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A mysterious robot designed by Nethilis, King is the tactical computer that was used by the loyalist Guardians in the Civil War. Nethilis was fascinated by the earthling game of chess, and so built a robot based on a Mobian monkey with the soul purpose of playing chessmaster to the entire universe. However, King was also the one who lead the Guardians into a position where only Vendeta was left, which raises the question: is his logical fallible, or does he have his own agenda?


Difficulty: Hard

Health: 1200

Playstyle: Zoner, Gimmick.

King is a very unique character. He has 3 chess pieces each tied to a special move and a command normal on that button. Each of these chess pieces starts as a pawn, but can be levelled up for a time using his Promotion special. This allows his chess pieces to specialise for different situations. However, his chess pieces can be destroyed, and King takes a chunk of damage if they do, meaning you have to play carefully and plan ahead of your opponent: just like chess!

King’s Throttles focus on his zoning potential in different ways. Throttle 1 allows him to escape uncomfortable situations quickly while Throttle 2 allows him to fill the screen with projectiles.

Special Moves

Bolded moves were added in Complete.


Move Name Input Type Description
Command DC Up.png+DC 1 button.PNG/DC 2 button.PNG/DC 3 button.PNG+ Directional Input Command Normal Teleport the chess piece tied to that button in the direction inputted.
Activate Blue Piece IMG 0408.PNG+DC 1 button.PNG Special Activates the effects of the blue piece (see below)
Activate Orange Piece IMG 0408.PNG+DC 2 button.PNG Special Activates the effects of the orange piece (see below)
Activate Yellow Piece IMG 0408.PNG+DC 3 button.PNG Special Activates the effects of the yellow piece (see below)
Promotion IMG 0408.PNG+DC 4 button.PNG+DC 1 button.PNG/DC 2 button.PNG/DC 3 button.PNG+DC 1 button.PNG/DC 2 button.PNG/DC 3 button.PNG/DC 4 button.PNG Special (Rook, Knight, Bishop), Super (Queen) King enters a thoughtful state. The second input of this move chooses which piece you wish to promote, and the third input chooses what you wish to promote it to: DC 1 button.PNG for Rook, DC 2 button.PNG for Bishop, DC 3 button.PNG for Knight and DC 4 button.PNG for Queen. This turns the selected piece into the class chosen for a short time. This can also be used on pieces that are not pawns. OK in air.
Mind Invasion DC QCB.PNG+DC 1 button.PNG Super A command grab. King grabs the opponent’s head and enters into their mind, removing 20% of their current health before throwing them away.
Fork DC HCF.PNG+DC 1 button.PNG+DC 2 button.PNG Super King creates two laser beams on either side of him that fall horizontally downwards.
Zero Beam DC HCF.PNG+DC 3 button.PNG+DC 4 button.PNG Super King fires a giant laser beam from his hand.
Checkmate DC 1 button.PNG+DC 2 button.PNG+DC 3 button.PNG+DC 4 button.PNG Finishing Strike King creates a portal shaped like a blue orb in front of him. If the enemy is hit by it, they get warped onto a giant chess board with a huge number of King’s pieces floating above them and King himself at the other end of the board slouching on a throne that looks like the King piece in traditional chess. He then clicks his fingers and the pieces all open fire on the opponent before a zero beam falls from the sky and vaporises the ground they were standing on.
Hover DC Up.pngDC Up.png in air while Throttle 1 is active. Command normal King hovers in the air, slowly descending towards the ground.
Fly airdash during hover. Command normal An airdash that covers the whole screen and does not stop until the player lets go of the joystick.
Mass Command DC 1 button.PNG+DC 2 button.PNG while Throttle 2 is active. Special King makes all of his pieces activate at once. All of the pieces enter a short cooldown state afterwards where they can’t be activated again.

Activate Piece Effects

Move Name Conditions Description
Pawn to E4. when piece is a Pawn The piece fires a simple laser bolt at the opponent.
Rook to D3 When piece is a Rook The piece surrounds itself in an energy field, blocking all projectiles and attacks for a limited time.
Bishop to C7 When piece is a Bishop The piece charges up for a moment before firing a slow moving orb of energy.
Knight to A2 When piece is a Knight The piece flies a short distance in the opponent’s direction, damaging anything it hits.
Queen to F3 When piece is a Queen The piece fires 3 homing lasers at the opponent.


Throttle 1: Adds Hover and Fly.

Throttle 2: Adds Mass Command.



“You are but a pawn in a larger game.”

“I have assessed the possibilities...and there are none where you win.”

“I will make the first move.”

“The last pawn has reached promotion, I see…” (Vs. Vendeta)

“Even you, I can plan against.” (Vs. King, first)

In Infinite’s voice. Not while I have your powers of prediction.” (Vs. King, second)

“This was...unexpected.” (Vs. Max, Vendeta Blue or Tel-Eth)


“Resigning so soon?”

“I believe this is stalemate.”

“You performed...predictably.”

“Your promotion has not served you well.” (Vs. Vendeta)

“No organic mind could comprehend my moves.” (Vs. Natalie)

“My computing power far outstrips yours.” (Vs. Bladedancer, Omega and Vendeta Blue)

"You play this game shockingly well, Tel-Eth." (Vs. Tel-Eth)


“This outcome was predicted, naturally. I thank you for making sure everything went exactly as planned, and for leading to the 21st most desired outcome.”

“As you would expect, my predictions must keep my own self-preservation in mind. That said, even I couldn’t have predicted your total incompetence.” (Perfect Win)

“I have played more games with the Guardians than I can count, but you may have been the greatest pawn of all of them, Vendeta. Maybe one last game is in order.” (Vs. Vendeta)

“You are a great player of this game as well, I see. A worthy adversary to be sure. Unfortunately, you could not outplay me...checkmate, Trepidence.” (Vs. Ringmaster)

“You know, I can’t usually predict the movements of interdimensional matter. This goes to prove how exceptionally stupid you must be to have lost so easily.” (Vs. Max and Vendeta Blue)

"I must say, I am impressed: none of my predictions forsaw you escaping from the future. Unfortunately, you still fight just as predictably as you always have. And to think you killed Nethilis..." (Vs. Tel-Eth)


“Recalculating.” (Escaping a combo)

“Now we enter the endgame.”(Activating Overclock)

“My predictions...are perfect…” (Defeated)

“Just as planned.” (Going up a rank in online)

“This was predicted.” (Going down a rank in online)

Arcade Mode

Good Ending

King fights Vendeta as the final boss.

“Vendeta believed I had overplayed my hand by revealing to him that I’d survived the war. Of course, he had forgotten my purpose, and it was a calculated move to bring him under my control due to his control chip breaking down. I now lead a new galaxy to an age of logic and reason, with Vendeta and the new Guardians of the Chronosabre by my side. Anyone who disagrees incurs the wrath of Nethilis.”

Bad Ending

King fights Glass as the final boss.

“My operation to control Vendeta failed. Beautyface and Vendeta’s brother were not accounted for, and I was forced to fall back to the edge of the universe. How could I fail? My predictions are perfect...I am perfect...I am perfect.”


  • Completing Arcade once with King unlocks Supporting Me for the jukebox.
  • Completing Arcade a second time with King unlocks


The Man With the Machine Gun(Normal battle theme)