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An expert Mech pilot with an occasionally hot temper, Kimara is someone who you don't want to cross on a bad day. Normally, she's a pretty good person to be around and can be a valuable asset to a team, but her enemies had better beware her wrath…especially if they're driving a Hellspawn Mech, which she absolutely abhors.


Kimberley has medium gray fur, light gray skin, and black mask-like markings around her bright orange eyes. She has no particular hair to speak of, as her head fur is kept fairly short like the fur on the rest of her body. Her legs are prosthetic and are slightly bulky, making them stand out against her otherwise slender frame. She generally wears a teal lightly-armored bodysuit for protection either within a Mech or if she is forced into combat not in a Mech. Additionally, while in combat, she wears a teal helmet with a clear visor for looking out of and with internal speakers for listening to music and for receiving orders from superiors. This helmet attaches to a clip on her back when not in use to allow her to see and breathe more freely.


Kimberley is generally friendly and optimistic, being happy to converse with or help others on normal occasions. However, her personality will undergo a radical change when piloting a Mech. In this state, she will be incredibly focused, and, while still optimistic, will be much more serious and determined. In certain situations, such as seeing a teammate hurt or seeing a Hellspawn Mech, Kimberley will undergo yet another personality change, causing her to become angry and even more focused than before. In this state, she will also be incredibly stubborn and may lash out at others if kept in this state for too long. And then, of course, if Kimberley is placed back into a normal situation, she'll go back to her usual friendly, optimistic self.

Strengths and Powers

Kimberley is an expert Mech pilot. Five years of driving Mechs have made her incredibly comfortable behind the controls of a Mech, no matter what size, shape, or equipment that Mech may possess. Kimberley's favorite type of Mech is a Mauler. However, as she understands that Assault Mechs like the Mauler are not always the best for some situations, she has developed favorite Mech types in other classes, with the Cougar, Bushwacker, and Thanatos models being her favorites in the Light, Medium, and Heavy categories, respectively.


Due to a traumatic experience with a Hellspawn Mech in Kimberley's childhood, Kimberley has an intense aversion to Hellspawn Mechs. As such, she will refuse to get behind the controls of a Hellspawn unless absolutely necessary, and, if she sees one being controlled by an enemy of hers, she will stop focusing on whatever she was doing in an attempt to gun down the Hellspawn as fast as possible.

Kimberley also has another weakness: her prosthetic legs. While these serve the normal functions that she needs them to serve and allow her to depress the foot pedals in a Mech at normal speed, their walking speed is sub-par, causing her to move more slowly than the average Mobian. Additionally, they are unusually heavy, allowing her to be knocked over easily by unbalancing her.


Kimberley always idolized Mechs, never more so than when some Mechs saved her life when she was 9 years old. The same day, another Mech—to be more precise, a Hellspawn—had arrived and killed her family, and it would have found where she was hiding and killed her too, had it not been for the timely arrival of a few other Mechs. Despite the fact that a Mech had just been responsible for the death of her family, Kimberley now possessed an intense desire to learn how to pilot a Mech herself and be able to demonstrate and improve upon the skills that the Mech pilots who had saved her life had displayed.

Kimberley couldn't wait until she was old enough to be able to pilot a Mech herself. In fact, she literally found herself unable to wait to the point that, at 13 years old, she managed to find a deserted Mech and pilot it into a battle. This proved to be a terrible move, as Kimberley's Mech was promptly destroyed, and, having had no previous instructions on how to eject properly, Kimberley wound up grievously injuring her legs, placing her in the hospital the moment that someone found her. As a result, Kimberley wound up with a pair of prosthetic legs and a severe warning never to do something that idiotic again.

Kimberley waited until she was 18, at which point she was not only definitely of legal age to pilot a Mech, but had gotten over her scare enough and had gotten comfortable enough with her prosthetic legs that she felt that she could once again try Mech piloting. At this point, she signed up properly for a Mech piloting course and began to learn how to pilot a Mech. By five years later, she had become skilled at piloting a Mech and was ready to take on a full job that required her skills, causing her to join the mercenary group The Pantheon.


Note that the below statistics only apply to Kimberley when she is not in a Mech.

This character's sixstat code is 322642

  • Health: 3 – Kimara's upper body has below-average resistance to attacks, but her legs have above-average resistance to attacks, causing her overall damage resistance to be about average.
  • Damage: 2 – Kimara's damaging output is below-average, even considering the fact that she could potentially dish out some pretty damaging kicks with her prosthetic legs.
  • Speed: 2 – Kimara's prosthetic legs slow her down to a below-average speed.
  • Reflexes: 6 – Kimara's reflexes are superb due to five years of Mech piloting.
  • Intelligence: 4 – Kimara's apparent intelligence fluctuates based on what mode she's in. By default, it'll be above-average; when behind the controls of a Mech, it'll seem pretty impressive, due to her knowledge of how to deal with situations involving Mechs; and when something's gotten her angry, she'll seem below-average due to her incredible stubbornness. All in all, her overall intelligence comes out to above-average.
  • Regen: 2 – Kimara's regeneration from damage is below-average, due to her slender frame and her prosthetic legs' lack of self-regenerative functionality.

Fun Facts

  • Kimberley was Wikikinetic's first character who is an alternate version of a character for whom an alternate version has already been created. In her case, the characters in question are Kim and Kimara.
  • Kimberley was Wikikinetic's first character who was created for a crossover universe (in this case, Battletech).
  • Kimberley was Wikikinetic's first character who was adopted by another user (in this case, Phenos the Sodazel).
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