This is King Spair the Cat in part of the Pursuit of Colona series, created by TZ on 3 Oct 2016.
Cquote1.png It is a beauty that truth never fights; it lies somberly, watching its lying neighbor twist its intentions to confuse others. It is beautiful, because truth never was imperfect from the beginning. Cquote2.png
King Spair in his Coronation Speech

King Niphe Voccomon Spair is the reigning image for the necessity of circulating well-held wealth in Reyonis Platura, ruling the second-largest country in Salwom next to Colona under an aristocratic doctrine of cultural unity--Tellyeis. He has the closest, non-contending relationship with Princess Tuwark in the Pursuit of Colona series, yet the two of them hold their differences on their ideals of governing society. They are both against the concept of authoritarianism, which Zak-Ryder openly expresses in his countries, and they often work together to subdue these means. Tellyeis also serves as a major commerce central when the other countries seek aid in this area, and with no hesitation, King Spair is willing to intervene under particular circumstances.

King Spair was able to gain his position through his good father, Aint Spair II, and therefore King Niphe Spair respects the noble families to a great extent. He also does hold his duty closely when it comes down to the violence but expects total independence from the people for the Tellyeis Aristocratic Council to deem right or wrong. As some of his actions gain criticism due to this belief, King Spair works under the wisdom that was given from his father's ruling, thus concluding that the decisions made will never be viewed the same in later time. In other words, King Spair has no regards to criticism, especially when it comes from the Colonaian Royal Post. This builds his strong character against the vile of corrupt government, while still being able to maintain his integrity with the people, remaining true to himself, and ultimately ruling a nation of success.

Concept and Creation

It was a hot day in October 2016 when Creator was becoming ancy about their studies. As the quarter of the final year was coming into close, Creator wanted to celebrate what they had achieved by taking a big break. What that big break was getting onto the Sonic Fanon Wikia and adding new pages about their characters as well as their ongoing series, Twenty-Four Days to Delusion. They were really excited about this, and also they wanted to add Princess Tuwark's closest allies, being a king, of course.

As Princess Tuwark's page was being created, this character was already in mind also. King Spair the Cat was originally going to be in the place of Prince Rova Lawka. However, in Creator's intentions, Princess Tuwark needed some form of competition that did not interfere with their ally-like relationship, and this would be the place where he becomes king. He would be a lazy-looking one, yet with great potential, and he would be quite compassionate when down to judgement. Yet, to an extent, this king would have some level of greed that would overshadow his magnificent decisions with his nature.


Birth and Context

Born in Amarada, Tellyeis, Niphe Voccomon Spair was born to his two parents twenty-seven years ago, with his mother, Psaltar Spair, and his father, Aint Spair II, ready for their new heir. According to the royal customs, Psaltar was required to give birth to Niphe Spair in her bedroom with assistance of medical servants. Therefore, Niphe Spair was born a prince from the beginning.

Although it was peaceful for the family to be assured of having an automatic heir by heredity, there was still some tensions that floated around in the family. Psaltar, who was from a family of thieves (Hallarao), sought to have her son's wealth to be distributed among her desperate kinfolk. She used the name of Niphe as a code name to her family members, that it was "safe" to retrieve the funds. It would take a while before the kingdom would have this resolved. On the other hand, Aint Spair II's father, Aint Spair I (or just Niphe's grandfather), had just died due to an uprising in the Tellyeisian military. In this unexpected death was the threat of execution of the entire royal court by independent branches of the overruling Flock Council. So, there were some divisions on the views of the nobles already. This aspect would have a major toll on how Niphe would begin to think about his ruling.


When Niphe was young (in his earliest years of life), he was taken care of by the young Court of Maidens who came to love him as a son. Even with that came with some competition, for most of them desired to be his wife when he grew up. Aint Spair II had no time in caring for his son, because he was constantly challenged with fears of war and uprisings against the Flock Council. Also at this time was Colona's brief tension with Tellyeis because of aristocratic reform put in place. King Uwa Iwa used the image of Niphe in propaganda to inform the people of corrupt heredity and the impossiblity to escape the advantaged families. Aint Spair II came back with the same propaganda, putting King Uwa Iwa and his Colonaian Court Royals on blast. So, the Court of Maidens were busy with covering Niphe for privacy's sake.

