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Cquote1.png I'm about to end this whole man's career. Cquote2.png

Kieran the Cat is a cat who really fancies being mischievous. He is well known to be a member of the Renega(y)des, a trio of teenage delinquents in the town of Sileo. He is their most reckless member and often leaves a whole mess when he strikes. He is also the most artistic one out of them all, often creating artworks in the form of graffiti.



Kieran stands at about 3'4" and weighs around 75 pounds. He possesses green fur which is usually matted. He has a tiny pony tail on the back of his head, also matted. He usually wears 3D glasses that cover his eyes, but he possesses pink eyes. His muzzle and inner ears are a dull white color, with his muzzle being slightly matted too.


Kieran wears a dark green varsity jacket with grey sleeves. He wears skinny black jeans with holes all over his pants, and he has black fingerless gloves to complement his attire. There is a rubix cube attached to his pants. He wears a black hat with graffiti-esque symbols and pins all over it. To even make his outfit balanced, he wears black shoes and never seems to tie his shoelaces. 

As stated above, he wears 3D glasses, obscuring his eyes at all costs.



Kieran grew up not knowing who his mother even was, and he did not learn about her existence until he was a toddler. His father was not the best towards him, and he was never home to see Kieran.

Personality and Traits

Cquote1.png Trying to figure me out is like trying to solve a rubix cube. I am no open book, I am a book filled with scribbles and non-sensical bullshit interlaced in it, too. Cquote2.png
Kieran describing himself

Kieran is the most reckless and most carefree member of his team, as he often never seems phased by bad things that come his way. He speaks in a chill manner, regardless whether or not his target is the authorities or not. He can be considered also cocky, as he often taunts his opponent and seems to always get a head of himself. Roxy bests describes him as biting off more than he can chew, and also jokingly a "menace to society."

He is similar to Melissa in terms of both being boisterous, spunky teenagers wanting to have fun. However, he seems more adamant on breaking the law and getting away with it. Many of his peers and many town members frequently label him as the delinquent, diminishing his other team members who are just as much of a delinquent as he is.

Despite this, he is not entirely evil, even though he does not seem to care about the law. He sides with morality more so than authority, which is the prime foundation of his beliefs. He believes that the law exists to be broken and he also believes one has the right to expression. As a result, he often sprays graffiti onto buildings, both abandoned and intact ones equally, and due to his quick agility, he never seems to get caught.

The rubix cube dangling on his pants represents his enigmatic personality, as to others he presents himself as a reckless, careless teenager when in reality, he is not so sure of himself and his identity. He doesn't talk to others about his identity dilemma, strongly suggesting he has a hard time opening up to others about how he feels.


Super Speed

Kieran inherited his super speed from his late mother, because his father did not possess any powerful ability. Even if he didn't have super speed, he was still always a very agile person. With his enhanced speed, he can outrun his enemies with ease and get to new places quickly. He can also outrun most of his enemies, but there's always that select few that he can't outrun.

Quasi-Sentient Tail

Kieran's tail is sentient, but not entirely. While he cannot use it to move around or jump on, it often moves on its own to grab him his graffiti cans for instance and hands it over to him. 


Kieran is often referred to as a "jack of all trades," namely because he picks up a lot of skills and doesn't entirely focus on one specific skill. He does this because he can easily get bored with things quickly and often moves on to the next thing.



Graffiti Cans

"Color Bombs"


  • Stats are based from 1-10. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Attack: 5

Defense: 7

Speed: 9

Magic: 0

Evasion: 9

Intelligence: 8

Skills: 8

Accuracy: 9

Stamina: 10

Tolerance: 8

Overall: 73%

This character's fourstat code is 5936


Renega(y)de Members

  • Roxy the Arctic Fox
  • Lilith the Wolf (leader)



  • A lot of adults in Sileo hate him


  • Kieran takes inspiration from the Jet Set Radio character, Yo-Yo.
  • He was born with amblyopia, where he is blind in one eye. As a result of this, his left eye is blind. 
  • He borrowed partial elements from one of my older characters, Engima the Wolf.