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"You are destined to be queen, Stardust. I expect you to fufill your duties as a mature princess so that one day, you can rule this kingdom." - Jupiter talking to Stardust-
King Jupiter the Cat
Starshine Kingdom
Gray fur, blue eyes, black hair.
His kingdom, his wife, Stardust, and when things go his way.
Anyone who tries to harm him or his kingdom, Comet, intruders in palace grounds, and when Stardust sneaks away.

Jupiter the Cat is the King of the Starshine Kingdom and the father of Stardust the Cat. He is known for being a great leader, but a terrible father. He is married to Queen Galaxina the Cat. He and his wife, Queen Galaxina, were almost murdered in cold-blood by their oldest son, Comet the Cat.

Early Life

Very little is known about Jupiter's life before becoming a king. His father and mother were most likely the king and queen of StarShine Kingdom during his years of youth.


Jupiter is strict, stern, and at times even cruel when it comes to his personality. He takes his duties as a king very seriously, and expects the best from Stardust, who is destined to become the next queen. His cruel nature got the best of Stardust when it forced her to run away. Jupiter can also be evil. This is because he went as far as to use a drug to put Stardust to sleep in an attempt to take her back to her kingdom. He didn't even seem to notice that he was literally "kidnapping" his own daughter, which also shows that Jupiter can be extremely dumb. He can also be oblivious to others' feelings.

Physical Description

Jupiter is a gray cat that rarely wears his crown. He wears a dark-blue robe and rarely ever carries around his staff. He also has a sword, but only takes it out if needed. He has dark-blue eyes and is sometimes seen wearing reading glasses.


Juptiter has very high anger issues, as he can explode in anger when something does not go his way. He may also be spoiled to a degree, as he orders his servants and guards around a lot. Jupiter can be the slightest bit naive at time, too.


  • Jupiter has a very deep voice. 
  • Jupiter, at times, gets very hestiant when asked about the history of the kingdom. It is assumed that he knows more about it's past than he let's on...
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