"No Longer a Child" is the seventh and longest episode to the original web series King. Proven. by .:.TellZeal.:. Productions in courtesy of the Sonic Fanon Wikia. It was completed on March 19, 2017.

Episode Text

Effinhaum 4.15.29 (at noon time)

This is one of the worst days in my life - or maybe the best. The swarming of the night was brought out upon a great storm of surpise and awe that the Princess would come and present to me in such a manner. How naive she is! She was able to tempt me over in her skimpy appearance and trash all of her royalty by coming over to my house.

In short time after her appearance, I was compelled to let her inside. "P-P-Princess? Why are you dressed like that? Why are you standing at the door all...well...promiscuously?"

"Whillis," she barged in from the slightly cracked door, "Do you want me or not? Here I am."

"Here you are? I was going to come to you."

"Yes or no?"

And a shiver of temptation brisked over my mind. She was only, what - fourteen? Fifteen, maybe? I couldn't do it.

"Princess Penelope," I pleaded, "To the dear solace of Reyonis Platura, please, please, please do not put me in this situation. I have two children that's going to be back soon with an angry - "

"Wife?! Are you serious? Why didn't you tell me, Whillis?" She stood up.

"Wait, wait, wait, now," I put my hands out. "I'm not that cheater like you think. I don't have a wife. She was just, well - "

"What? A girl you cheated for me?" She began to walk past me, but I stopped her. "Get out of the way."

"Don't be so angry, Princess. Let me tell, you, dear. You came to me, and I do want what you're presenting to me. But, not right -"

But, before I could even finish, the poor, naive girl dropped the blankets that exposed a whole new world to me. Boom, boom, power in the Princess was never rested in the holy books. It was forsaken as sin clouded my carnal eyes. Lust. No power for me to resist. And in short time, we were tied.

Hours later, the sensations drifted into darkness as the both of us were tired, and our eyes sifted into a smooth rest that swaved our bodies to the cold light of the night sky. Even in the drowsy paths of slumber, my mind was racing as I was just moments ago, my mind still dreaming of the very sight of the Princess that none of Colona will ever see. The curves, the boom, the pow, the legs, the - OH WOWYWOW.

"Whillis," her voice blended in with the harmony of natural flows, "I love you..."

"D...D-Don't s-say... that, Princess..." And then my thoughts went bleak again. The dreams blurred into a night's restful cue as my eyes were hardened and weary and torn from the very perverseness I swallowed myself through. I was tied, tied to the Princess, the Princess of Colona, Colona of the Salwom region, the Salwom surely to contact Zanlak Hammane of my misbehavior as a Pertanese descendant. Surely, I was now going to sift out of this sleep and inherit the throne.

There was a rattle coming from the front door. It was Convilas.

I shot up from the messy covers and over the Princess as a hurdle curled up as a kitten in a box. To the door was the slip of my feet against the hard floor, then in realization of my exposure, I threw on a robe and pulled the door open.

"Whillis, she didn't win," Convilas' shoulders fell. "That very smart kid, Siliean took over the position." She began to walk in.

"Wait, wait, wait, I have to make sure that the surprise party for Ovina is, uh -" I was interrupted with Convilas pushing me out of the way.

"Convilas," I tried to stop her again.

"You're clearly hiding something. Get outta the way. She's too sleepy right now."

"I'm sorry you didn't win, Ovina," I watched as Ovina chewed her fingers.

"I hate losing," she muttered, trying to stand straight despite her tired eyes.

"Move, Whillis!"

"Alright, alright." I moved out of the way to turn just a little to see some red hair standing from behind. "P-Princess!"

"Princess Tuwark!" Convilas gasped. "Damn you, Whillis! Why is she naked?!"

The Princess winced. "Whillis? Who is this? Please don't tell me this is one of the girlfriends that the maiden were - "

"Stop! Both of you. Princess, Convilas. Convilas, Princess Tuwark."

Convilas' eyes watered. "Whillis, why is she naked?"

"She's not - I mean..." I looked down at Etshiro, who was giving a long, hard glare at me with his gleaming, innocent eyes. "You're getting married," he said, "Aren't you?" I could no longer hold it in.

"Shit. You got me," I said. "I'm in love with the Princess, Convilas. Welcome to why I can't be with my children in public."

"And that's why you've been sitting here at the house doing nothing! Where's your job?!" Convilas balled her fists.

"Well, guess what, Convilas? That is the reason! I am going to be the King of Colona!"

"With me as the co-ruler," Princess Tuwark touched my shoulder. "We're ruling together."

"I thought you and mom were getting married!" Etshiro boomed. "I want my mom and you to get along! I don't want that red-headed harlot in this house!"

"Etshiro!" My blood rushed. "Where'd you learn that lanugage?!" Instead of answering, he ran away from the door into the street. Convilas called after him as Princess Tuwark's innocent eyes widened and my straw was burned.

"Let me move in with you," my throat clumped. "Get me away from this drama."

"You started the drama," the Princess said. "Now, fix it. I'm going to get dressed."

I grabbed her by the shoulders. "Princess, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have gotten in your way."

