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King. Proven. is a short series relied upon true events of the Pursuit of Colona series, in which this series is more of the comical side of romance incorporated with the political drama. It was first created in January 2017 by .:.TellZeal.:. Productions in courtesy of the Sonic Fanon Wikia, and as of now, the date of the ending is currently unknown.


Whillis Allavan the Raccoon is one of the most adjustable of people with a past of social rejection. As he had experienced time and time again the struggle to make ends meet with romance, he finally takes the leap to explore Colona's Heart after a constant struggle to gain success in where he came from. He meets Princess Penelope Tuwark, and he falls in love with her because of the goal of becoming king. This would be his chance to become king over Colona and get the revenge that he always wanted against all of those who came to despise him in his life. As he attempts to get closer to the princess, more trouble arises as propaganda riles up inner truths and dark secrets in his personality, suggesting his ill nature and true means to become king. However, in the best, sociable ways possible (even if they rely on comic relief), Whillis Allavan ensures that he does not fail this time forth for the successful dream. He is ready to use his "Beholden Expedition" Expertise and bring it to the next level. He wants to be the king of Colona.


The main place that King Proven is shown to be at is in Colona in the Fourth Ryvie of the Effinhaum Era (two years before the present time). This is in the fictional realm of Reyonis Platura in the Salwom region when needed to be known of the other countries during Whillis Allavan's travels. Most of the events that take place in the story is located in Colona's Heart, which is a small city that only resides royals and other noble people. However, when Whillis travels, it may be outside of this place.

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  • This was a long-lost project that was never done at the beginning of the creation of Princess Penelope the Puppy.
  • This series is a break-time series to be completed in between the seasonal break of Twenty-Four Days to Delusion.
  • Princess Penelope the Puppy was going to be the protagonist of the series at first. However, since the variety that was needed to portray how much the Princess was "tricked" into marriage was more important than having the star of the series deal with other issues.
  • There are eight episodes because eight is the number for infinity, and in this case, it is the hope for infinite love.
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