As for Niphe's mother, Psaltar, she had not totally dismissed herself from the kingdom. As a matter of fact, she did still take some action in important governmental decisions to enforce conditional education based on wealth. However, she was busy elsewhere with her Hallarao family and dealing some of the infinite funds of the Tellyeisian government. These family members would constantly threaten that they would murder Niphe if she did not do what she was told. She loved her son, and did not want anything to happen to him - for he was faultless in the situation - so she sacrificed her political innocence for them. After all, she understood that, at one time, she was poor and raised with the Hallarao, so she wanted to help them.

Her help came with some consequences, though. When Niphe was four years old, the Hallarao family became more desperate for wealth than they had ever been. So, they sent Lias Tenon, a skilled hunter and swordsman from Pertan, to abduct Niphe and have him killed so Tenon would gain the right to the throne. The plan was somewhat holey to begin with; if Tenon killed Niphe, he would be executed. However, they believed this would lead Tenon assumed to be a Colonaian spy and spark war. If the war broke out, then anarchy would prevail and cause overthrow of the Spair throne. So, they went with the plan.

What ended up happening was Tenon began to have romantic involvement by consent of one of the young and naive Court of Maidens: Qiala Har. This took only a few months to get latched, too. Then, from there, he was granted immediate access to the kingdom after he proposed to marriage. Many days he was in direct contact with Niphe. He just did not abduct him just yet. During this time, Aint Spair II was fearless against the Colonaians and began to mind his own business in that matter, spending more time with his family. Tenon recruited himself as a secondary courtier to the Spair family. However, the closer he became to Niphe, the more Psaltar began to notice his ulterior motive, due to his constant regard for him. Therefore, Tenon was dismissed. However, it was more than too late. Tenon now knew how the kingdom was set up and what Niphe did daily and when. So, he sent that information to the Hallarao family to take into their own hands so he could do the execution. Their plan was set in place. What happened on Niphe's fifth birthday was supposed to mark a new stage in life for education and destiny. Instead, it was governmetnal dysphoria.

On Niphe's fifth birthday, he was abducted by his own uncle, Satire Hallarao. Niphe did not question the matter, but he did realize that there was some tension involved. The entire country of Tellyeis was in shock and peril in search for the beloved son. Aint Spair II believed that Psaltar was involved, although she denied many times, and had her on trial for treason. Because of her past actions with assisting her own family, she was executed by Aint Spair II with Niphe's sword-to-be - the Harshen. This brought about dysphoria in Salwom for opportunities for annexation of Tellyeis or overthrow by the Flock Council. Zak-Ryder became involved by sending Zakians to invade the country.

Not only did this issue go on for days, but it went on for a few months, and Niphe was in the care of his uncle. Able to read and write already at this time, he questioned why he was there, since he had never met with his uncle in a while. However, the entire Hallarao family never said anything directly to him, because they had to avoid attatchment at all costs. Niphe did attempt to run numerous times, but they were all unsuccessful. One day, Psaltar's father, finally letting the anger of his daugher's execution get to him, forced Niphe to drink poison and had his sword ready to kill. Niphe was close to death.

With the help of Pertan trying to regulate Salwom, Lias Tenon was executed for his actions. Colona used their exceptional people of powers to do a mass search for the prince. Smivilia would have been involved if they had the ambition to. Much of the Salwomese countries were on the hustle to search for the prince, assuming nothing had happened to him yet.

However, the poisons did the task over time of another week, setting Niphe toward death. Finding that his body was dying, Satire decided on impulse to show the entire region what his brother had done. Once he did this, though, going before the entire nation of "small-country" Jaben he fled to with his family, going before them in tears and great sorrow, he was immediately executed. The Secrecy Combatant League of the Salwom Region chased down all of the other family members and executed them. The immediate Hallarao was exterminated, with exception to the innocent, uninvolved children (who were now without parents). The Tellyeisian government sent the best of doctors from around Salwom to awaken Niphe and restore his dying state. However, the most of all required for that was a miracle.

Qiala Har, the deceived female from the Court of Maidens, wanted the shame to end by killing herself. So, she used her ability to try to put Niphe out of his misery by expanding the acids in his body. She was immediately executed. This did not entirely work, for Niphe resisted against the ability in short time. Everyone was still in fear of his death. Aint Spair II was enduring too much grief and overwhelm from betrayal that he began to kill on impulse, murdering the entirety of the Courts of Maiden with no question but enough somber pleads. Again, the Pertanese government attempted to relieve the situation by sending King Uwa Iwa to take over as king. However, the latter denied, for he said the Tellyeisians had to learn from their "mistakes." So, from there, the entire country was worsening in turmoil.

