Kiki is a young girl, who's nation was devastated by a massive earthquake. Her home, and life was destroyed. She began racing in order to race money, so she could eventually return to her homeland, and give her money to rebuild.


Kiki the Cat

Current Years and Days
Name Kiki the Cat
Kana N/A
Weapons N/A
Profession(s), Occupation(s) N/A
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Age: 13
  • ??? lbs
  • Fur: Brown
  • Hair:Black
  • Skin: Tan
  • Eyes: Green
  • Gender:Female
  • Birthday: November 17th
Description Kiki is a young girl, who's nation was devastated by a massive earthquake. Her home, and life was destroyed. She began racing in order to race money, so she could eventually return to her homeland, and give her money to rebuild.
Attire [Clothing] Hoop earings, Pink tank-top, Pink and White Belt, Multi-Colored Bracelets, Jeans,Her mother's rings, and Pink Sandals.
Affiliation(s) Good
Romantic Interest(s) N/A
  • Racing
  • Reading
  • Oani the Cat~ Mother (Deceased)
  • Quati the Cat~ Little Brother (Deceased)
  • Noku the Cat~ Father
  • Kalana the Cat~ Younger Sister
  • Rianna the Cat~ Younger Sister
Likes Her people, the world, racing, reading, teaching, children, family, friends.
Dislikes People who feel bad for her, Losing anything, People who doubt her, Being without hope, the word "Hopeless"
  • N/A
Current Residence
  • N/A
Alternative Names
  • Ki (Pronounced KEY
Super Form(s)


English Voice Actor
  • (Pending)
Theme Song(s) thumb|200px|right|Beautiful Song

Kiki was always a bright young girl. She and her family were stricken with poverty. However she helped her family. She had high aspirations of becoming a teacher, to helped children further develop their reading skills. She also had a hobby for racing. She used multiple things for this: rollerblades, skateboards, bikes, etc.

Kiki's world was devistated by the earthquakes. She lost her younger brother Quati, as well as her mother. She after this lived with her father and sister, outside under debris. She was soon rescued, and her family put into a shelter. However life wasn't much better there. Tired of doing nothing, Kiki left in the night. Taking her younger brother's photo, Kiki left sneaking onto a plane through luggage. She had reached Time Square. She soon began competing in races. She soon raised enough money, and met two young girls. Susie and Dorithie. They formed the Bombshell Babies. The team travelled in combined efforts to raise money to help Kiki.


Kiki is a smart, selfless young girl. Quite gifted in academics, and a quiet demeanor makes her a likable character. She can often times be sad, and is very family oriented. She often quotes her mother as well. She is a determined character, who dislikes anyone feeling bad for her. She has a mothering nature despite being only thirteen. She is a gifted young girl who loves peace. She enjoys racing as well. Kiki can at times be naive to the cultures of other places. Kiki is a pacifist.


  • "Tou sa ou genyen, kèlkeswa ki jan gwo oswa kouman piti, li tout konte. (Whatever you have, no matter how big or how small, it all counts.)
  • "My god, please guide your child"
  • "Hope zafè m 'plis pase nenpòt akwochaj. Mwen pral fè fas a nenpòt akwochaj ki parèt devan m '. Mwen pral fè l pou peyi mwen an, pou fanmi mwen, pou manman mwen. (Hope matters more to me than any odds. I will face any odds that appear in front of me. I will do it for my country, for my family, for my mother.)"
  • "My lord, please shelter me."
  • "I have nothing, I must fight for what is mine, not because I want to, but because I must. A loving bond means more to me than the hardships, I will lay down my life without thought for my people."
  • "Why must you all fight, you realize not what you have, and that is some-one to love."
  • "Mwen pa vle lapenn nou, I. .. bezwen espwa ou. (I do not want your sorrow, I... need your hope.)"
  • "Manman m te di m 'pran swen lavi paske li pwal byento fennen lwen. Sepandan, viv pou rèv ou, paske osi lontan ke lavi ou toujou twò vizib pou yo reyalize rèv ou. (My mother told me to cherish life because it will soon fade away. However, live for your dreams, because as long as your life is still visible so too are your dreams.)"
  • "Genyen nan yon chwa nou fè, nou te sove lavi nou pwòp.(There's a choice we're making, we're saving our own lives.)"
  • "We are all the children of the world, hold hands with your enemy for he too is your brother."
  • "Nou se mond la (We are the World) "


Susie the Dog

When Susie first met Kiki, she felt bad for her. When Kiki told Susie her story, Susie attempted to tell her she was sorry, and that it was okay for Kiki to cry. Kiki slapped her dead in her face. She then said "If I give up, If I show weakness, the who will protect my family?! Will you?! Who will help my family!". After this Susie has mainly become a teacher to Kiki telling her about the customs of certain places.

Dorithie the Doe

When Dorithie first met Kiki she didn't know what happened to her. Susie warned her of the sensitive subject. Dorithie and Kiki are very good friends, and they enjoy each others company.


  • The devastating earthquake is based off the horrible events that took place in Haiti. Kiki is a dedication to everyone in Haiti. May hope be with them, and may it carry them through these troubled times!!
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