Killian Fredson is an anthropomorphic hedgehog who was the initial leader of the mercenary organization, the Bounty Guild. He was the predecessor of Metallico Prower before he became leader of the Bounty Guild, having been son of the man who founded the Guild. He was the main antagonist of Sonic the Hedgehog: Stranded Revelations, the minor protagonist/true secondary antagonist of Metallico's Chronicles and a teritary antagonist in Season 1 of Sonic: Revolutions, only appearing in 2 episodes and killed by Milo Prower. He was marketed and set up throughout Metallico's Chronicles to be the main antagonist, but this was a twist to hide the true main antagonist.


The Bounty Guild

Killian's actual early life is largely unknown, other than that his father was responsible for founding a mercenary cult called the Bounty Guild as a way to get money. He had been taught from an early age how to fight and kill. For some unknown reason, at age 15, he killed his father, probably because he wanted to control the Bounty Guild. Now as leader, he sought to get contracts from his mercenary army.

One day, he is called by a hooded villain and told to go to Rocky Island and retrieve a bunch of special herbs that can act as a makeshift form of steroid. He accepts after hearing how much money he'd receive. However, a government official known only as "the Stepfather" found out about this and planned to bomb Rocky Island due to mercenary activity. However, Killian had shot it down with a tank codenamed Scylla and the plane crashes on the island. Two anthropomorphic fox children had survived; Miles "Tails" Prower and Metallico Prower. Metallico was offered a position in the Bounty Guild and he accepts. However, Tails refused, prompting a soldier to chase him into the woods. Since then, Metallico was taught to fight, while Tails would attempt to steal the herbs of the island.

Another assignment he was led to come up with was taking care of a hedgehog woman who has evidence that could convict Killian. He sends Metallico to kill her, which he does.

Sonic the Hedgehog

One day, while a trooper was being chasing Tails around the island, a storm-survivor and stranded hedgehog named Sonic the Hedgehog arrives on the island by raft and kills the trooper chasing Tails with a knife. When Killian found out, he didn't like it. He decided to punish Sonic for this, so he sent Metallico to torture Sonic. Tails frees him though.

2 months after Sonic had freed his prize prisoner Rodrigo Tyro, he got kidnapped by Sonic while exploring the island for herbs. He had brought a massive patrol with him to help in searching, but then Sonic pops up and murders the whole patrol, leaving Killian alive. He handcuffs Killian and walks him to his base on the island. He explains here that the island was abandoned by G.U.N., originally as a prison, but left when the herbs were smuggled into the prison by escapees. He also mentions that his new employer seeks these plants as a steroid alternative. Killian is rescued by troopers, who beat up Sonic and uncuff their boss.

Later on, his tank Scylla was stolen by Sonic while it was restocking on missiles. His man Rogers gets murdered by Sonic using a crossbow/air rifle (in Death Edition). A supply truck was stolen also, crippling Killian's plan.

Sonic's escape and "death"

Eventually, Killian is called by his hooded employer, who isn't happy with how long this plant collection job is going. Killian said it was because Sonic was interfering. The employer says to kill him next time and gets off the phone. Soon, all the various stranded Bounty Guild prisoners are sneaking onto Killian's supply boat, now loaded up with enough plants. However, Metallico had warned Killian they would try to escape now, and boy was he right. Sonic had managed to kill Metallico by shooting his back, but he actually lived. Killian appears on the boat, in a hallway leading to the escape submarine he intended to steal, and fights him in sword-combat. He flees right at the end, with Sonic in pursuit. They fist-fight right outside the submarine launch space. Sonic had managed to beat Killian by snatching up his "Hidden Crossbow" and shooting him multiple times, last shot to the eye finally bringing him down. Sonic and Tails got away on the submarine, along with the collected plants, ending Killian's contract in more ways than one.


Discovering the temples

Killian was not to be defeated so easily; as revealed in the post-credits scene to Stranded Revelations, Killian was alive, having been recovered through the use of the Rocky Island herbs and little robot parts. He now had an eye-patch, due to the shot in the eye being so serious it had to be removed.