Despite the turmoil, some good news came in concerning Niphe; he woke up. He was still in enough pain to make matters worse. Many people already began to riot and protest for a new line of family members to take over the kingdom, for this one seemed cursed to them. The Colonaian government were already in revolutionary crisis, and therefore they attempted not to involve themselves. Aint Spair II was on his own to execute judgement in his depleting mind. Niphe was aware of the situation, but he was more on mind of what he believed to be the "extension of his time." He did not believe he had to become king if it would cause trouble. However, he was still obligated to at least have some judgement in it. He learned that his mother and surrogate mothers (Court of Maidens) were now dead.

When Niphe was six years old, on his birthday, he was finally discharged from the health facility and found himself back in the kingdom. His father was now relieved of his safety but still suffered from his mental breakdown through less tolerance of stress before becoming enraged. The kingdom was immediately put under reform as well. Instead of having a government similar to Colona (an absolute monarchy), Tellyeis steered toward an oligarchical establishment that was only ruled by the most diverse mix of people. Aint Spair II made this establishment after his son, that, if something similar were to happen again, the highers government could intervene more efficiently. Still, the father was still afraid of sending Niphe to school, so the previous Tellyeisian Council took care of Niphe while his father had no opportunity to watch.

Niphe relied on the education from the Tellyeisian Elite Academy as he was educated in his royal environment. It was self-paced. If he desired some water while an instructor was giving a lesson, they would have to give it to him. Even if he was being disrespectful by dismissing himself, they would only document his leave and he would be let go for the day. In other words, he had total freedom in his learning and could decide to accept or reject it.

However, Niphe was a tolerable child, although he was not entirely the best. Before his ninth birthday, he managed to accomplish much education focused in culture, arts, and history. He struggled in math and science. Still, he was able to do at least what he could bear and still maintain a restricted social life.

When Niphe turned eight years old, he began to notice that he was isolated from the rest of society, let alone all the other children. His instructors, the newly elected Court of Maidens who were now old, and even his father disapproved of him going outside of the kingdom regardless of what he wanted. So, instead, he suggested that his eighth birthday party be that only children could only attend and they do child-like things. Niphe just wanted to meet more people like him.

His father accepted the offer, but the party itself were to last only an hour. There would be a thirty-minute session to gather all the children. If they were tardy to meet at the door, then they could not attend. Then, there would be a fifteen-minute session for background checks on the children to ensure that, if any of them were from Pertan or refugees of Zak-Ryder's countries, they could be rejected from entering. Then, there would be another twenty-minute pre-party session for all the children to tour the castle and learn royal ettiquete - and they could not even meet Niphe just yet.

By this point, Niphe was resentful toward his father for locking him up in the "royal prison" and decided to go out of his room himself while all of his caretakers were busy with preparing the children for the party. He went out where the other children were surrounding a statue of Aint Spair I and hid along the crowd. He conversed with some of them, meeting a few of his kind of people. Most of all, he met Yiyi Vanta (surnamed at the time) and came to love her.

When it was time to meet Niphe at the certain room he was supposed to be sitting, they opened the grand doors to the box and found nothing. Everyone was shocked, and the adults there were completely ashamed, as they believed another abduction crisis had taken place. Niphe thought it would be a joke to keep himself quiet and have a laugh in the end. While everyone panicked, Yiyi suggested that Niphe reveal himself to prevent trouble. The trouble escalated too quickly, for Niphe was at the back of over one-thousand children. Aint Spair II looked into the box where his son was supposed to be and began to weep. When Niphe saw that, he had to say something, so he tried to yell at the top of his lungs and tell his father he was there. All of the other children made a path for him as he ran up to his weeping father.

After such event, his father was grateful for Niphe being safe, but he was also upset with him for not staying inside the box. He had all of the children dismissed. Niphe became upset with his father for canceling the party so quickly - or - there never was one to begin with. At that point, Niphe began to notice he was going to be isolated for a long, long time and awaited becoming the king.

Niphe was now ten years old and became very depressed of not being able to even look upon another child like him. He was lonely. As Aint Spair II began to notice this, he sent some counselors to try to encourage Niphe. However, this did not come to work. For a long time, Niphe developed a lack of motivation for education, but he still wanted to go outside and explore. As the counselors noticed this, they consulted the father and asked him to allow Niphe to go out of the kingdom for a while. Aint Spair II dismissed them immediately for such advice. However, as the year went on, Niphe's depression became worse, and it angered his father.