"I don't regret what happened," she picked up her lace clothing. "I'm just a little upset that you denied yourself being a temporary lingerer. I guess what the maiden said were partially true."

"I don't linger," I growled.

"Well, then tell me. I know Opia Cilia's a walking lie in herself, but I noticed in the papers that this female named Tallospev was dating you at one point and you turned on her."

"Damn it, Klavan," I jerked. "Damn it."

"Damn what, Whillis? Were you doing some dirty work with the newspapers?" I knew right there that the Princess was suspicious about my involvement with the Colonaian Time Scope. All of the Colonaian Council hates the media, according to Olly Pollin.

"Princess..." I tried to explain.

"And Olly Pollin told me that you said that if I have limited power under the Council then I'll have to marry you because of the government's decision! And King Uwa Iwa carried that out!"

"Then why'd you come back and attack me?"

"I didn't attack you, Whillis! I was protecting the Kingdom from Prince Lawka!"

"So, you had your own ambitions of 'falling in love' with me, too? You're a straight liar from the hole of Colona's ass!"

The Princess was frozen. "A liar? You would call me a liar when I took the level and out of my cowardice to face you. You are the liar that came from - "

"Princess, it's too late," I grinned. "We're already tied. I am the King of Colona."

"It doesn't work like that! Let me finish!"

"There's nothing for you to finish, dear," my hands embraced her heated anxieties. "We're done here. Let's go to Colona's Heart and live sin."

"And you'll just let your poor son run away like that into the street and let your daughter chew off her hands," her voice cracked. "How could someone as charming as you be so ruthless?"

I continued to hold her, thinking about Etshiro running about the face of the public with the flashing visuals of his worried eyes and his tight-pulled overalls as his hair swayed with the wind of his anger. He was the most angry. He wanted me and Convilas back together. I couldn't believe it, although he had hinted it to me the entire time.

And I thought about Ovina that couldn't win her "Counting to 1000 Competition," probably because of how she was counting her blessings. She was only thinking about how much we've changed over time, and she couldn't help but blend her thirty-fives with firty-mives because she was chewing on her hand so much. She was anxious, and she was just as angry as Etshiro without understanding a thing.

"Tell me what I should do, Princess," I said. "There's no way of me turning back. We already had...we're tied."

"Tied to what? An obligation of the government?"

"Tied to love." I pulled her forward to look her in the eyes. "We are tied to a love for the country."

"Tied to... our country?" the Princess sighed. "I love Colona, but not this much. I want to be a rebel again where I'm free and no one can tell me what to do."

"I want to be a promiscous rebel like I was years ago, so that the look in a female's eyes is never because of what I did. I was an ambigous loner, floating about the romantic sphere as my heart was sulkened into dreary need for love. The love of my father that arranged love for me made me hate marriage. And Convilas made it worse. I had Etshiro with her, and Hanna..." My eyes watered. "Hanna was my daughter...and she died so suddenly... looked like her mother."

"You had another daughter?" the Princess lost interest, pulling away from me. "By who?"

My eyes watered up. "Please, don't tell Prince Lawka. He'll kill me if he figures out what we did here."

"He's probably already looking for me." the Princess turned away. "I guess it is too late, Whillis. We'll have to accept our differences, and I have to be submissive as I never wanted, and, and...we'll have to -" She looked at the note with the "I" on it. "What is this? 'Even the most conspicious of lust can bring a king on his knees. Be tested, resist, and fail to bring a legacy?' Whillis, did 'Impression' give you this?"


"Nah, never mind," she put it in her ear. "I'll take it with me. We can use it as evidence to bring me down to claim."

"Claim? Wha, how you going to do that?"

"I'll have to blame myself." She started off. "After all, I 'attacked' first, right?" And she slammed the door.

"Shit," my head jerked again. "I need to talk to Klavan and get those newspapers settled. He lied to me."

And, that was not it. But, I'll tell more of it in the next entry. I need to head to Colona's Heart to clear up some things with the Prince right now. I will be king after our marriage.


Effinhaum 4.15.30

"The Prince was actually looking for you this morning," Espony Noya, my previous boss when I was at Colona's Heart, said. "Why'd you decide to come back?"

"I have to get some stuff cleared with him," I buttoned up my jacket. "Do I look presentable to you?"

"Hmph," her normal blushing was no more. "Why do you always ask 'bout how you look?" She wrote harder from the pen as though it was scraping the table from underneath.

"Never mind. Where do I go?"

She sighed. "You should head down to the main square - you know - where you were last time with the Princess." I had never told anyone where we were that day. It had to have been the soldiers that exposed me and my location.

"Where'd you get that from?"

"Go now. I just got a notification that Prince Lawka is here, now. You're going to be dead."

Those words struck me as my eyes never left her remorseless face. But, in thought of the Prince to come and destroy me for what  had done, especially the morning before, I had to get out. It didn't matter if I had my questions answered right away. Maybe I should not have faced him at all. Still, there was a reason to do it.

As hasty as I could be, the visions of me passing all of the distorted maiden as I sped by them and the stationary soldiers fluttered my eyes to a sting of anxiety. It felt as though there were an accumulating rug roll from the carpet enlargening like a snowball that kept at my tail between the bronze walls and the carefully decorated jewelry vases along the walls. And I was running.

