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A young woman cursed with worsening anger issues thanks to a nasty voice that's been popping up in her head, Kinatsu the Badger is trying to find some way to get rid of the voice and return her mind to normal...

Physical Description

A somewhat stocky badger who stands a little over three feet tall, Kinatsu has a short muzzle with a triangular nose, fairly small, rounded ears, and a rather short, bushy tail that mostly droops down.

Her fur is primarily earth yellow in color, with an apricot muzzle, chest, and stomach, a russet facial mask that goes over her eyes and down towards her jawline, and a russet stripe running down her back; her forearms and ears are also russet in color. Her hair, which is only on top of her head, is bistre in color, and her eyes are cerulean in color.

Her attire consists of a dark cornflower blue tank top, dark cornflower blue fingerless gloves with white cuffs, black pants, and dark cornflower blue boots with white cuffs.


Early Years

Kinatsu's childhood was, for the most part, unremarkable; she was raised in a stable home with loving parents, she had friends at school, there was really nothing outstandingly good or bad about her life as it was. She was content and happy.

Of course, when she was around eight, the first hints of her present problem started to arise when she got into a rather nasty altercation with a bully at school. She had seen him picking on one of her friends, and rather than tell him off or get a teacher, she jumped him in a frenzy, literally snarling at him as she struck repeatedly. She had to be dragged away from the bully by two teachers, and was sent to the principal's office.

Naturally, her parents were called in, who were baffled at the thought that their daughter could fly into such a violent rage; she was normally so even-tempered for a badger. Kinatsu herself even seemed shocked by her actions, and sat there staring at the floor the entire time, until she was sent home (the bully had fought back and given her a black eye).

Vile Voices


Base Stats
Superior - Anger Point
Godlike - Anger Point
Godlike - Gekido Form
Poor - Anger Point
Poor - Gekido Form
Other Stats

Like all badgers, Kinatsu has great physical strength, good stamina and surprising durability. She has sharp, thick claws on her hands, that not only serve as formidable weapons, but also allow her to climb and dig with ease. Her fur is fairly thick and acts a bit like a natural shield, and she has strong jaws with sharp teeth, making for a nasty bite.

Kinatsu is primarily adept at melee-range combat, using her claws, fists and feet to great effect. However, she has no Elemental ability, and no way to attack from range, either. She is capable of both adhesive climbing and digging.

Genetic Ability: Anger Point

A bit of a double-edged Genetic Ability, it activates whenever Kinatsu is struck by any attack that hits a weak point (essentially, a critical hit against her). When activated, Kinatsu gets a burst of adrenaline, and her physical strength skyrockets, peaking at a roughly 80% increase in her power; she also gets an increase in her overall stamina, and, to a lesser extent, her overall speed. However, at the same time, it greatly lowers her clarity of thought, and she becomes driven by pure rage.

Form: Gekido Kinatsu

The "form" Kinatsu takes when she is being almost completely influenced by the Sin of Wrath; visually, a blazing, dark red aura surrounds her, her eyes become pure white, and the Mark of Wrath (the Red Sword) appears on her back, glowing constantly; her hair also sticks up and seems to resemble flames.

She gains the ability to wield Marunha's power of Retribution, wherein her ferocity and offensive prowess grows with every instance of damage she sustains. This power synergizes terrifyingly well with her natural Genetic Ability of Anger Point, able to give her raw physical strength on-par with the likes of Agni, but at the cost of her clarity of thought and of her physical well-being; by the time her strength peaked that high, she would most likely be close to death, or at least close to falling unconscious.


Kinatsu has no notable Elemental resistances, apart from her thick fur acting as a natural shield against cold weather. She is also more durable than she looks, but not to an extreme level. When her Genetic Ability activates, she gets a burst of adrenaline, increasing her overall stamina (and her speed to a lesser extent), and reducing her ability to feel pain.


Kinatsu has no notable Elemental weaknesses. She also isn't terribly fast, and can easily be outpaced by quicker foes. Those who can attack from range have little to fear from her, as she is a melee-exclusive combatant. When her Genetic Ability activates, her clarity of thought plummets, and she becomes driven by rage; this makes it easy to lead her into traps. Her deceased ability to feel pain when her Genetic Ability is active also makes her more likely to ignore severe injuries.

Friends and Foes







For those who meet Kinatsu for the first time, people could easily assume she was a kind, cheerful and friendly person. And they wouldn't be wrong; Kinatsu is generally a pleasant and extroverted individual who loves to hang out with her friends. Unfortunately, like most badgers, she has a bit of a temper.

While this temper is rarely enough to cause problems, a nasty little voice has been nagging and gnawing at her mind for a few years now, worsening her temper and her patience over time. This has caused her to start becoming more withdrawn and anti-social, out of fear that she'll lash out at her friends and family.

Beyond this, however, Kinatsu is lion-hearted and bold, and unafraid to stand up for herself and her friends. She is highly protective of her friends and family, and becomes furious if they are attacked.

Positive Traits

  • Brave

Neutral Traits

Negative Traits

  • Aggressive




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