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King Jules Hedgehog-Celeritas is a character in the AngieYaz/RoseOfSharon reboot of the Sonic Underground television series. He is an anthropomorphic hedgehog and the father of Sonic, Manic, and Sonia. He is also the original leader of the Freedom Fighters alongside his wife, Queen Aleena.

Jules' speaking and singing voices are provided by Jaleel White, the voice actor for his children and his Mobigyptian ancestors.


King Jules is an anthropomorphic hedgehog with brown hair, as well as blue fur and black eyes. He wears a gold crown.

While his armor covering his body is white, the jewel on the gold belt is red. He wears a white suit with gold decorations on the trouser legs and white boots. He wears a turquoise hood, deep gold pants and turquoise Tudor-style doublet when keeping an eye on his children.

The great chronicler Jaxon described the outfit that Jules wore on his wedding to Aleena as this: "His Grace being appareled in a gown [suit] of cloth of gold, raised with great flowers of silver, furred with black Jenettes, his coat crimson satin all to cut and embroidered and tied with great diamonds, and a rich collar around his neck."


King Jules was the former ruler of Mobius, ruling alongside his beloved wife Queen Aleena, but was deposed at the hands of Doctor Robotnik. The Oracle of Delphius informed him and his queen that he was forced to leave his children in a basket and give them to two separate families (by placing them in front of their house and knocking the door) in order to protect them. The King refused, saying he could never afford to lose any of his children, especially his firstborn son and heir, but the Oracle then showed him a vision of a now-grown Sonic being crowned King of Mobius. Devastated that he would not raise his heir and his siblings in their royal duties himself, he and his queen gave in.

Jules is close friends with Farrell and the Windermere family.

Throughout the series, he helps Sonic, Manic, and Sonia, whose main goal is to find him and the Queen, which they fail to do, despite everything. Along the way, he leaves cryptic messages and clues for them to find, and several times intervenes directly to save his children. According to a prophecy, the King, the Queen, and their children will one day reunite and form the Council of Five, bringing about Robotnik's defeat.

Jules and Aleena also were the owners of a royal hovercraft that they used to conduct journeys of royal business; it would later be passed down to Sonic and Amy after their journey to Celes Island (they were going to the Temple of the Speed Grid in search for the source of the super speed gifted to the firstborns of the Celeritas half of the royal bloodline; they were captured and placed under a sleeping spell while on the island, forcing their eldest son and his court to initiate a rescue).


King Jules is caring and does his best to help his children—he once openly fired on a group of Swatbots and a Roboticizer to save Manic and Sonic. Unlike Robotnik, he also cared about the people of Mobius since before Robotnik ruled, everyone lived peacefully and prosperously. In fact, if he was not risking the fate of his children, he would have joined them and become a Freedom Fighter but he and his wife believe that if they reunite with their children before the time is right, the prophecy will not come true and something horrible will befall upon them.

Like all kings, however, he gives orders for the benefit of his subjects and servants. However, while Sonic speaks quite informally and uses slang (even when crowned King of Mobius), Jules speaks formally and politely.

Jules can be, justifiably, arrogant about his speed and skills. He is somewhat vain, oftentimes doing things like staring at himself in mirrors, complimenting himself and Aleena if she is with him, and smoothing his quills back like hair). Like his son Sonic, Jules is extremely impatient and would rather handle all the jobs himself than wait for others to take care of it. However he will admit if he made a mistake, though usually not when anyone can hear him.

Rather than chili dogs, Jules' favorite food is chili burgers. Though he can sometimes be seen eating a chili dog every so often, to remind him of his eldest triplet son.

Jules is often very besotted with Aleena, calling her his 'Shining Sunbeam' and showering her with gifts and public affection. She caught Jules' eye with her vivacious, bubbly but fiery personality as well as her beauty. Like Sonic with his relationship with Amy, Jules adores Aleena, and he cares for her in the same manner. The majority of Aleena's hoods and cloaks, as well as her red scarf and her Tudor-style gowns, were gifts bestowed upon her by him.


Jules' past, like his wife's past, often influences the adventures of his children. In the episode "Friend or Foe?", he is revealed to have visited the Floating Island in the past and met Knuckles the Echidna and Julie-Su the Echidna. He left a message on the island, saying that Knuckles would be the first in a series of allies who would join his children in their quest to find him and the Queen. He and his queen also built Mobius' Hanging Gardens for his children before they were even born. The Gardens housed a specimen of the Velocitree, which Robotnik used to make Sonic Tonic, a liquid that when poured on the feet made one go super fast. He met his future wife at a debutante ball. Together, they found the Power Stone and gave it to the citizens of the jeweled city of Mobodoon to bring power and life to their city.

Powers and abilities

King Jules appears to possess certain magical abilities (though he had to learn his spells), such as projecting his image to other locations and teleporting from place to place.

Like his son Sonic, his paternal grandfather and their paternal ancestors, Jules is connected to the limitless interdimensional energy known as the Speed Grid, an energy first created by Queen Juliana after she was struck by lightning and doused with a mystical liquid (she was already fast for a hedgehog).


  • Jules' voice sounds exactly like Sonic's (but several semitones deeper), mainly because the character is also voiced by Jaleel White.
  • "Sonic" was the nickname that Jules had when he was a teenager, and this why he wanted to name his firstborn son Sonic.