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King Maximillian Acorn/

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This page is for King Maximillian Acorn from anyone's continuity.

King Max
King Maximillian Acorn

Biographical Information
AliasKing Max
Physical Description
  • Fur: Light brown w/ peach face, chest and tail tip
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Crown
  • Red cape
  • Blue robe
  • Blue boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Kingdom of Acorn (king)
Weaponry Sword
  • Leadership skills
Super FormsN/A



King Maximillian Acorn appears as a supporting character in the fan fic.


Maximillian was Betrothed at the age of eight too a Girl he had never met. One day he was playing by himself in the Great Forest, And met Neo. They originally conflicted because of there different personalities but soon put them aside and became good friends. They often dreamed about how they imagined their future would be, With Max as the King, and Neo as his Top Knight. They wrote stories about imaginary adventures they would have, Always referring two themselves as "King Maximillian" and Sir Neo the Brave", but, Things didn't last, Max was married at thirteen and he could not see neo anymore. They tried to see each other once more , but they were caught by the Royal guard and Max was forbid from ever seeing him again.

As the years went by they never truly forgot each other as, During the great war(Between the Kingdom of acorn and the Overlanders), The Thieves of theers assisted them, despite the fact it wasn't their war,as neo was the Village leader at this point.

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