It all began to seem like a blur as though the memories are smeared as they're written in this notebook. My hand formulating every Reyplatalian character nimble of the situation darts into formulaic unease as the press of the beating chest presses between my veins that cause a split in the mind. "You're going to be dead," those words pulsated over and over in my mind and my hand (I had to erease this sentence multiple times). And, because of the Prince that was going to threaten me like that, I no longer could not find the will to follow up with my rules. If it's my life, I'll retreat.

"Whillis Allavan," the keen voice of the Prince boomed behind me. "Get over here!"

My heart stopped. My mind turned to him, but my body didn't. He was going to kill me, surely if it had not been for the soldiers and the maiden and the citizens watching, floating, and touring the halls. His mind was set on taking me by the tail and hair and cutting my throat for such a deed to lie with the Princess.

"Whillis! Don't make me come over there!"

My head swerved to the Prince in his royal darkened blue sea of fabric set on gold plates along his shoulders, chest, arms, torso, and ankles. And it swerved to a body of soldiers in all black with their mighty dark swords drawn in preparation to cut the lustful souls out of me.

"I-I didn't know you were here," I tried to act a smile. "I-Is there something - "

"Don't give me those platitudes, you muskrat!" The Prince's dirty leaf eyes boomed beyond the golden hair covering it. "Don't do it, Whillis! I'm going to put this to an end once and for all! Get over here!" He and his soldiers positioned their swords.

My eyes were shaking violently, twinging to the thought of being executed in front of the civilians in the halls. This had to have been it.

I gulped. "P-Prince, I didn't do what you think I did. Please, just don't - "

"You defiled both the throne and the people of Colona, you bastard! Don't you know that now the entirety of the population's going to be in hysteria about this?!"

And indeed they were. Behind us, there came a crowd of journalists all over, ready to get the scoop on the situation. Or at least of my dying heart.

"Well, well, well, it look's like the Prince is hiding something from the people again," Opia Cilia said. "Roll the visual, Quinta." A tap hit from Quinta's finger. "Here we are, folks, hearing about the merciless heart of the love-set Prince once again," Opia Cilia reported to the public, "And look here, everyone - here is the male responsbile for the defilement of the throne, Whillis Allavan! W-W-Whillis, my, my, you look a little horrendous right now. You need to take a step out and get some fresh air?" She put the phone to my mouth.

"Where is the Princess?" I kept my eyes on Prince Lawka.

"There's no need for you to worry about that, Whillis. She will no longer be joining you."

"What do you mean?"

"You are under arrest for treason."

So, here I am sitting in this cot, trying to understand what exactly I betrayed the country. Surely it couldn't had been me having a love affair with Princess Penelope. She loves me, so I love her. She actually forgot about Convilas after all that drama, and she forgot about the angry Etshiro and the sleepy Ovina. Her mind is set on me right now, and now they've got me here in this cold, dry cot with no food to shove in my wicked mouth, no warmth to sooth my chattering feet, and no heart to realize where I actually came from. They are the treason - not me. They are the ones putting me under assumption that I did something horrible to the kingdom although nothing was done to it at all. Or, maybe Prince Lawka with his conservative thought of law decided that having a Queen inherit the throne was going to beytray the country.

Well, I don't dig it as much as he does. Princess Penelope is nothing but a naive, little girl who could never understand how the throne works anyway. Why did King Uwa Iwa have to put her in this position? Did he want reform? Or, did he decide that me being king was better than having a King Lawka in its place because Prince Lawka always forsaken the law? Well, he never really forsakes the law, but he does throw it under a stampede of angry media journalists when he has his way. He's a phony; there's no way he would and should become king.

Now the memories being in the garden with the Princess roll in my mind. I remember when she said "us" so willingly and so quickly, although she denied me with the "time excuse" that we just met at the banquet and all. And, I remember when those puppy eyes gleamed into my own before I left her. My wisdom to tell her that her co-rule required independence latched her to my open arms, and that's why she came all presented yestermorn.

"Dad," Etshiro ran over to the bars that set division between us. "Why are you in prison?" Ovina ran up beside him, licking her top lip.

I came over. "Etshiro, where did you come from? Who let you in here?"

"Prince Law," he said. Then, seeing Ovina chew her hand, he hit her. "Stop."

"It's chewy," she muttered yet ceased.

"Where's Convilas?" I said.

"Mommy's outside," Ovina spoke. "We can come out and have a prison party!"

"Hush, hush," I laughed. "This is not a party at all. Let me tell you something," and my eyes especially hovered to Etshiro. "I was arrested for the wrong reason. I did no harm. Sometimes the government just makes mistakes, though."

"There are NO mistakes with the Law!" Etshiro pointed. "It's about that Princess girl, is it?"

"Yes, it is, but I did nothing wrong."

"Then why was she naked? You never answered mom."

"She was naked because I am in love with her." And when I said this, Etshiro's eyes watered, his hands straightening at his sides, his mouth flattening to disgust and anguish.

"I thought you loved mom! Even after me running away you don't change your mind?!"

"What the hell do you mean? You ran off because you wanted me back with Convilas?!"

