"Blending In" is the sixth episode to the original web series King. Proven. by .:.TellZeal.:. Productions in courtesy of the Sonic Fanon Wikia. It was completed on February 19, 2017.

Episode Text

Effinhaum 4.15. 22

Man, it has been a long, long time since I've written in here. Well, maybe about three months. That's still a long time to me. In all that time, I had been recovering from all the troubles of the kingdom and seeing what happened to me get to a good place.

Etshiro finally made the decision that he wanted to see his mother more, so I let Convilas come over the house often and play with the two children. Seeing her for the first time in my house was a little disturbing and unsettling for my hard butt sitting on the couch all day, but eventually she gave me a reason to get up and help her take care of the children while I was sick. She would come here early in the morning, set up lunches for the children, eat with them at breakfast, help them get ready, and laugh along the way with Ovina's occasional outbursts of nonsense. Surprisingly, Convilas was not vengeful toward Ovina, who was not her child at all, but instead treated her just like Hanna, and this resemblance to me brought tears to my eyes. And all of this bonding time left me excluded to the couch, watching the visual Convilas bought mainly for the children, seeing my failures with the Princess on the screen.

I felt so much pity for Princess Tuwark, as my negligent self had barged into her life once more and sparked political trouble and the views of the people. At the same time, Prince Lawka was in the same thought as me, trying his best to kick out whining Wvia and opinionated Opia out of the room often. And, additionally, the castle was now at greater odds.

Just two months ago or so, King Uwa Iwa was pronounced dead (finally), forty years old with a bone deterioration syndrome. His death was broadcasted on the visual, too. The anguish of the country was so loud that night that I could hear the sobs from miles away, and lights from honor candles were lighting up the skies because there were so many. Even there was a clip of the Pertanese President, Zanlak Hammane, upset about the matter and wished that the country would find its rightful order.

"If there was someone that should fall, it would be this fleshly shell that brought trouble to us all," Zanlak said. "And King Uwa Iwa let it go."

It was a very quiet time in the house. The children would come back from school and tell us that all the teachers were crying and all the other classmates were drawing pictures of King Iwa in the Nylah Afterlife and all this religious stuff. But, the only thing I could remember about King Iwa was when he told me that he would arrange the marriage between Princess Tuwark and me.

Speaking of that, nothing had been put into effect, as a letter that I got about two weeks after the incident between me and Prince Lawka notified me.

Whillis Allavan,

I greatly apologize for my behavior that I showed you regarding the situation of the recapture of the Princess. I was dismayed after seeing your blood smear the dirt and worry the people. That was very unlawful of myself to do, and it was a contradictory action compared to what I told the Princess what not to do with the news officers.

In this letter, I will say that, before the death of our beloved king, I was going to decree an order of trial for treason against you. But, seeing your persistent fight for the justice of the ruler (why two should not be ruling at the same time without marriage), I have repealed that proposal. Instead, the Colonaian Council has went forward in King Uwa Iwa's decision and yours, that being to allow the Princess to have a designated time to speak with you on marriage or any of the sorts.

Again, I apologize for the mishap and hope that, if you do become the King of Colona, you and I become male mentors of each other.


Prince Rova Lawka of Colona

Yeah right. There was no way I was going to let the Prince become a "male mentor" over me. I know how that joker is. He was just trying to make me controlled by him when I'm king. But, unfortunately, my family needs me to rule over them and make a life that's the best for them, so that's what I'm going to go for - nothing else.

At the rest of this boring month, Klavan would come over often and give me company while we drunk and drunk, that is, until he told me to stop because the doctor told me I couldn't have any. And, I kept ordering him to put restraining orders on the Colonaian Time Scope.

"Fellow, I'm really trying to do that," he made up an excuse,"But it's really hard to control someone with a lot of money." And his relative there works for some of the lowest payments of the Colonaian Tiime Scope.

Other than that, the two of us were getting together at the facility for Child Research, and eventually, I was able to get my job back since everything about the kingdom settled down. And all it needed was a good ol' three months of a break.