When he sees that Metallico had recovered too, he welcomes him as he wakes up in a room with a giant stitch in his back, Killian walks in and tells him that contracts will be filled when he's fully-recovered. in that time, he got a contract from Dr. Eggman to find special temples built by the Nocturus Clan so he can collapse cities and build Eggmanland on the rubble.

1 month after, Killian tasks Metallico with finding a special Box made by the Nocturus Clan, which can lead them to a special temple that an unknown employer wants access to. Metallico is sent by Killian to the home of Richard Mackenzie, who he kills and takes the Box from. However, Metallico didn't want to kill him because Mackenzie was already a dying man. At an opera, Killian attended and invited Metallico. He has Metallico climb around the opera to reach Gerald Mackandal, who has a Chaos Emerald that can make the Box work. He succeeds in getting it and the two leave the opera right as people find out someone died tonight.

At Killian's manor, Metallico makes the Box and Emerald work together in conjuction, displaying a hologram of the world with lights showing where the Temples are. Killian sends Metallico by boat to Hundrid City to find allies and get the temple and take possession of its contents.

New Contract

Sometime during Metallico's adventures in Hundrid City, Killian was called by military official Robert Geran, tasked with killing Metallico. At first, Killian didn't exactly want to, as he wasn't going to betray his best soldier who was coming so close to actually finding the temple they wanted. However, upon hearing that $400,000 would be paid for it, triple if the contract was fulfilled within a week, he agreed, daydreaming about money.

He goes by boat to Hundrid City, on a Bounty Guild ship with soldier guards guarding the Box and Emerald (which he brought with him), where we see that he had now come to receive what Metallico had apparently taken from the temple under the hunter town of Hunter Oppidum. However, instead, Metallico punches Killian in the face, telling him that he caused an earthquake by trying to take what was in the temple. However, Killian refused to believe Metallico, thinking that he failed to get it. Later, Metallico decides to steal the Box and Emerald from Killian's ship, which he does in a sneaky fashion by killing various guards and finding Killian's quarters and taking the artifacts.

Upon arrival back home, Killian is reprimanding Metallico for stealing from his brothers. This act of betrayal was unbearable. The two sword-fight in the house, ending in Metallico throwing Killian through a window and knocking him down. When the traitor tried to flee, Killian called the ship, seeing that some people did survive, and tells them to bombard Hundrid City and stop Metallico from getting away with the artifacts. Much of the city got demolished by cannonfire, but Metallico still ran. He got onto the ship and killed the helmsman with his Hidden Blade and tried to steer out of the city. However, Killian had fired a rocket at the ship from his rocket launcher and blew up the ship. It slowly sank into the bay, while Robert appears behind Killian and offers him the money he was promised.

Hundrid Forest

Unbeknownst to Killian however, Metallico was being nursed back to health by a hermit, who saved him from the sinking ship. When Killian found out, he stole the Nocturus Box and Chaos Emerald from him and told him not to tell Metallico that he had these items with him. Later in the month, when Metallico had been nursed back to health, he appears to him and his friend James Finnegan in disguise, with an orange hood and a bandana covering his mouth and nose, as James was selling his house. Killian bought it and claimed he would turn it into an inn. In truth however, Killian was planning to use it as a Bounty Guild hideout in the city. He soon gained full control of the gangs scattered around the Frontier outside the city and recruited them to the Bounty Guild, making them their personal army.

Word eventually led to Killian from Robert Geran that Metallico had stabbed him and got shot, but was alive. He has Geran and a team of gangsters attack the Native American/Iroquois village he was recovering in to catch Metallico and bring him to his inn for torture as punishment for betraying the Guild. However, Metallico had been given a power called the Leaping Eagle and used it to murder Geran. Killian wasn't too happy this, so he decides to go to Darq City on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean to hide, taking the Chaos Emerald and Nocturus Box with him. Metallico was captured by Bounty Guild troops shortly after he had been forced to drop James Finnegan off a cliff and was taken to Killian in Darq City.

