King Napalm Pyrinth is the current ruler of the Pyranic Empire, and father to the trolls Penny the Pyrohog and Burn the Pyrohog.

King Napalm Pyrinth

Biographical Information
Romantic Interests Queen Inferno Pyrinth
Physical Description
  • Fur: Red, w/ tan skin & white streaks
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Brown hooded shirt
  • Gray slacks
  • White leather shoes
  • White leather gloves
  • Gold crown
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsPyranic Empire (King)
WeaponsNapalm's Chainsword
  • Advanced Combat - Hand-to-hand, Swords, Chainsword
  • Master Pyrokinetic
  • Skilled with the advanced element Ash
  • Skilled diplomat
  • Trained pilot - Gliders
Vehicles Solar-type Glider
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Physical Description

King Napalm Pyrinth is in extremely good condition for a Mobian of his age. Having some hyena blood in his veins, the king has a thick jaw and dark, focused eyes. He has an unusual quill design, with spines flowing out behind him and one or two flowing both up and back, plus a single quill which often falls over his right eye. The spines on the back of his head are streaked with white, while the others are plain red, his fur color. His eyes are a vibrant blue, which often appears to be burning from within when he is consumed with emotion.


King Pyrinth wears plain colors to compensate for his bright color scheme. He wears a brown hooded shirt and gray slacks in an attempt to relate to the younger members of his empire, while he also wears white leather shoes, a similar pair of gloves and, quite often, his crown, an ornate construction of gold and rubies.


Early History

Napalm Pyrinth was the eldest son of the previous Pyrohog king and his hyena bride, and quite a free-spirited child at that. He was raised in relative isolation from the political world, and possessed great freedoms because of that. He regularly spoke out against violence performed by the army against others, and the corruption within the senate. Despite his desire for peace, he was trained as a warrior, and quickly took to defending his family with both his pyrokinesis and, later, his control of Ash. Unfortunately, during most of his teenaged life a war was raging between his homeland and Soleanna, and while he was with his parents on an royal visit to a village close to the border, Soleannan troops suddenly attacked and leveled the town, with the crown prince one of the few survivors. The Soleannan force remained in the village for quite a while, before being forced from the city by G.U.N. forces. The prince aided in the rebuilding, before disappearing to mourn his parents and prepare to take the throne. In doing so, he set up a memorial tower, then set it on fire, only for a freak gust of wind to extinguish the blaze. The young man was devastated, barely able to generate a small amount of embers, let alone enough fire to relight the tower, but a young Pyrohog girl came to his aid, lighting the tower with a Flame Wheel through the center of the pyre. She introduced herself as Inferno, and together, the two watched the tower burn.

Taking Charge

The young prince was crowned king about two weeks after the passing of his parents, presenting himself as strong and worthy by showing only slight emotion at the state funeral for the former monarch. The day after, he was called before the parliament. The War Minister, Phoenix the Vampire Bat, began to interrogate the new king, pushing him towards allowing a radical assault mission known as Project: Burn-back be launched against Soleanna. These sessions continued over a week, before finally the Bat unleashed a scathing assault on the monarch, forcing the king back before a senior diplomat, Ash the Hippowdon, came to the defense of the king, whom ordered the meeting to convene and returned to his palace, where he met up with Inferno once again, talking to his new girlfriend about the problem. She suggested signing, but Napalm refused. Later, he went to visit Ash, only to find the large Hippowdon dead, with Phoenix standing over the diplomat. Unable to escape, the bat simply warned his commander-in-chief against reporting this for his own safety, then stormed out. The king called a senate meeting, intent on exposing the bat, only to find the war minister already there, telling everyone that Ash was dead, killed on the King's orders. Suddenly faced with that, King Napalm had nothing to comment with, and retreated into a normal senate session. However, he knew that Phoenix had not given up, and was determined not to let his military adviser get the better of him.