But, instead of letting the letter lie dormant on the front table in my house, I sat down and made a response:

To Prince Rova Lawka of Colona,

It is an honor to be before you (alive) and be able to deliver this letter to you (without any fire on it). When the incident first happened, there was a lot of vengeance set in my heart to harm you and the Princess, just so I could get some control. But, after lying there a while and being exposed to a great deal of forgiveness from my ex-wife, Convilas Phazzu, and from my ex-girlfriend, Tallospev Deenioynee, I have found other means to suppress my anger.

Instead of letting this entire system of problems expire between the two of us, I will make the proposal to you, rather, to let the Princess come to my place and set the record straight on who is doing what. I would like to tell her how much I missed her over my stay in the hospital as well as how much I want to be with her today. I want to discuss marriage if I could. Most of all, I want to apologize to her for everything. If it weren't for me, she would have been happier today.

Well, that's that. Just give me a message on the day and time that would be nice for the Princess (yes, it's her choice) and me to speak together.

No shame,

Willis Allavan, Director of Child Research Institutes

I sent this to Klavan to send to Ourier, and for Ourier to send to the head of the Colonaian Research Institute, Honras Manry, and for him to send it to the higher-ups or whatever and get that letter to Prince Lawka as much as possible.

Besides that, I have been more comitted to my family since, becoming more involved with the activities of the two children going to school, helping them on tests while shadowing them, and "embarrassing" them in front of their friends and what not. And, I think that Convilas finally opened up more to me in this time, for now instead of cursing each other out, we are actually talking as friends as it used to be in the days of old, but then her remembrance of our separation would pull us right back apart.

It is not the fact that I do not want to be in her life anymore. As a matter of fact, the more that she gets closer and closer to me every day makes me think that my love for the Princess is just helplessly wrong. And for a fact, it is pretty much too late to go back and change what we have between the two of us. After all, Tallospev is probably still angered with me because of not telling her about Convilas, and let alone now she can probably see on the visual that I'm just a "joker" as Opia Cilia put it lingering around these Colonaian women.

But, can I really be blamed for that? My father arranged this marriage between Convilas and me. It's not that I don't love her. It's just the fact that my father abandoned me afterward and bothered my life and how I view love. And, he's still alive to sass me around when he wants. When I become king, I don't want him to get in the way of my success like he did when I was a child. I want to grow outside of this child skin and grow into a king and rule into what I believe is right for all people, because I was wronged to go through so much trouble from the Pertanese. Yes, I'm Pertanese, but I'm also Colonaian, and I know how I'm supposed to act for the people.

Rule Number Six is to let go of the trouble and change it into something greater. I was in a troubled state, and now I'm getting to where everyone is noticing who I am. Yes, Princess Penelope seems like a joke to me in how she acts and all, but I do understand her frustrations and struggles. Me being a part of her life has shown me that even a young leader could wish the leverage to rights. In front of me are rights everywhere - the right to walk, the right to research, the right to joke, and even the right to confront the Princess herself and tell her that I love her - or - at least to an extent. Maybe people will scorn me for the things I do, but that's just not all of it. I still have the right to step my foot forward and turn the scorn into a legacy born.


Effinhaum 4.15.27

These past few days have been a little strange. And there's a real reason for that - seriously. When I got up in the morning two days ago, Convilas was muttering in her sleep violently, but it sounded more than disturbing because she was cursing the entire household and shaking around and shouting. It was so disturbing that poor Ovina began to cry after an unsettling awakening.

Convilas even went the level of throwing a glass to the wall. "This house will turn into a thorn of wrath that crawls up like lust!"

"Convilas. Convilas!" I got out of bed. "Stop making all that noise!"

Etshiro rubbed his eyes. "What's going on, dad? Is she sick?"

I glared at him. "Sick?"

"From the disease? Remember? The one that -"

"My, oh my," I grabbed the resistant Convilas and tried to put her in bed. "I hope I don't get it." Etshiro went back to bed and tried to get Ovina, who was crying, soothed back to sleep as well.

