This is an article about Kilua the Lycanroc Mobian, a character created by SuperSilverXtreme14 on 1/16/17.


Kilua has red and white fur, a huge white "Mohawk" of hair with a black tip, small pug-ish red ears with a black tip, short black claws, a small white tail, eerie, glowing red eyes, and a maniacal, toothy grin. He has a long scar over his right eye, which is hidden by his hair.

He wears torn jeans and black jacket. He wears neither an undershirt, nor shoes. He wears white gloves, with his claws sticking out. They are constantly having to be fixed and are torn in several places.






Since he is capable of using Rock-type moves, being he is a Pokémon, he is able to manipulate rock and use it to his advantage in combat.

His Pokémon moves are:

  • Howl (boosts his power)
  • Stealth Rock (surrounds the opponent with sharp rocks that will damage him/her if they attempt to escape it)
  • Bite (you probably already can guess what it does)
  • Rock Tomb (buries the opponent with heavy rocks)


Because he is a Rock-type Pokémon, his claws and his size can aid him in digging through solid rock and creating huge burrows to live in.


Because he is a Lycanroc and a Wolf Pokémon, he is quite capable of both hunting and tracking.

Strengths & Weaknesses


Kilua has a huge advantage against both fire and flying opponents.

He is more active at night, and has night vision to aid him to see in the darkest night.


Kilua hates water and it is also one of his type weaknesses.

He can't swim.. at all.

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