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Kimara is a 17-year-old ferret and hardcore gamer. Possessing an approximately average height of about 3'6", she is notably fairly slender. She has medium gray fur, light gray skin, and black mask-like markings around her bright orange eyes. She has no particular hair to speak of, as her head fur is kept fairly short like the fur on the rest of her body. In DW10, she wears a teal lightly-armored bodysuit with roller-skates attached to the bottoms of the boots, accompanied by a helmet with a clear visor for looking out of and with internal speakers for listening to music. She has also meticulously reconstructed this outfit in real life and wears it almost constantly there as well, much to her parents' frustration.


Kimara is a very motivated individual. Everything that she does, she does enthusiastically without cutting any corners. Whenever she commits herself to something, she might seem like an unstoppable force in her attempts to do that thing. The downside of all this is that it's very difficult to get Kimara to stop doing something when she starts. She's incredibly stubborn and headstrong, so others' attempts to get her to change her mind about anything will usually fail. As a result of the above traits, Kimara is a terrible team player if the team's goal is not her goal. However, if it is her goal, she'll be very supportive of the team and try to motivate everyone else to do their best as well.

Kimara also has a very small attention span. She can't stand around waiting for more than a fraction of a second without bouncing up and down, snapping her fingers, or doing some similar activity to occupy herself. This also applies to music, which she has a particular interest in: if a piece of music is too slow or inactive, Kimara finds it boring and switches it to something else. Due to this interest in music, Kimara may be seen staring off into space at odd times or making random noises when she's supposed to be paying attention to something important, making yet another problem for anyone who wants to have her on a team or even have a decent conversation with her.


Kimara, born Kim Mara Salo, grew up in the city of Atinus (æ'tiː.nəs), located within the city of Xaset ('zæ.sət), which was itself located within the United States. Not that Kim paid that much attention to where she lived; for most of her childhood, she was completely oblivious to the events going on around her, preferring to spend her time immersed in video games, especially fighting games. She discovered her favorite game, Electric Tournament, at the age of seven, and spent about three-quarters of her free time in the following few years absorbed in her VR headset playing Electric Tournament...until Electric Tournament was taken offline due to inadequate funding.

Kim was, predictably, very annoyed at this. Her favorite game, which she had spent years of her time playing, had just vanished without a trace. As a result, she started badgering her parents to find some way to get back Electric Tournament. Eventually, her parents, tired of her nagging them constantly, introduced her to DW10, the government's new online supercomputer and internal server where anyone could create their own sub-locations. Upon hearing about this, Kim decided that she was going to create her own show, which she dubbed R.O.T.A.T.E. (Rebirth Of The Awesome Tournament Electric), in honor of Electric Tournament, and that it would be a massively multiplayer online fighting game that she could participate in. Nothing could go wrong, right?

Indubitably, something could go wrong. The next few years saw Kim become increasingly bored as almost no-one came to her personal show, meaning that she couldn't have the ultimate fighting experience that she wanted. To compensate for her overwhelming boredom, Kim started developing her game-world identity and becoming more and more in tune with it, to the point where she changed her name to her gaming handle, Kimara (kɪ'mɑ.rə) (a combination of her first and middle names, Kim and Mara). Her parents, who were worried about their daughter becoming even more disconnected from reality out of boredom, were relieved when DW10 repossessed its inactive channels (R.O.T.A.T.E. included) and combined them into one large Channel, Channel Mobius…which was, coincidentally, a fighting tournament. Kimara was even more excited, and instantly signed up, creating a new show on Channel Mobius (dubbed R.O.T.A.T.E. 2) and joining the tournament.

Unfortunately for Kimara, her years of not practicing her fighting skills meant that she lost the first tournament, and lost it badly. She re-entered it a few times, but just kept failing, over and over, getting better and better at it, but still repeatedly failing. As a result, when the first round of the tournament ended, Kimara temporarily dropped out and devoted her time to honing her skills, even going so far as to build an exact replica of her Channel Mobius armor set in real life so that she could practice her skills during all of the time that she was awake (much to the chagrin of her parents). After she felt that she had practiced enough, she re-entered the tournament, determined that this time, she would not fail.

Fighting Style

Kimara the Ferret Sprite

An amazing sprite of Kimara,
done by Austin Bison.

Kimara specializes in short-range physical maneuvers that utilize her speed and agility to damage opponents frequently without opening herself to attack. These include two normal attacks, one evasive maneuver, and a special attack that's usually used as a finisher.

Her main two abilities are "Punch" and "Kick", which are basically what they sound like: simple punches and kicks. These would be easily predictable and avoidable if not for Kimara's incredible speed, which makes these attacks difficult to see coming at close range. However, if one can keep Kimara at long range, these attacks are easily avoidable because she has to get to close range to pull them off, giving the attacker enough time to get out of the way and watch her sail past her attacker.

Kimara also possesses the "Slide" ability, which lets her use her roller skates to slide out of the way of attacks. Sometimes Kimara will bend over backwards while "Sliding" to move under the arm of an attacker, allowing her to get an advantage by moving behind the attacker.

Kimara's final ability is the "Grab" ability. This one sees her grab onto the opponents shoulders to launch herself into the air, doing a somersault over their head and kicking them in the back before landing. While this is her most powerful ability, as a successful usage of this ability would leave the opponent face-down on the ground and open to attack, it's also her riskiest one, as it only works from directly in front of opponents and at extremely close range, making it easy for a focused opponent to hit Kimara while she attempts to perform this ability. As such, Kimara reserves this ability for usage on very distracted opponents, meaning that opponents of hers near the beginning of battles with her or clearly focused opponents will never see this ability.


  • ATK: 4: Kimara's individual attacks don't do much damage, but her rapid-fire barrages of attacks can wear down opponents easily.
  • DEF: 1: Kimara has virtually no defense, so hitting her a couple of times will probably knock her out. Kimara likes to think of this as "having a small health bar".
  • SPD: 5: Kimara can move around very quickly, thanks to her roller-skates and her mastery of using them, as well as her innate speed.
  • UTL: 1: Kimara has nothing that she can use to contribute to a group, meaning that group strategies will have to build themselves around her instead of the other way around.
  • CTR: 4: If Kimara gets within a few feet of an adversary, it's difficult to stop fighting her. However, long-range opponents won't have much of a problem keeping her away from them, so she won't be as much of a nuisance in that regard (though long-range opponents still need to actively keep her away from them).
  • RES: 5: Kimara's attacks are purely physical, so there's no ammunition for her to use up. She also has incredibly high energy levels, so it takes her a long time of fighting to get exhausted.

Visual App

Visual App Kimara

Fun Facts

  • Kimara's name and personality are derived from a character who I once played in a game called LEGO Legends of Chima Online. This character's name ended with Chimera (hence Kimara's name) and this character was likewise a motivated hothead (who, in the case of the Chima Online character, had to be balanced out by his best friend, another Chima Online player). Kimara's name is not derived from the Finnish word for cocktail.
  • Kimara's favorite game, Electric Tournament, is an homage to both Electricman 2 HS (possibly my favorite fighting game, and the basis for most of Kimara's attacks) and LEGO Ninjago Tournament (an iOS fighting game that stopped working in iOS 11, which was released in September 2017).
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