a little after that, Convilas' view of life began to change. I'm not entirely sure why to this day, but I do remember her telling me recently that it was because she wanted to enjoy life first before having children with me. That was just a little too unconvincing.

Often, she would ignore my kind questions of how she was or what she was doing at the moment. I had just gotten my "Beholden Research" Expertise and started working in the field of doing research on children on the relationship with their parents. Well, think about that. I did that because I had just had children. I just wanted to see how my children were thinking about the two of us parenting them and how they accepted us. And, I thought that Convilas would be pleased on all of the success and riches I brought to the family, because, well, we were definitely better off than my father and mother I had to leave because of her.

Ugh, I need to stop going off into other topics. Anyway, Convilas seemed to be depressed. I believe in the contrary what she told me. I believe that she was homesick of not having the acceptance of her family, and for that reason, she was possibly resentful toward me for attempting to have a sister with her. I had a sister with her, and it was Hanna. But, Convilas was still unsatisfied of what I gave her it seemed, so I had to ask her one day coming back from studying.

"Hey," I saw her look out the window, "Are you alright, Convilas?"

"Yes. Why do you always ask that?"

"I just care about you. Is it a bother to ask?"

She turned to me. "Yes it is. You keep asking me if I'm alright all the time. And I keep telling you that I'm fine."

"Well, you've just been a little quiet lately. How are the children?"

"Go see them for yourself."

For a little while, I stood around and expected an answer from her, perhaps an apology as she normally did or a smile to change the subject. But no, it was not this way. This time, she stared at me dead in the eyes with no recant.

"I think there is something wrong," I walked up to her.

"Damn, there's nothing wrong, Whillis," she swayed her hand. "Go and see them for yourself."

"Hey, hey," I tried to wrap my hands around her shoulders. "It's gonna be al - ."

"Stop," she pushed me away and walked to the children's rooms where the two of them were playing with their dolls.

"Convilas, please tell me what's wrong," I said.

"There is nothing wrong. Why are you so - ?"

"So what?"

"So annoying? Why are you so annoying, Whillis? I mean, really. Why have you always been asking me that? You think I'm depressed or something?"

"Yes, I do think you're unsatisfied or something."

Her yellow eyes glared into mine with boiling anger. Her clenched teeth began to show through her puffing cheeks, and her fists were balling up to the sides of her. After that statement came days' worth of arguments that would start over the smallest of things, and Convilas would be blaming me for being "unsatisfied or something," although I believed that was her problem. Some days, we had to separate from each other and go out to do other things. And I saw her with another male whom I never came to know. She even got to the point where she told me to never get close to her and her child any more.

I think the event that got the two of us deeper in the hole was two years later after us being together, and Hanna suddenly died from a horrible sickness called the Yunphuza. We knew that our poor daughter was coughing and stuff for a long time and whooping, but I was not expecting her to die so soon. We had to set up her burial arrangements and everything, and her brother Etshiro just could not come to understand why his sister was gone. I tried explaining, but he would say she would return next year or something. Poor child. But, most of all, Convilas was getting sick from the same disease that killed Hanna, and the tire of our arguments just turned into burning coughs to end it. Yes, it was good the arguments ended, but I was worried more about Convilas and her health.

By this point, I was overwhelmed at my life and decided that traveling was the best way to escape all the worries of the world. I went to Rypheris and saw many sights that pleased me. From there, I gained a love for traveling, because I was able to meet new people, learn new cultures, taste new cuisines, and truly pull away from the problems. However, I was tested and failed. I met Tallospev Deenoiynee and had romantic relations with her in short time. I mean, I can't deny she was beautiful and all, and she was a little salty. The salty ones are the best. I stayed with her for two years and had a child with her - Ovina Allavan.

Honestly, I was rather surprised that Convilas didn't even bother to come and look for me in those two years of being in Rypheris, but after her tolerable struggle, she finally managed to find me in the act with Tallospev.

"You dirty, disgusting - !"

"Convilas," I shot up. "How did you, how did you manage to get here?"

