Kilian is a purebred from the ancient Mobian "demon" race, identified as being of the same clan as the ancient Nazo. Most details about Kilian are speculation on his few reported appearances; as most analysts are uncertain if he still works for the betterment of the Demon Order, for his own clan, or his own sake.


Biographical Information
Age Uncertain
  • Kilian Mystro - Mobian identity
Romantic Interests Uncertain, but due to being a sexually mature demon, may have fathered many children with other Demons and Mobians over the years
Physical Description
Species Demon (Only observed form is a male echidna)
Gender Male
  • Fur: Platinum white, with ultra-pale skin
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Slate gray sleeveless shirt with white fur shoulder markings
  • Brown belt attached to a blue-grey half-kilt; lined with white fur
  • Charcoal grey pants
  • Black boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Omnikinesis
  • Chaos Mastery
  • Enhanced strength
  • Enhanced speed
  • Enhanced reflexes
  • Possession & partial shapeshifting
  • Skilled swordsman
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator Flashfire212

Physical Description

It is believed that Kilian has the same side-effect of possession as most of his fellow "demons", taking on the gender and physical race appearance of any being he possesses. This was confirmed through DNA analysis of his blood, taken by an undercover operative for G.U.N. who has since gone missing.

Of note, however, is that Kilian typically has an incredibly pale appearance, resembling the tales told of the ancient being known as Nazo. In the only form he has been observed in taking; that of a male echidna, Kilian had platinum fur, with muzzle skin so pale it seemed to be the same color


While some clans are believed to dress in ways that resemble modern military gear, Kilian was sighted wearing a sleeveless slate grey shirt with white fur detailing, charcoal grey pants and black boots, with a brown leather belt holding a fur-lined blue-grey half-kilt in place over his rear.



It is noted through observation that Kilian exhibits all the expected physiological powers expected of a pureblooded demon; with physical attributes comparable to if not on par with Shadow the Hedgehog. His strength, speed and reflexes are all observed to be incredibly high in his rare appearances, with the small numbers of specialized anti-ancient combat teams never able to pin him down.

Similarly, with his bloodline noted to likely be that of the twentieth clan; Clan Mystro, Kilian exhibited a mastery of the Chaos Force that is essentially beyond Shadow's, utilizing it in a wide variety of ways in his self-defense. As with other demons, it is expected that Kilian also is an omnikinetic, with usage of Ice techniques such as Ice Shard seemingly his preference as few other powers have been observed. In addition, it is expected that Kilian will have the ability to possess targets; taking complete control over their physical body for as long as he wishes, though with the trade of emerging from his possessed body with the gender and species appearance of his target. No confirmation has ever been made on this, especially after the disappearance of the undercover operative that had claimed to be tailing him.

Outside of his biological weapons, Kilian also carries an incredibly rare Blizzblade into battle with him. This Ice-aligned sword is made from Cryosteel, enhancing Kilian's already considerable combat power with Ice. What makes this blade unusual is the astonishing strength; which is hinted to have been more common with the ancient alchemist-blacksmiths that created the original weapons. As such, the weapon has been around since before the Mobian Dark Ages, at the very least.

Due to the lack of information, any weaknesses that this being possesses are still not confirmed. However, some have suggested approaching him with a large number of Fire wielders, or simply overwhelming him with more power than he can fight through, though exactly how much power that would require is uncertain.

Ice Techniques

Signature Techniques

  • Cryo Blasting Lane - Kilian unleashes a large, powerful burst of freezing air and water vapor at his target, with distance and freezing power equal to the amount of energy he charged into the attack. Once the initial burst is released, however, Kilian throws a number of orbs of explosive Chaos Energy into the freezing maelstrom, aiming to injure his target through either direct impacts or through shrapnel from the shards of ice thrown up by his assault.


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