Kikyo has long straight flowing black hair, & light golden fur with tails that are tipped black. She usually wears priestess clothing.


Kikyo has a kind, yet mysterious personality that isn't easily described. She seems to despise demons that pollute her world & harm its peoples. She has some trouble trusting strangers, although is starting to warm up to a girl named Akimika.


Kikyo was born in August of the year 1424 as the 4th & final child of the legendary kitsune, Inari. She would marry Hikaru Hiyashi at the age of 20, then grow her 9th & Final Tail at the age of 21. In February of the year 1448 Kikyo gave birth to her first child, a boy named Kohaku. She would give birth to a daughter with 3 tails named Hotaru at the age of 25. Lastly at the age of 26 Kikyo would have her 3rd & Final child, a 2-tailed girl named Yuzuki. Kikyo would become quite sick in November of 1452, after being exposed to too much poison while fighting a demon. She would die in December, although 3 days later a descendant of hers named Akimika would arrive & restore her to life.


  • Purification: (Born with) Uses to heal minds & Exorcise Demons.
  • Geokinesis: (Born with) Later grows into the ability to manipulate & create crystals.
  • Hallucikinesis: (Gained after growing 4th Tail)
  • Energy Transfer: (Gained with 5th Tail's growth)
  • Photokinesis: (Gained after growing 6th Tail)
  • Telekinesis: (Gained after growing 7th Tail)
  • Pyrokinesis: (Gained with the growth of her 9th Tail)


  • Several of Kikyo's aspects including her name are nods to the Inuyasha series.
  • Her being born with Geokinesis is a reference to how Kikyo was resurrected in Inuyasha.
  • Kikyo's Purification Power is almost entirely based on the same ability used in Inuyasha.
  • Her main weakness is poison (she is extremely vulnerable to Miasma)
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