This is an article about King Gustavus the lion of Verige, a character created by Jaredthefox92 on 08/11/2015.

King Gustavus is a heroic antagonist in Jaredthefox9's story Divide and Conquer and a foil character to Arnzarel the Revolting. He is the king and ruler of the northern Eurish nation of Verige and a ally to the Mobian Defense League. A tactical mastermind in his own right, young Gustavus has been called upon to defend his once peaceful country against the forces of the Army of the Damned


Gustavus is naturally tall due to being a Mobian lion, yet while he possesses a sturdy and stern demeanor he also is known to be highly civilized in his demeanor and calm until he doesn't need to be. He is known to fancy the colors of blue combined with his nice orange fur coat and main.He is also known for his long, downwards protruding beard that has been made from his chin's main. He is normally seen wearing his large, custom made, and knightly battle armor and riding in his personal transport hovercraft around the battlefield and even to the front-lines.


Gustavus is a both a fighter and a civilized man at the same time. He is known to be very cultural minded and able to inspire his countrymen with his speeches and his natural born leadership attribute. He is very studious, often known as very well studied in both the military and political battlefields. However upon the battlefield he is a ferocious force to be reckonned with. He is not above litterally mauling an enemy soldier to death or anyone who gets in his path during battle as well.



Gustavus is a natural born leader, and thus he is able to not only inspire courage and unity into his soldiers, but he is known to be able to make decisive choices when needed.He is best known for his mastery of tactical and logistics in battle as well as his ability to combined mobile and fast strike attacks with well precision artillery bombardment.

Tactical Genius.

It goes without saying that Gustavus is known to be one of the League's most valuable and military minded allies. His natural forte for military mobilization, logistics, hit and run tactics, and  of course artillery tactics have proven most detrimental to Arnzarel and his forces upon the battlefield, as well as the Egg Empires to the southwest.


Gustavus wasn't just born with natural talent and formidable, but he possesses some very well earned skills as well. He is a very cultural man who is well versed in subjects such as law, history, and literature. He is also great at being an orator and giving inspiring speeches to not only strengthen the hearts of his soldiers, but to rally all class and manner of his people to unify in their hour of need as well. It is also known that Gustavus is fluent in multiple languages, such as Schland, Northamerian, and even old Uralian.


Theme Song:

An epic theme song for an epic character inspired by an utterly epic real life person.

Sabaton - The Lion From The North (Lyrics English & Deutsch)

Sabaton - The Lion From The North (Lyrics English & Deutsch)

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