Saving His Reign

Unfortunately, after a year of stalling radical military plans when they reached him, the War Minister was sick of waiting, and ordered his personal guard to being their attack on the King's residence. His highness and his new wife quickly came under assault from the soldiers, but the king managed to get to his chainsword and turned the fight back to his side and slaying the soldiers that had cut his wife off. Quickly, the king and his queen fought side by side, clearing the palace of guards, but leaving themselves in a critical position. Between the two, a decision was made, and the duo fled from the Capital, instead hiding in a remote stronghold village, protected by loyal Dragon-style combat practitioners. Upon arrival, however, he found himself meeting face-to-face with members of his diplomatic corps, and users of elemental techniques other than Fire, whom had been targeted by Phoenix's rampage, but viewing the king as a problem for ordering the death of Ash, their leader and friend, and requested that he leave, resulting in the king entering the forest surrounding the village with his wife. Soon after entering the forest, a pair of teenagers began attacking his wife, but Napalm got involved, deflecting both of the teens attacks and forcing them to run off. Together, the duo returned, only to find that the coalition of allies had already marched on the capital to fight Phoenix. Quickly, with his wife by his side, the king raced down to come to his allies' aid. Upon arrival at his old castle, he found Phoenix amongst the rest of the forces, fighting tooth and nail, having recently crowned himself Emperor. Napalm challenged his old foe, and the two clashed violently. Here, the king's skill with his chainsword and his talent with fire manipulation and control of Ash quickly rose to the fore, with the embers keeping Phoenix on the ground where the king's blade and power could reach the bat. Finally, after a lengthy battle, the coup leader was defeated. Napalm initiated a verbal battle with his ideological opponent, insulting and challenging his former adviser. However, he quickly noticed that Phoenix was struggling to breath, having inhaled embers and scorched his lungs. In an act of kindness, Napalm ended the life of the traitor with a single gout of flame, allowing the flame-wielding Vampire Bat an honorable death. Afterwards, in front of his senate, he asked his wife to join him on a short romantic retreat, with his idea being his Winter Palace in the Dragon Lands, where the two could reignite their love, where they stayed for around a month before returning.

Settling a Point

Three years after the coup and, his daughter Penny was born, bringing joy back into the king's life. Following Penny by two years were the twins Burn and Draco Pyrinth, the crown princes. As they grew, it became obvious that Draco, the younger brother was interested in ruling, but custom dictated that Burn, as the eldest son, be offered the Kingship. This enraged Draco, but nothing appeared to happen until the twins turned twelve. Then, the young prince burst into the throne room, stunned, saying that Burn had been stabbed by an Ice Clan assassin with a frozen knife, a death sentence for a Pyrohog. Astonished, and seeing the stab wound clear as day, the monarch organized a state funeral to farewell his still-living son, who was clearly bemused by it all, before casting the boy out, expecting to never see him alive again and deeply saddened by that fact. However, the teen vanished without a trace. Around four years later, Penny vanished, with her boyfriend and Fire-wielding prodigy Scorch the Pyrohog and her younger cousin Molotov the Pyrohog all vanished, to the king's confusion. Draco claimed it was because she was the one who betrayed her brother and let him get stabbed, so the king said nothing on it. Nor did he seem to act when Draco imprisoned Burn's old teacher Brad the Weasel for an unknown reason, his depression over losing his beloved eldest son and daughter was great. The next thing he knew, Draco had started down the same path as Phoenix, commanding vast military strikes against the Terran League, with his mother gladly encouraging the assault, which was quickly dubbed the Day of Scorched Earth by various publications. The United Federation issued a warning to the Empire, and Napalm, who loved and preferred peace, was once again thrown into the firing lines, reluctantly agreeing to his son's actions.


King Napalm Pyrinth, despite being somewhat of a peace-lover ruled by his emotions, is not a push-over in combat. Like all members of the Royal Family, he is trained in an advanced element, in his case, Ash, alongside a mastery of Fire. Strangely, he can manipulate Ash without being able to control Nature, but this is theorized to be due to his Pyrohog genetics which prevent him from being able to learn any other elements. Aside for his elemental combat skill, Napalm is a talented swordsman, who uses a chainsword as his primary sword, one he had built to his own specifications, not to mention the fact the chainsword is already more useful against wielders of Nature and it's advanced elements. In combat, he uses his Ash to keep enemies on the ground, while he uses his mastery of Fire and his chainsword to decimate foes on land. He has been known to use his powerful jaws to bite through steel and metal, the advantage of having Hyena genetics. He also has respectable skill in manipulating energy for enhancing speed using the Flash Steps technique.

Away from combat, King Napalm is a dedicated diplomat, preferring to find a peaceful solution instead of entering combat. This trait is obvious with his son's actions against the Terran League, leaving the leader to organize diplomatic alliances and send apologies to other nations. He is also a trained pilot of gliders, with his personal glider a member of the Solar-type Glider training craft, used by the air force to train personnel.

Fire Abilities

Ash Abilities


Elementless Abilities


King Napalm's personality was shaped by his life. Raised in a world of political intrigue but sheltered from the hard decisions, he formed a naive view of the world. As a youth, he held a very romanticized view of the world - he felt that everything comes out right in the end. This, he discovered, couldn't have been further from the truth with the death of his parents in the Soleannan attack. His calm demeanor quickly soured and formed into slight paranoia and fits of rage, triggered by the loss of his parents. However, despite the veneer of calm or anger that he may exhibit, Napalm is truly an emotional person, shown to constantly be conflicted by his decisions, some of which still haunt him after many years, and due to the manipulation of others clouding his judgement, he is often confronted by anguish at the poor choices he made while being manipulated. His parents raised him to believe in peace and respect, which makes him favor peaceful methods over violence, although if it comes down to it, he is not afraid to initiate a military response. Despite his more passive aims, he is also a staunch defender of any cause he believes in, and always fights tooth and nail to protect his family and what he cares about.

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