"Whilly, who is that?" Tallospev said.

After that, I had to explain to both of the girls of the situation. Tallospev was very forgiving, for she was the one that was second in line and the one I loved more then. Now, for Convilas, I was angry at the time I was explaining to her, but as soon as I spoke to her, my voice was raised and everything. She angered me, because I thought she was going to care enough to look for me. But no, she complained on how I left her and Etshiro looking for me.

After the event, Convilas, upset and humiliated, finally confessed that my father was in the deal of our relationship. Apparently, Convilas was set up by my father to separate me from Kaypee and have the arranged marriage for a prosperous family to blend in. Well, the prosperous family part didn't really happen because we were never married in the first place. And, Convilas' parents hated me and my family, and my mother hated Convilas just the same. I also learned that Convilas took a pill to kill her expecting children, where it did kill Hanna but not Etshiro.

That was enough for me. I told her to leave, and she even was so humiliated that she gave Etshiro to me to take care of, because she wanted no reminders of our "vain" relationship. I didn't want to take care of him alone, so I made the expectation for Tallospev to be the mother figure. Etshiro slowed down some things, but I still loved him, and I still do to this day. And, I love my daughter Ovina Allavan, too. However, Tallospev did not love Etshiro, and she attempted to give him over to an illegal adoption system in Pertan made for the scientific purposes.

I just had to end it there. I left Tallospev and took my two young children along with me. For a few months, I had to think about what I was going to do with my life and be real with myself. In the daytime, I was attending the Universal Institute of Research to earn my "Platurian Child Research" expertise. I would travel around the world and observe various peoples and attempt to make my own clues of them. I was writing about cultural differences in my book Surfacing the World: 6th Edition, which was a rewrite of the textbook used because of all the traveling experiences I had when I joined the Salwomese Travelers of Interests. In other words, I was gaining much prestige in what I was doing, and I was proud to provide for my family in this way.

But, there was still a shadow over me. At night, I was attending clubs to find more romantic relations with other females and to earn popularity in my attractive looks. In short time, I became "Stripy," a codename for the most attractive in the area. Some of these females I had pregnant, but I did not want to take part in their lives nor make it worse for them. None of them knew my name. But, when I told them I was well educated, that was enough for them. My children would be sleeping at home while I slept at other females' clubs or even on the street from overdrinking.

One night, I felt quite ashamed of myself when Etshiro asked about his mother. I was just about to go out to another club, and he asked me why I was leaving again. I tried to gloss it with a platitude that I always did, but this time it didn't work. Instead, I explained to him that this would be the last night I go out and do what I was doing (I still lied about where I was going regarding work at my parents' house). He took that for an answer and went on to bed. I lived that night to the fullest, because I was ready to start a new life out anyway.

When I was nineteen years old, I was given the prestige opportunity to live in Colona's Heart, the main capital of Colona and where all the royals and nobles live. We moved in short time, and I was able to get past what I needed to in order to get there. I came to know the women better there, and in some cases I could not resist some of my old ways. Then, it just so happened that I was invited to and attended the Victory Ball in celebration of the defeat of the Flock Council during the Colonaian Revolutionary War. And, this would be the time I would meet the true love for power in my life: Princess Penelope Tuwark.

"I was watching you do all these things for your country," I lied, "And it made me more inspired to overthrow Devoyva. Maybe, just maybe, I could become King of Smivilia and you be my Queen..."

She was giving me a very bright grin, a grin that seemed to be in some doubt, but her deep green eyes twinkled after such flattery. For sure, I had her young, naiive mind captivated by the talk of the other women on the court to have her feel special that I actually had interest in her. Indeed, her posture leaned in closer to me.

"Or, I can watch you and see if you're the one."

I am ready to take her on, and I will write every entry that I need to tell on how to prove myself to be the king that everyone expects me to become. Otherwise, this will be the chance of failure, for Princess Tuwark is quite the attentive person and would not frail to any folly whatsoever. I just need a plan, a very specific plan. Tell me, Convilas. What should I do?

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