One day at the end of the same year, King Spair II confronted Niphe with violence, threatening that he would "destroy the rest of what he laid on." All of the instructors present at the sight had no choice but to bow to the angry king. Niphe was very afraid then and tried to run away from the castle, and he did get far out enough. However, after an hour with searchers, he was returned back to the castle. By that time, his father was calm now and pleaded to Niphe to excel in his studies. Niphe obeyed, but with fear of being sliced by his own sword, the very one his father used to kill his mother and the Court of Maidens.

Niphe Spair would continue the drained lifestyle of learning for a long time and maintain his resentment for his father. His childhood was not all that bad, but Niphe knew that, eventually, he would have to take the throne and change the nature of the royal monarchs.


When Niphe Spair was thirteen years old, he was still in the cycle of education and being locked in the castle. However, this year was different, because political propaganda began to critisize Aint Spair II for his system of raising his son, saying that when the boy became king, he would dismay the entirety of Salwom. So, the propaganda began to heave into Niphe's life with many ambassadors from other countries to go visit the castle. Aint Spair II was aware of their reasoning of being there, therefore he closed down any entries into the kingdom, even if it were his own courtiers returning from an assignment. This went on for a year before Aint Spair II had to release many people and permit entry.

For the first time in years, the Tellyeisian Council permitted the entry into the kingdom of certain people as long as they had background checks. Many writers for the Colonaian Time Scope were especially there. They would confront Niphe and ask him questions about his life in the kingdom and what he wanted to do. He told the truth: he hated the life in the kingdom because he was always isolated, and he wanted to go out and explore the world. One writer in particular, Nioa Hallarao, became upset with Niphe for disliking his lifestyle and told him that he wanted him to just be grateful for what he had. The background checks forgot all about the Hallarao family and those young children left at orphanages with their parents dead. Niphe never came to know them much, though.

From there, the main story that spread about Niphe's reputation was "An Ill-Mannered Miracle." When Niphe was fourteen years old, this title became his identity, as Niphe became more resentful for his father and began to resist authority more.

When Niphe was fifteen years old, his "ill-mannered" nature got worse as he forcefully dismissed all of his instructors and attempted to recruit people the same age as him to be his teachers. The entire court deemed him insane. So, they sent counselors once again to relieve him, but Niphe was resistant to them, too. As a matter of fact, he ordered that they be dismissed as soon as they finished introducing themselves.

Enough was enough for his father. One day when Niphe was asking his father why he was always so secluded, his father stoutly ordered him to renounce what he told the Colonaian Time Scope and redeem his reputation back. Afraid that his father would attempt to harm him again for disobeying, he went before all of the writers and lied about how he felt about the kingdom. He said that he was angry with his father for not allowing him to learn that day, so he wanted to ruin the kingdom's reputation by doing so. Then, Niphe gained another title: "A Lying Miracle."

When Niphe turned sixteen, the entire public recreated his self-esteem by tagging the prince with words that resembled the "Spair Curse," a curse which the majority of the people believed in. Niphe began to believe that, indeed, he was a miracle because of the event he endured during his childhood, and that he was also a liar because of the psaud he showed to the people. From there, Niphe ordered to his father that he go before the writers one more time to call himself a liar. His father rejected. However, Niphe still told the media that the entire Council was a lie. They were full of people with little to no intelligence. This greatly contributed to the Wit War in Salwom.


The Wit War was a silent war of propaganda to support the monarchial systems compared to what had been taking place. This is where Smivilia would take part, as it was a part of Zak-Ryder's possession, in order to annex other countries in their governmental faults. Niphe did not realize that he did spark more trouble into the war that had already been taking place, but his father was quite aware of this and became even more upset with his son for saying what he said about the kingdom.

When Niphe was eighteen, he was offically determined to be the heir of Aint Spair II, although that was already unofficially assumed the day of Niphe's birth. On this day, his father granted more freedoms to him to leave a certain perimeter of the kingdom, and there would be courtiers all around to support him. He was also given the sword that his father slayed Psaltar, his mother, with: the Harshen. Niphe was too afraid to go immediately, though. The only first times he truly ran outside of the kingdom was when they did a search for him and when he was abducted by his uncle long ago. So, he did not want to be rejected much for attempting to leave so quickly.