"I want you and mom to get along! I said this too many times!" He narrowed his eyes. "Why am I even here? You're not my dad. You're just a bastard, like the Law said on the visual!"

"Don't you dare call me that again, Etshiro!" I wanted to pull my hand through the bars, but I could not. Instead, I stood straight. "I better not see you here again. Ever. Get you and your sister out of here."

"Bye," Ovina smiled, who understood nothing. "I will be back tomorrow."

"No, you won't," I shook my head. "Go. Now."

"I was," Etshiro took Ovina's hand. "And you better not become king, because I'll assassinate you."

"Hey, hey, now," a soldier who must had been standing there for a while touched Etshiro's back. "Don't say that."

"I will," Etshiro started off.

"If he does become king, Mr.Etshiro, this statement will be held against you in the future, and you'll be tried for treason."

"No!" I kicked the bars. "Stay out of this!"

"This is for your safety, Prince," the soldier walked the two of them out. Then the door closed shut once the three of them made it out the door.

And there I was, alone, once again in the cold dungeon with only the spec of candles' lights to warm me nearby from the walls. There was little light coming into the darkened blue room, as the teeny tiny holes of the breaking of day shone through the brick cracks and steel bed. Even though I was closed in by the walls of no air, I could still think clearly abound from my worries of being arrested. There couldn't have been anything else to take me outside of my shivering feet than my own thoughts. It was all what I should have done and what happened in that response.

Well, I'll be back to elaborate some more if something happens. I never thought it would turn as bad as this. Or, did I? Yeah, I won't lie. I knew it would start some sort of trouble. I just didn't know I would be executed in the end. Or, we'll just see.


Effinhaum 4.15.31

In that cold, dry dungeon, there was nothing that took me out of my guilt for doing what I did to the Princess, although she was the one that came to me and seduced me from the start. I should have had the resistance, yes, but now I have the throne - just like that. And now that stubborn Prince's going to try to kill me? Yeah right. I'm sure there's a law against that.

Well, it is late at night, and my stay there just even got worse. Amidst now that my shivering shoulders began to jitter my brain, a familiar figure came up to me and knocked on the bars, startling me from my drifting rest of a half-sleep.

"Whillis," Olly Pollin ticked thrice. "Why did you do that?"

"What did I even do?"

"You know what. Now the Council's bidding for your execution."

I shot up and winced. "Are you 'bidding' for my execution, Olly?"

"Of course not. As a matter of fact, the Princess told me what happened. It's not really your fault. She broke the Council code that she stay inside of the dormant courts during the dormant time. Well, you did touch her..."

"Olly, I didn't do anything to her. She came to me -"

"Hey, now," he pointed, "Don't give such a lie. She told me that you climbed on her first."

"Alright, alright," I grinned, "I did get on her first. But, she made the move to even come over to my place and cause rukus."

"And you had the choice to resist. Now you're going to be snatched from your throne."

"Wait, what do you mean my 'throne?' You're the second person that's called me the Prince."

"Don't you understand? The two pupils to the throne, Prince Lawka and Princess Tuwark have become obsolete. Prince Lawka is gonig to be overthrown from his position because of you having no heredity to you at all."

"Obsolete?" I crawled over to the bars to face him closer. "So, I'm the king, now?"

"No, Whillis. You're the Prince right now that took Prince Lawka's place."

"Well, why are you still saying that he's a prince, then?"

"Because he's going to kill ya. If I let it." Then, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a wrench. "But, I won't."

"Oh my, if you do this, you're going to get executed."

"What does it matter? We're all going to die under someone eventually." He took the wrench and pried it open, having it spread abroad with its weaponry prepared to cut the bars. And, it wasn't some ordinary wrench as I thought it was. Surely it had to have been one of those Kirit Wrench Blades that were able to snap any metal into shred slates. Its lustrous silvery face shone against the seldom of light rays that somehow sqeezed into the room, causing a burn in the wall somehow.

"That wall's about to catch on fire," I said. "Olly, look!"

"I'm taking this place down," he said. "There's no need for me to have to be handed around in this damned Council anymore. And there's no need for you to be killed. This is probably what King Iwa wanted - a king that came from the mind of a dirty luster that was cleaned to the light for the better of the people. You know?"

His meaningless words unphased me, as my mind was swimming in the many pools of possibilities of what would happen after this. He was about to release me and get us both killed. And, at the same time, there was no way that I would get out of there. There was his solace eyes rested on me as I had a hand on my other arm.

"Olly, please, don't do this. You really don't have to."

Crack! The walls to the bars boomed down to the floor, and the bricks were slightly melted into some dead grass underneath that was once there. Olly was standing there amidst the large hole, putting the wrench back into his pocket.

"Don't make me tell you again, Whillis," he grinned. "I don't think you really have a choice about it."

"No, Olly, I'm staying right here. You can get killed, but not me. I'm staying right here. Right. Here."

"Your loss," he turned to leave. "But, don't guarantee that you won't be leaving soon. Whether that be here in the prison or your life. Eventually, you'll be leaving somewhere." He put his hands in his pockets, turning away, and left.