And that morning just a few minutes later, for there was a door knock. I got the door, and it was a soldier from the Colonaian Council. Excited to see what was inside, I leapt onto the couch and looked at the letter and cut it open. But, there was nothing but an "I" on the front side of it. And, when I turned the letter over, it said:

"Even the most conspicious of lust can bring a king on his knees. Be tested, resist, and fail to bring a legacy."

I stared at the letter for a long time, lacking no label but an "I" on the other side and that horrific message. There's no ignorance on me though. It means that even when I see something I want, I'll have to bow down to it. And, becoming a king will bring many tests of this. If I fail to be imperfect, then I will fail to be a legend. Or, at least I think that's what it means.

I have no clue who sent it, but I'm pretty sure it had to be someone from up in the higher ranks or whatever, because a soldier came in his royal apparel and everything. And he left promptly, too.

But, besides that, I sat as a family with Convilas, Etshiro, Ovina and ate our breakfast, telling of the great things that the schools were bringing and what not. And, this made me think - maybe when I do become king I can improve the education system and give free expertise for very smart children like Etshiro. Well, he's not that smart, but he's smart enough to cheat on a test without getting caught. That's smart, 'cause I could never do that cheating with another female. And, we talked about Convilas' madness earlier in the morning, that is until she said that she was saying it "out of her heart" or whatever.

Well, anyway, after our good discussion at the table, I went out to work and had our ideas presented to the Platurian Health Council before Manry and other major officials, and Allaina was there, because, whatever, she's an elite researcher. There was also some higher people than Manry there, but I wasn't really sure or cared to remember what their names were.

However, because I was gone so long from the researching process being fired and all, I stood there the entire presentation and didn't say anything. My comrades, especially the sharp and bossy Oxva taking over Taiytee's role for speaking, did pretty much all the work. They created a visual for what they presented, which was pretty good requiring so much money of it, and they were very eloquent in what they were talking about. And even the officials were pretty amazed at our work. Yep, my main role was to nod to statements I agreed with and fiddle with the pen at the front table. That's pretty much it.

"So, children do experience better coordination in their ability usage the earlier that the start, is that right?" Manry watched me.

I didn't say anything.

"Yes," Taiytee sighed. "But, this can be a disadvantage because it brings more violent outbreaks in not only the external view of the child, but also the internal. The brain begins to lapse and enter a stasis of nerve lock that causes panic in the brain, and thus these nerves are over horomonized, and thus this brings over-exaggerated behavior from the child."

"Wow, that's amazing." one older female in a sophisticated tunic said. "So, tell me, what should parents be teaching their children about using abilities at a young age, and what age should these talks start, if there be one?"

"Children should -"

"I would say at three years old," I held the pen in place. "That way, it's not new news to the parents if something happens. Sometimes the use of abilities come during traumatic experiences, such as in the case of my own when I was practically abducted, can cause more traumatic effects on the child, and therefore there are more issues on the horomone usage in the mind." And I went on and on giving points on how to tell a child this, what time, and what season. Honestly, I just wanted my team to have credibility points.

But Manry had enough. "Alright, alright, I think that's enough."

"Okay." After that, all of them were dismissed and what not, and I was given a long sermon on how I extended too much time of expressing excessive information, which I can agree, but I felt that being long for so long prompted me to at least contribute something. And I was told that it was my fault that I was fired. So, I went home that night sorta upset about the boss getting on to me for something so petty, but my optimism came from me knowing that I have a chance in becoming King of Colona.


Effinhaum 4.15.28 (early in the mornin')

Princess Penelope is at the door, and it looks like she really, really wants something I would have never expected. I heard some knocking on the door, and I thought it would be Convilas coming back with the children from a competition for Ovina to count to 1000 and higher.

No, instead I get the Princess unattended, dressed in skimpy lace covering with a blanket, her hair entirely messy and down, and her face widening with excitement in sight of me.

"Whillis," she said, "I want to be your wife."

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