After a few months, his father verbally attacked him again, saying that if he did not leave the kingdom at least once, he would intervene with the law and have his princeship revoked from him. Aint Spair II believed that it was now time for his son to mature and that he should be aware of the responsibilities he would have to take when he became king. So, Niphe went out to explore the kingdom under the restricted perimeter to mature.

The very momnet he stepped outside of the kingdom were writers and inquirers all around. Afar off in the places he was not allowed to go to, there were protestors informing about the Wit War and the "Spair Curse." Niphe was very afraid of the experience as well, seeing people he had never seen before. He desired to run back inside the castle and hide behind his cabinet. However, he decided that staying in the kingdom all alone was worse enough, so he went out to conquer his fear.

The courtiers surrounding him informed him of the various places he could visit. Of the culture and arts he always loved, he visited the Spair Museum of Art and went about to learn more. Many people cleared the way for him, even though he desired to talk to him. They remained humble at his presence. He noticed this and desired to tell the surrounding writers the truth once again as they were asking questions about his titles. However, because of his father, who he believed was always standing behind his back, Niphe kept the truth to himself.

At nights, he would return to the castle, and in the day, he would explore another place in the perimeter of what he was ordered to follow. However, when Nioa Hallarao ordered him to cross the border, Niphe rejected. From there, another title of Niphe was gained: "The Restraint." This was the last time Niphe was going to allow the titles determine his life.

When Niphe turned nineteen years old, he desired a banquet for a party. His father allowed it under certain conditions: only one-hundred people could attend, those people had to be Tellyeisians, there had to be a background check session, and there had to be a tourist session. The party would only be two hours long. However, Niphe remembered this from his childhood and rejected the offer, which now he had power to do so, since he was officially a prince and heir to the king. So, instead of going with his father's idea, he allowed that anyone could come regardless of background, there would be no background checks, there would be an optional tourist session after the party, and the party would be four hours long full of activities, speeches, and games.

As the party went, it was a great success. Niphe Spair was able to meet many people he came to care for later on in life. Most of all, he met up with Yiyi Vanta once again. This would start his life love for her. Niphe Spair had a great time as his father stood in the dark background, watching for any suspicious people. There was none at all.

So, for years to come, Niphe Spair was granted more freedoms to become a prince and take orders around. He became a great investor to the Colonaian Verdose Investments. He went outside of the perimeter and went to many parts of Tellyeis to give donations to the lower classes and encourage them. He even gave a few speeches to masses of people about his life story. This was not too late shown in the media, either, because it was the cold truth.

Aint Spair began to notice the changes in his son's leadership skills and decided that he take an even more important role. When Niphe was twenty years old, his father recruited him as the head general over the Tellyeisian military and thaw out the issues that killed his father (Aint Spair I). Niphe accepted and did it well. He had to dismiss some of the members to prison as he came to figure out who did what through the Informant Squad. He also sent some units to take part in the upheaving parts of war in Colona.

Aint Spair added more to Niphe's tasks. He had Niphe recruited as the general still and now the head of the Tellyeisian Council. This was at his highest position to get. When Niphe was twenty-one years old, he began to enforce major reform across the land to improve the economically unstable condition of the country by changing the oligarchical system more into an aristocratic republic. The wealthy ruled the entire nation so that it would disperse and improve economical conditions.

When Niphe was twenty-two years old, he had romantic relations with Yiyi Vanta out of wedlock and came to realize that she was pregnant. The media attempted to give him titles again. However, he did not regard them further, for they were just changing the titles one-by-one to shatter him. It did not matter to him any more, because as long as they knew the truth, that was good enough for him. A year later, Yiyi had the child, and they named him Niphe Spair II after his father. Shortly after, they got married.

Aint Spair, resentful with the reform he enforced and the marriage he went along with without his permission, ordered that Yiyi Spair be executed while Niphe was visiting Pertan. His father did not reveal to the public that this was taking place, either. What ended up happening was Nioa Hallarao went to the trial which she was to be executed and spoke against Aint Spair for killing his parents and other authorical family members. He spoke against the king and was arrested, but he later was released. Because of this, Yiyi was not executed.

When Niphe returned back to the kingdom when he was twenty-five, Yiyi complained to him how she was about to be executed by her father in-law. Niphe complained to the Council what had went on and ordered that his father be dismissed from office, for his tolerance for anger was always becoming too short. They did not dismiss him from office, for he was still the king, but they did disregard some of the orders he gave out. His father was becoming more than upset with his son.