For a little more, I was standing there as my heart pounded through my chest and pulsated its lamentation at the thought of the entire situation. Perhaps, I should just forbid what happens from here on. Perhaps this fourteen-year-old Princess is not worth it. Perhaps Convilas and I were just made to be together, just as my father prophesied from the beginning. Maybe I am a bastard. Maybe I should just let go.


Effinhaum 4.15.32

A few hours later of deciding whether to wait for the Prince to kill me or just escape the prison, I made my way out of the prison to confront the Prince. I left the prison to live, but at the same time, I went to the Prince on the chances of being executed. But, here's the catch; I would not just let him kill me. As a matter of fact, I would go and fight him face-to-face.

As I walked out of the prison, there were no soldiers attending, yet I lurked on the sides of every corner to stay clear of any stationary soldiers positioned in the wall crevices. Sure enough, there were a few standing there and conversing, and with a shadow of doubt, I stayed in the shadowed zones as much as possible to maintain camoflauge against them. With their dark black armour catching my eye, I tried to mimic their stance and get through those darkened spots from every striped, engraved pillar with golden treads as much as possible. And those stupid echoey, marble floors didn't make it better; it was bright brown, lighter than my own brown hairs, always clacking against my somewhat fancy calf boots.

Still, all of their ears combined were no match for me, as I was able to be as loud as I wanted and still get by. Well, that is, until Espony Noya with her dictating orders to the rest of the maintenance workers in the halls wasn't looking where she was going (and so wasn't I) and ran into me.

"Ngh," she bumped away from me. "W-Whillis! What are you doing here out of the dungeon?!"

"I-I...Shh! Stop yelling, you idiot." I looked around and started to hear clacking of armour getting louder and louder as it ran forth. "Shoot." I dashed ahead toward one vase filled with some of Colona's finest jewels and threw them on the floor in another direction to another side hall. Then, I went the opposite way.

"Halt!" I heard one of their high tones yelling. "Whillis Allavan, you are now under the court of the Colonaian Justice System! Do not resist!"

I didn't stop. I continued to run down the echoing halls as my feet were skipping so fast that the cracks in the floor dented down into my weariness. And they were coming up from behind, with sounds of their swords piercing from a draw, and some of those swords somehow were zipping right past me in precise aim. But, they never got me. I was too quick for them.

Instead of running straight into my death, I instead found a silver stairwell up ahead and the steps covered by red velvet carpet and ran alongside the railing, and up ahead was a great chandelier that swayed in its ancient hang in all this activity. Looking back, I looked at the determined soldiers that doubled in size once more, and then I discerned in quick time to leap onto that chandelier at the same time my eyes were turning to it. My hands reached out to the merciless swaying of the chandelier of perhaps over so many feet, maybe over seventy feet, spreading in the hope that it would possibly feel just a little sense of touch and grasp on.

But, the chandelier swayed away from my hand as my force was great upon that feather-weighted beauty hanging on that ceiling. The air between my hand and that chandelier spread throughout my body as the thought of death chilled my vain glory. For once, without being sarcastic about it, I actually believed that I would catch that chandelier. But, that didn't matter to whoever theorized on the laws of motion. It did as the law said. And the law said I am a bastard. But I'm a bastard prince.

My hands were swaying all around as I was trying to fly somehow. Falling and falling I went, all the way down to that hard floor with many witnesses at the edges of my vision. It was all so slow as the failure began to rise inside of me, and nothing but dear disbelief entered my mind. There was nothing else I could do but pray to whoever put me in this situation for survival. And I guess I was praying to myself.

Before I would let myself die just then, as all my rules rolled in my mind, I found a reason to save myself. I had to look for the target, where to land, and not forget the past of the repercussions of landing. I would not give up, although I would feel the pressure and try my best to not be nervous. I can't lie; I had to make this scorn of me being a "bastard" and turn it into a legacy, just like what that letter said.

Immediately, ahead of me was a ribbon dangling over the railings up high in red velvet decor. This was my last chance. I reached out one last time. "Raagh!" And, the soft furs of the velvet felt against my hungry fingers for survival as I clenched that cloth tight to my chest and buried my face. The long snake of cloth was pulled with the rest of its body toward the ground, but slower and slower I went down to the ground. The billows waved my eyes to serenity as the wind escorting a wonderous glide down calmed the tension in my chest. I was still going down, though.

And, immediately, I landed on the ground in forced crouch all the way where my head lied onto that hard floor. Everyone was standing around me, from maiden, to workers, to citizens, to the nosy press.

"Oh dear, is that Whillis? Honey, are you alright?"

"Don't bother him. He's not worth it."

"You mean that cocky, promiscous rat over there? Seize him! Seize him! Sieze him! Come on, ya'll! Let's support what's right here!"

"Whillis Allavain," Opia Cilia mocked, "What just happened here? Tell all of the Colonaians what you did to the Princess and how we're about to be overthrown by a coup leader like you."

Instead of paying attention to the situation, I pulled out my notebook and began to jot down all this that I wrote. People were spitting on me, yelling at me, some trying to assist as they watched me get hurt in the back, as I sped my pencil left and right of each individual line. Some of the pages are slightly dampened because of all the people's warmth here in the writing space.

