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Kieran Unuri

Kieran Unuri is a male kitsune born two thousand years into the future of the Prime Zone and the father of Jenna Unuri.


Kieran has only one tail, unlike his daughter Jenna, and has chestnut brown hair. However, he does share the same sliver coloured fur as Jenna as well as the same eyes. Kieran typically wears glasses and a bowtie alongside a grey long-sleeved shirt with black pants.


Kieran loves to read a lot, but often ends up sleeping with his face in a book. He absolutely hates getting his clothes stained by anything, but he won't mind too much if it's already been stained. Kieran also doesn't like other people touching his books. He also happens to be incredibly stubborn and the the habit of scratching his eyebrow when confused. 

Kieran is often absent minded and hates the smell of perfume. He also likes to sleep with it very hot and snores, often not listening when someone says he does. He also likes to stand on his head to calm himself when anxious. Kieran also enjoys writing and often scratches his ear with his pencil when thinking about what he wants to write.


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Kieran has the ability of clairvokinesis- the ability to read minds.


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Kieran has some skill in painting and sketching.


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  • Don't ask why I chose the guy who voiced Wheatley (Portal 2 character) for this character. Just don't.


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