At this time also was when Niphe met Princess Tuwark and Prince Rova Lawka for the first time. He was well pleased with the results the two of them gave out in the war and paid the Colonaian government for their assistance when there was trouble in his country with the Zakians. However, when he noticed the governmental system the two of them endorsed to, he avoided speaking to them again - that is, for another year.

He also met up with King Devoyva Fur'Rew, one that found similar interests with him. The two of them seemingly became friends, and Yiyi became acquainted with Devoyva's wife Chadlaka Fur'Rew. So, this brought about more alliances with the country in order to make peace.

When his father saw this mingling between the two countries, and hearing about the death of King Uwa Iwa, he was absolutely enraged. He desired that Niphe be overturned from the throne and that he would give the throne over to Nioa Hallarao instead. This brought about more trouble in the kingdom which officially had Aint Spair II detested from his throne. When the Tellyeisian Council dismissed the king, Aint Spair immediately had cadiac arrest and had to be put in the hospital. Niphe was very distraught about this and ordered that the country stop all working for one day to pay respect.


This would bring to the modern time to what he would have to face. Niphe Spair is now King Niphe Spair I with his wife Yiyi Spair and his son Niphe Spair II. Although he had some hard times during childhood to accustom to the frequent protection from his father, he ultimately came to understand why. Now, he attempts to keep Tellyeis under control with the ocassional assistance of Colona and Smivilia in order to bring about world peace.


Niphe Spair is the type of person, who, when there are no restraints on him, will act in a carefree nature despite rejection he may receive. Let alone, most of his life came some time for him to adjust to the media in a way for him to disregard. For this reason, for complainers, Niphe finds no time for them and would go about his way - even if it were his wife to complain. The only time that he finds regard in complaints is when it is centered around himself or the sake of the country.

For the most part, Niphe is a focused person ready to make amends at any time. If he sees something he dislikes, he will make proposals to find a solution for it. He is also willing to see equality in the people as long as there is obedience. He can be a nice person to meet and does not hide any of his personality to anyone, given why most people end up liking him in short time. He is honest to himself and his people, while this can also be a setback for him.

One of the most important qualities that Niphe ought to have but lacks is discretion. When the time comes for particular situations to tell the truth, he does, and when the time is not right, he still does anyway. He believes that the truth should be told at all times, every piece of it. Some critisize that he tells too much, and some believe that the media was the reason for that. Niphe also has a distastes for rebels, especially those who attempt rebel against him. He believes that an issue should be addressed in the right order and handled with accordingly. When there is disobedience, he becomes angered.

He does not have that short a temper as his father. He instead, when going through enough pressure, takes it carelessly and fills it with sarcasm and truth. These are very rare cases, though. Normally, when he is in some pressure, he refuses to complain to anyone and goes with his instinct on what to do. At times, he would go out and speak to others for advice. Other times he would dismiss the issue and pay for it later.

But, over all, King Niphe Spair is ultimately stable in his position and disregards all means of belittling him. He has a strong identity of himself and chooses it sparingly. Sometimes, however, this can be a barrier to how he views the elite and poor. His mindset is that, if there are riches, there are more opportunities unfortunately, and that they will indeed be more intelligent and less emotionally driven than the poor. He still does assist the poor, but he only goes the extent that he is able without damaging his own success.

Powers and Abilities

It is official that King Niphe Spair has no abilities that he can control on his own, but Tellyeisian scientists proved that he does have a resistance to abilities of some sorts. Called "The Resistant Factor," some theorize that King Spair did have abilities at one time but then lost them when he was nearly killed from his abduction scare. He is the very few in Platurian population, 1 in 1,000, that has this strange condition. King Niphe does not allow this to be his setback, though.

When challenged at all for practice or direct encounters with King Zak-Ryder, King Spair would end up using his given sword: the Harshen. This is a sword reactive to light. If King Spair was in enough light, the energy would absorb into the sword and temporarily have burning powers into it. King Spair is skilled at using this sword, and he also has some style of ninja-like techniques. However, he does have a limit with that, even. If there is no light, the sword is typically powerless, causing King Spair's confidence to dwindle, which also has a show in his fighting accuracy.

Character Theme Song

Klonoa 2 Lunatea's Veil - Volk Burning


  • Originally, King Niphe Spair was going to be engaged with Princess Tuwark. However, because of the drama that would set with the two of them about to be married, although they do have some interests for each other, it was done to where one of them was married, and when the other figured this out, they would find means to get married too so they could see eachother more.
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