"Whillis!" Princess Penelope's voice outdid them all. "Whillis! What happened to you! Oh my, I'm so glad you're safe!"

"Princess Tuwark!" The Prince's stark voice called in the back.

I sat up from my writing. "Princess, I'm so sorry that this happened. I shouldn't have been here at all. I'm sorry."

"It's not even your fault," she pushed Opia out of the way to hug me. "Don't even apologize. I put all this trouble on you. I shouldn't have came that night and tempted you like that."

"So, it's true," Opia Cilia said. "The Princess is Promiscuous, not who we thought was Promiscuous. And what about the pathetic, piqued Prince behind her? Was he seeking the same for the Princess all along?"

"Get outta here!" Prince Lawka pointed to the main gate. "Out! Now!"

"There's no law to bind me to that," Opia walked closer to him. "And you know what? There's always a law against you for 'Proceeding with Unlawful Execution.' You already tried to kill Whillis once."

"Get them out of here," Prince Lawka ordered the ashamed amongst the crowd. They obeyed as the Prince came to us. "And as for you two, you will be further forbidden from the kingdom."

"No, Prince Lawka!" Princess Tuwark hugged me even tighter. "I deserve to be a Princess as I should and become a Queen if I must! This country needs a leader! And you haven't married, and I could be soon, so why don't you let it go?!"

"I revived the Colonaian Revolutionist Group, little girl. I drafted you in there with me -"

"Because you saw that I was good on my own, you traitor! You put me in this position so you could marry me and become the King! You traitor!"

"I did this in the best for you! I deserve that title, not him! What's the matter with you, Princess Tuwark - Rebel Tuwark? Why have you succumbed to this deception? He doesn't truly love you like I do! I can swear that to you. Look inside that notebook there! Look!"

I put the notebook away immediately.

"I don't have to read a notebook to know who loves me," the Princess released me and stood face to face with him. "I tell you what. If you think you're all high and mighty to address me like this and tell me who can be the ruler of Colona or not, let's just settle this with a fight!" She drew her sword and nodded. "For Colona."

"You don't know who you're against, Princess," the Prince said as the other soldiers backed him. "I have control all over this kingdom."

"Please don't hurt him, Prince," a female voice made herself known in the crowd. That had to have been Eela Noon, because right after were some sobs of an elite researcher. I was an essential part to this research, I think, and that's why she was so upset (or was she?). And, I looked over to see my whole team of researchers standing at the front of the crowd - Oxva, Taiytee, and Klavan - worried in their eyes. Well, except for Oxva. He's always straight-faced.

And the thought of my family not being there made me upset. "Where are they?"

"Where is who, Willy?" The Princess said.

"Who?" The Prince said.

"My family. Where is my family?"

"Hahaha! Look at you!" The Prince put a hand on his forehead. "You're talking about you already having a family, and you say you love the Princess! Look at this major contradiction, everyone. Behold this bastard's foolishness!" He pulled out his sword, grinning at me.

"Grr..." I couldn't hold it in any more. This was no longer me trying to hold my composure, nor for me trying to hold back some long-held rage I never put on anyone. As my blood rushed through my veins, my heart pounded harder than before and caused me a very irrevocable cry. "I AM KING OF COLONA!"

In that instant, I surged over to the Prince weaponless - limited to only my bare fists - ready to throw a punch in his face. With his drawn sword, the deep fuller at the sword's center to the guard skid a light from the disturbed chandelier and nearly blinded me. The First Fannakiw Blade, made to attract the claws of the other was accompanied as soon as the Prince pulled out the other, full of silvery reverence to chill into my fists' pathetic challenge.

"Prince Lawka!" Princess Tuwark spoke. "Don't hurt him - please!"

"You are not the King of Colona," Prince Lawka said. "I don't know why you would believe such a hungry thing. If you were the King, you would know not to fight against me. Let alone, you would know to abdicate before you even sat upon the throne." Immediately, he swerved the Second of the Two Blades full of force straight for my chest. I could not fight back. In the slowest of time, I watched as the Prince's focused face and flattened lips turned into a menacing grin as the sword fell closer and closer to my chest to the point there were some red droplet feathers floating in the air. These feathers brought a pain to my chest that pulsated my heart outside of my chest to the point my brain began to grimace to the sword's light. And then the First of the Two Blades came right up front of the Prince and went for my neck!

"No!" I heard the Princess right behind me. And, suddenly, a force of her delicate hand pressed me away from the direction of that sword, and I heard two swords conflicting, as though two sharp knives were sharpening each other.

"I will not let you kill him!" The Princess yelled as I fell to the ground. "Prince Lawka, I will fight you to the very end for Whillis!"

"Why do you have to fight for someone like him?" The Prince said. "He clearly showed earlier that he cared more for his family at the final moments of his life than you - implying that he does not truly -"

"That's not true!" She took her dark loyal purple and gold crested blade and tried to undercut the Prince. But, he was able to dodge too quick, as he had two blades at his benefit. "Why don't you understand?" The Princess grimaced. "I don't love you like I do him! I don't want to be your Queen! I want a King that will serve his country outside of the heredity of the Colonaian Council! And you think that killing him is the way of the Law?! Resist your justice for once!" And then, she took the curly gold and silver complement of the blades and tried to jab him in the chest.

