Florence Cramisa was used to be Known as Darkest The Fallen, who was his dark alter ego when he had fallen into darkness with having a cruel, cold- hearted and rude personality while having a power-hungry mindset of wanting to take over this world and every single Kingdom until Dark came in. Florence is the current King of the Kingdom of Cramisa with ruing with his sister, Ashley and from time to time, Dark comes back to his world to help him out with ruling the Kingdom.

Florence is a nice, kind, wild, warm-hearted and prideful man, who loves his Kingdom and people, just as much as he loves his family. He loves to party and drink, and sometimes, he can get off-track and make slips ups, but he always try his best to fix them and be helpful. He loves his family dearly especially his sister and Dark and he will be willingly to do anything for them. He does have his regrets of his actions as Darkest The Fallen and falling into the darkness into wanting power and destroying everything and anyone to try to build his trust back with his people like before he became Darkest The Fallen.


Florence have combed back light blond hair, bright green eyes, light peachy skin, and a slight tall muscular body with a few scars on his back. He wears a red, black, and gold royal outfit with black shoes on and a gold crown on top of his head.

As Darkest The Fallen, his hair color turned grey with his hair slightly long up to his shoulders, his skin colored turned pale, his eyes color turned to a dark purple, and he was way more muscular and taller and he wore all-black heavy armor with dark mist around it and he carries a long metal dark sword on his back and he wears a black helmet on his head.


Florence is a nice and kind fellow, who loves parties and love being with people. He cares about those he loves very dearly and he will do anything for them. He was always optimistic, hopeful, cheerful, happy, and very wild and he was a drinker. He was very irresponsibility and a scatter head. He has a quick tempered with being angry easily and a sweet tooth and he is extremely overprotective of those his loves/cares for, clingy, clumpy, and lazy.

As Darkest The fallen, he was extremely cruel, rude, cold-hearted, and vengeful, and he didn't care anyone or the humans or others. He loved destruction and the cry of others dying. He loves to kill those who are weak, but he hated those who get in his way. He had a explosive temper, very reckless, overconfident and extremely cocky.



When it comes to his sister, Ashley, he was very close to her and he will do anything for her. He loves her very dearly and he cares about her very much. He would argue with sister a lot about his drinking, him going through the dark scrolls and magic and ways of ruling of their Kingdom with making mistakes and he would ignore her suggestions or ideas. When he was slowly turning to Darkest The Fallen, he never listened to his sister and he fallen into the darkness with his personality changing. When he officially became Darkest The Fallen, his relationship with his sister was stained almost completely until Dark came in and changed everything to help him see his mistakes. He mange to rekindle his relationship with his sister and became more closer to her and was willing to listen to her suggestions and ideas and he would earn his trust back from his people event though he is forgiven and trusted.

  • Alfor Cramisa

When it comes to him and his father, they were very close and had a strong relationship with each other. His father would spend a lot of time together with Florence and Ashley and he taught Florence all about being King and his duty and responsibility about being King. They care about each other dearly and will do anything for each other and Ashley.

  • Caroline Cramisa

When it comes to him and his mother, they were close and had a strong and, loving relationship. He loves his mother very much and he cares about her deeply, and is willingly to do anything for each other. They would spend time sometimes with each other in the gardens or reading books in the library.

Florence officially met after the war with him back to normal and after Dark healed up from the fight against Darkest The Fallen's final form. They have mutual respect for one another and he is very thankful for Dark for everything he has done for his Kingdom, his people, his sister, the other Kingdoms and this world. He have a great and close relationship with him and he admires him for his authority, leadership skills, abilities and capabilities and he reminds him of his mother because the way that he is around the gardens and flowers.


  • Dark The Hedgehog
  • Princess Kathy
  • Past descendants of the Legendary Knights
  • Prince Kevin
  • Sam Kelvin
  • Katy Samson
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