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Biographical Information
Born OnUnknown Date/Year
BirthplaceCrestpoint Island in Karioka Village (Gaia Dimension)

13 (circa 3237)

16 (circa 3240)

Arrivial to Mobius3237
  • Houston (possibly deceased)
  • Unknown Mother & Father
  • Lee
Romantic InterestsWill (before he was Mobian)
Favorite FoodMuffins
Like(s)Will, Marcus, Lee, Elizabeth, Lewis, Keith, Melinda, Cream & Cheese (sees them as her siblings), Vanilla, Amy (possible rolemodel), her foster dad, being helpful, being noticed by Will, flowers, hearts, mysticism, being honest, cute things, shopping, fashion, cooking, drawing, writing in her diary, nature, peace, music boxes, seeing people happy and wants to feel useful
Dislike(s)Austin (Will's rival), bullies, being ignored by Will, seeing her friends/family sad or upset, being tricked, arguments, seeing her friends in danger, being pranked or startled, being held captive and unneeded violence
Physical Description
  • Hair Color: Light/Normal Pink
  • Skin Color: Slightly Tan
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Burgundary/Pink hoodie
  • Red/Pink shorts
  • White socks
  • Red/Pink shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
AbilitiesBasic Human Abilites (as of now)
Super FormsNone
Other Information
American V.A.??? (unknown)
Japanese V.A.??? (unknown)
Theme Song(s)
  • Younger: Someday (
  • Older: Maybe (
AppearancesAround Prologue, Sidestory 1 (After Will's 'Death'), Chapter 1, Part 5
Original CreatorChaoSBounD (pkxchaos/secretmelody07)

Kimmy (Kimberly) Amber Wellspring is a female human around the age of 13 that is one of Will's survivng friends that managed to somehow escape the wrath of the Xorda when their home dimension got attacked. She is a kind, polite, and gentle girl that tries her best to get Will's attention, but when it goes unnoticed, it causes her to easily feel discouraged.

History Before Will's 'Death' (Pre-LM)

She was a foster child, adopted and taken care of by Houston, the village leader of Karioka. She tries her best to help out with others doing volunteer work during the day, however, when it comes to sunset, she always happen to be at Remembrance Fields, wondering if Will would notice her someday, instead of being put to the side or completely ignored.

Unable to remember about her real parents, she wonders endlessly on who they were, whatever happened to them and why would they leave her behind.

During the Xorda Attack

Like everyone else in the village panicking, Houston with Kimmy fled the house to get everyone to hide in the tunnels located in the depths of the Tensurii Forest to take shelter from the attacks. Houston then tells Kimmy to go to Lee's house, but when Kimmy hesitated about the safety of Will, who was fighting the Xorda with heavy backup, however Houston gave one last hug and told her to run. With a tear to her eye, Kimmy did what she was told and left for Lee's house.

On the way, she was joined by Lewis and Elizabeth when Will's mother had lost her children in the rush. Kimmy picked up Elizabeth and told Lewis to come with her to Lee's house. Lewis debated about the safety of their mother, but Kimmy wanted to him to come anyways.

On arrivial to Lee's house, Lee stated that they had limited time to escape to another dimension altogether, however, Kimmy debated on abandoning her friends and family behind, but Lee told her that it's the only way to survive as it's a manner of time before things get worse.Kimmy finally agrees, but when another explosion occuried, Kimmy handed over Elizabeth and told Lewis to follow Lee to safety. By the time she turned around, an explosion happened, causing her to see to the attention and after it clear up, she noticed a boy falling down from the sky. Seeing that it is Will, she rushed outside for a moment, however, Lee pulled her back in and said there's nothing that she could do and they had to escape. With her face in tears, she followed Lee and the group were immediately teleported out to safety.

History in Sidestory One (After Will's 'Death')

Arrivial on Mobius

Seperated from the others, Kimmy found herself in the night time moonlight near a forest, where she walked out and about. Looking up to the stars, she grieved over the memory of Will's untimely demise. Being reminded of the day of the funeral of Will's father, she remembered of Will, storming out of the building, after a fight with Austin after he insulted Will that his dad deserved to die. In order to reason with Will, she had to pursue him in hopes to get to his senses about what his father expected him to be. Soon arriving at Remembrance Fields to the east of the village, she noticed Will sitting on the bench, clearly angered about Austin's remark, and went to reason with him, questioning and explaining some things to him. At the end of the discussion, she tried to persuade Will into liking her, but Will just pushed the topic away as he stated that he's not into the mood. At the end of the flashback, she blamed herself for Will's demise before she looked up to the starry skies above.

Meeting Cream and Cheese

Spotting Kimmy from nearby, Cream and her chao, Cheese, discovered Kimmy as she watched the scenery. Whether or not she wanted to approach her, Cream took that chance and walked over, asking Kimmy for a response. When Kimmy looked back and turned her head to only notice a young rabbit and with her chao, she was surprised that the animals here could do that and began to become curious of the duo. Cream asked Kimmy if she was lost, Kimmy responded that she is and could need some help from Cream. Cream agreed, but then asked why Kimmy was so sad, Kimmy responded that a friend died, and this made Cream feel sad as well. Wanting to cheer Kimmy up, Cream offered to Kimmy if they could become friends as well as help her out by taking her to her mother's house for the night. Kimmy accepted and decided to join Cream and Cheese. Before they left to Cream's house, Cream noticed a shooting star and pointed it out to Kimmy. In time, Kimmy noticed it and wish for Will to return to her someday. After the shooting star was gone, the trio left for Cream's house for the night. In the meanwhile, Kimmy wondered if Lee and Will's siblings are okay as well.


  • Kimmy's favorite color is pink.
  • It is debatable on whenever or not Kimmy is a descendant to Princess Kumatora due to that fact that both were orphaned at a young age, wear hoodies, and had an ancestry of the formally known Nowhere Islands.
  • Kimmy and Will were partially inspired from Amy Rose, Princess Kumatora and Sonic the Hedgehog in terms of colors, personality, and relationshipwise.
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