"I will do this in the way of the law! No one deserves to treat you as such, Princess!" The Prince tried to dodge the attack, but it got him right under the chin, causing blood to reel down the many curls of the Princess' blade. "I would never do that to you."

"Fellows," I didn't know why I was saying this, "You don't have to do this. Just don't kill each other over me. This isn't how citizens solve problems like these."

"Do not speak!" The Prince pointed the First of the Blades at me to where the claws shoveled out of their slots, having at least six fingers pointing. "You are worthy to be killed under the right of Law!"

"Which one? The one where you're in the writing, or the ones that you want to abolish because it doesn't fit your needs?"

The Prince had it locked on me. "I said don't speak!"

The Princess used her sword and hit the First out of his hands. "Stop it, Rova! You don't have to kill him because of this! If you want me to abstain from him, I can do that, just for you. But just know that I don't love you as much as he loves me, and I am willing to share that love with him more than what we could have had. You rejected me, Rova, the very day when I tried to throw a kiss on your lip and you cringed and turned and started off. And the next day you told me that we should focus on overthrowing the Flock Council when you secretly had feelings for me? Don't -"

"Well here I am," he said. "I love you, Princess. And I want to marry you. I want you to be my Queen."

"Then why did you keep the codes in place to keep me in the courts?! I told you I wanted them taken off of me, and you just scoffed with a 'it's traditional to have them!' I won't believe any of this facade that you're trying to lure me with, even though I wanted what you ask for a long time ago! Why don't you understand?! When you want something, you act as though you can come and get it when you want, but when I ever wanted something, true love and true power, you would stone me down and punish me!"

The Prince just stood there silently. The first sword trembled in his hand that remained bent to his chest as the second was lowered in his left hand. And his golden hair was slightly blowing along with the silent breaths of the audience anticipating another strike. His eyes watered, but when he blinked, the accumulation of the droplets turned more red as his eyes were no longer watered.

"I never wanted to punish you," the Prince swallowed. "I never wanted to do that. I would have never thought you thought that way about me. Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because she was afraid of telling you," I said with my hand on my bloody chest. "She knew that telling you would just result in you running over her."

The Prince turned to me. "What did I tell you? Quiet. Answer my question, Princess."

"I didn't tell you because you would take the throne from me. You know what your plan is. You want to take the glory of the Colonaian Revolutionist Group for yourself and rule the nation."

"And I will, Princess. You may get married to this Whillis, but you're not going to take over my rights to the throne."

"And that's why I didn't tell you. You would just take my rights. We earned this position equally under the assignment of King Iwa. He woudln't want to see us fighting like this, Rova."

Eventually, this conversation began to phase in my mind as I was more concerned about my slightly cut chest. It was still bleeding out, but not as bad as I thought it would be. Some good citizens in the crowd didn't just stand there; they came to help. Eela Noon came with a cloth to cover up the cuts, and Klavan came to me and hugged me hard, even though I still don't understand why he did. I didn't even see my family there. I told them to never come before me again, and that's just what they did. But, right then, I wanted them back. I wanted to see Etshiro talking all about his school and how good it is and I get to come and see him there. I wanted to see Ovina chew her hand and talk about how having a prison party was just a dream. I wanted to see Convilas and I, like back when I was before my troubled time, sitting together with the two children and making a life. I wanted to see Hanna's picture before me so I can pick it up and hold it to my heart and remember the legacy which the little one brought into my life. I wanted to be back in the Colonaian Research Institute and research about the children that brought us here on their own ignorance.

My mind went blank, and I began to no longer think of the situation between the Princess and Prince Lawka. There were just flashes of the swords' reflections clashing against each other, and my mind was just blurring up the vision quite badly. My mind was seized of what I had decided to let go going into this strange journey with the Princess. No, it wasn't even a journey. It was a nightmare that I brought my own childish ways into the mix of what was more important, and that would be the lives of the Colonaians within months if I don't do anything about it. I could not focus on the two of their yelling and the tension and the anger that flourished among their hearts for and against me. And Convilas was not there to stop me. She let me go just as she did when I went off with Tallospev. And, in my recovering a few months back, I betrayed her once again. I was so close to satisfaction, so close to closure.

And yet, I could not move past what that letter with the "I" said. There has to have been a reason that this person would send me this, something that I could solve on my own. "Even the most conspicious of lust can bring a king on his knees. Be tested, resist, and fail to bring a legacy." What did it mean? Well, now the first part makes sense. But, the second part doesn't. Why would I have to resist what is wrong and never change a thing? This person was basically saying that I had to make mistakes in order to be remembered. No way.

In a second of all the pampering from the people all around me, my vision left the blurred state and finally cleared up again as my mind began to focus on the situation again. Afar, there was the Princess holding on to a pillar of the golden treads with one sword stabbed right into it. Then, right in front of her was the Prince breathless as she was, both of his swords scattered along the floor with his bloody hands dripping to the side. Everyone was shocked at all the destruction the two caused - from the chandelier that now was shattered on the floor with its beautiful geometric glares to the deep skid marks caused from their fast-moving boots and their swords.

