This is an article about the Kimiyama Shrine, a shrine created by MysticAlice.

The Kimiyama Shrine is a shrine created by User:MysticAlice.

General Information

The Kimiyama Shrine is a shrine in the middle of a clearing in Yōkai Forest. Since the shrine is near the forest, many yōkai come to visit often and give faith to the resident goddess. This makes the resident goddess, Suzuko, very powerful.

The shrine doesn't do well in extreme weather conditions, but it is still a popular spot to stay for nearby yōkai during winter and below-freezing temperatures. The constant supply of hot chocolate packets keep anyone staying there for the winter warm, but only for an hour.


The main inhabititant is Kohaku Kimiyama, the shrine maiden/gatekeeper and attendant to Suzuko. Yōkai come to visit often. Ohterwise, there aren't many who live around the area. The main religion studied there is Shinto due to the fact that there is a resident shrine maiden.


The Kiniyama Shrine was founded by the Kimiyama Clan thousands of years ago. The shrine constantly got attacked by youkai because the Kimiyama Clan housed pure humans. About two thousand years after the Kimiyama Shrine's founding, a member of the clan secrectly gave birth to a half-human, half-youkai, who would soon become Kohaku Kimiyama, the current shrine maiden.


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