Darq City exploits

Metallico is unconcious by the time Killian goes to see him. Inside a dark building, he wakes up his prisoner and demands to know what he wanted to do with this betrayal. Metallico says he wanted to save the world. Killian pulls a knife at him, but Metallico takes it and kills the guard and escapes, recovering his Hidden Blades and fighting his way out of the building. Later, Killian talks with a troop from the Guild about their new contract. Metallico appears, dressed in nobleman clothes, and criplles Killian's agent by shooting his knee, but couldn't stop Killian from fleeing. He tips off to Eggman his employer that Metallico would rob him at his fort at Seaside Hill, so he prepares to handle it.

Later on, he bribes a military official, hoping to find out about the temple somewhere. He goes to Darq Chapel and speaks with Eggman, hooded and disguised, about their contract. However, Metallico is detected, having followed them to hear their conversation. Killian and Metallico eventually fight each other in the Chapel, but Killian gets out by leaping through a window.

North Pole expedition

Killian convinces Eggman to come with him to a temple at the edge of the North Pole and sets off in a boat. However, Metallico had gotten his own boat and pursued them. He sets up camp at the icy tundra and gets Eggman to the heart of the temple, where they face the artifact that will shake the tundra down to destruction. Metallico appears, prompting Killian to knock over the artifact, triggering an earrhquake. Eggman gets away on Killian's boat, while Killian would be chased by Metallico. He eventually catches him, using his Leaping Eagle ability to land on him from afar. Now weakened, Metallico takes him to the boat and burns the body, then waters it over as torture.

Later, after defeating Eggman at Darq City's seismic temple, Metallico is reinstated to the Guild, and reincarnates Killian by turning him into a cyborg. However, his memories were damaged to the point that he had forgotten all the events that led to his rebuild. Metallico is named 2nd-in-Command of the Guild.

Final Contract and death

Eventually, in 2024, he is called by Dr. Eggman had called on him and told him to find a secret nuke hidden underneath Station Square, which was owned by Eggman's corporate rival Teca Enterprises. It was part of a plan to sabotage the company and eliminate the competition. He accepts, running around the sewers of Station Square as a robot to find this nuke and give it to Eggman. However, the new vigilante superhero had gotten in the way; he was to stop Killian from getting the nuke to Eggman. He succeeds in killing Killian in a fight, left heavily-injured and broken with arrows lying around and one driven into Killian's chest. With Killian's death, his contract was gone and Metallico Prower took his place as leader of the Bounty Guild.


Killian seems to be rather calculating. He is described as "pure evil and greed in its most-powerful form". Having been directly responsible for the death of his own father, he didn't care who he killed, only that he gets paid and he doesn't get caught; he didn't care for countless innocents he'd have to slaughter if he had to. This was evidented when he ordered a Bounty Guild ship to bombard Hundrid City to kill Metallico, not bothering to give a damn about anyone he kills doing it. He also took countless prisoners and didn't hesitate nor regret to execute any if necessary. He never cared for anything; only money.


  • He is never actually known to know about the earthquake Metallico caused in Metallico's Chronicles.
  • He resembles Cyber-Errol in the Naughty Dog game Jak 3 in his appearance in Sonic: Revolutions.
  • It's suggested that Killian was meant to work with Dr. Eggman in Stranded Revelations, as he said while fighting Sonic that his employer wanted to have Eggman replace Killian in the contract if he failed.
  • Killian was based on Edward Fyers, an antagonist in Arrow and main antagonist of Season 1's island flashbacks. They both led a mercenary organization, they both had to kill the protagonist who was stranded on their island of operations, both had been somewhat responsible for major traumatic events in the protagonist and both had a tank called Scylla.
  • He seems to be the first antagonist (and somewhat only) to actually be killed by Sonic; however, he actually lived past that event.
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