"You..." The Prince huffed. "...Win..."

The Princess blinked slowly. "Why would you think...that I....wouldn't win?"

"I let you win, Princess. If it weren't for my easing...ngh-!" He felt his red shoulder, the source of all the dripping at his hands. " would have lost."

"Then let's go again," the Princess gripped her sword. "Don't soften up to me. Put all your strength into it."

"No, no, no," he dropped his swords, looking to the crowd. "I'm done. Get some medical assistance for us."

"No," Klavan grinned. "Ya'll caused this fight, so no one needs any help." He looked to me. "And you've got this child researcher becoming the Prince, now. What's wrong with you people?"

"There's nothing wrong with that, sir," Princess Tuwark said. "If he wants to be freed, then so be it. He doesn't want to be in bondage of being a child any more."

I looked into her eyes, green as ever, and although she wasn't looking at me, she was somehow looking right into me. I am not a child, I thought. But, I think that now I understand why she said this. All my life, I had been in bondage to the image of children. My father tried to run away from the Neveran family when I was a child, and those Neveran children will probably try to overthrow me once I get into power. My father arranged the relationship between Convilas and I when I was just a child that didn't understand how to love. I became a child researcher. I have children that I care the most about right now. So, no wonder that I was in and still am in bondage of children. I even said in an earlier entry that the King's children (which'll be me) should have a say in rule!

And here I was, lying on the ground, pretending to become a King for the right reason, when trying to attract the Princess was a childish effort from the start. Yes, I got far, but I'm going to get some immature results. This is not good. And, it would be immature for me to flee the Princess.

"Then we'll set 'em free," the Prince threw up his hands. "Come on, Whillis. Come here, so I can assign your royalty."

"You don't do that," I said. "I want to assign myself to the Princess." I looked at her, and she looked at me. We were deep in our look as the Princess' nose twitched at even the thought of our romance.

"Then don't be Prince," Prince Lawka said. "You're still in the position, though. You can't escape."

And he was right. After this, Prince Lawka walked out the front door where all the press were and told them everything that happened according to law, and Princess Penelope told me that she was not pregnant (thank goodness!). I reassured her that even if she was, I would be there to take care of her. There was nothing else that could stand between us. The soldiers in black led me to my new palace room along with the Princess, and it was absolutely brilliant, much more brilliant than the room that I had back with Convilas and my two children. And I sat upon the royal purple-colored bed large enough to fit me, my family, the Princess, and Prince Lawka all on one side. The Princess asked me about my family and how I came to really know her, and I didn't lie one bit. I told her the truth, and the whole truth. I swear, I did. Don't think I didn't.

"I'm sorry this happened to you," she said. "You're just kinda lonely, aren't you?"

"Well, people have to be with someone. We're always dependent in our own way."

She giggled. "Whillis, we can't be dependent on someone. We have to be dependent on ourselves. That's what you told me. Remember? At the garden?"

"Uh, yeah..." I sighed. "It's going to be a new journey for me becoming king and all."

"This system of expectation is so strange, Whillis. And you looked past it and looked into you and your children's outcomes. That's why I love you so much; you're so different from everyone else with regard to how the kingdom should run."

"And, Princess, h-h-honey, I don't want to leave you behind when I become king. I want you right by my side without anyone trying to hurt us or anything. I want you right here."

Her eyes slightly watered, and then she swallowed hard. "You still have two children and a girlfriend, don't you? Convilas Phazzu?"

"We're divorced. And I have two children, but they don't like you." There was no guarantee that Ovina cared much, anyway.

"That's not fine, Whillis. You should at least go back and apologize to them. I never would have thought or known that you had two children until Opia Cilia and Rova had to tell me. Or a girlfriend."

"I don't have a girlfriend," I frowned. "We're divorced, for the last time."

"What about Tallospev? She said that you two were still dating."

"That's a lie." I took her hand. "You know, if this doesn't make you mad, I plan to bring my family here in the kingdom so they can live with me, even Convilas and Tallospev." We don't need any angry ex-girlfriends/wives trying to get a share of my royalty. I'll just give it to them.

"I'm just fine with that," she said. "I want you to be happy, and I want you and your children to be raised in the better of the Colonaian children because of what they've been through, especially on the expense of me. I can just see it; they're probably being leered on by their classmates because they know that their father loves me."

"And I love you enough. That's why I need your help. I need my children to be safe, as well as my ex-s."

After that, we talked and talked about what we were going to do about the rights to the throne and all that. She asked me if I knew about Colonaian law and how much power I'm restricted to and all that. I wasn't all the way knowledgable, but I was at least "somewhat of a pro at it." And, Prince Lawka entered the room at dormant hours and ordered that I sleep beside her at nights while he slept on the opposite bed.

And all I could think about were the rules and how effective they were. They are so good that I have plans to publish this book (just abridge the parts where I say this parenthetical statement and the parts where I talk about how naive tbe Princess is and such). It is not about the fact that I was successful with the Princess. This is about cherishing the gift that Convilas gave me in order to put it to the best of its use. These rules worked for Convilas, then failed, so this is a prophecy of my own: the Princess will fail me.

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