Kirea the bat

Kiera the bat is Celia the bat's younger sister


Kiera is a 14 year old sort of bookish bat.

Name: Kiera

Nicknames: Kiki, blue, freezer girl

Age: 14

Species: Bat

Gender: Female

Height: 4-2

Weight: 89 pounds

IQ: 134

Marital Status: Single interested

Date of Birth: May 10, 1996

Birth Place: kingdom of Yougurtia

Residence: palace of yougurtia

Social Class: Nerdish girl

Economic Class: First class

Alignment: Good

Top Speed: 172

Basic Stats

Special Attacks: Kiera can freeze things at will,

Weaknesses: asthematic

Personal Facts

Likes: spicy food, books, her friends and family, online games, joshua the mouse, any color of blue or teal,

Dislikes: ashly and her clique, bullies, evil people, eggman, meanies, bad people, rudness, eggman, yucky stuff, really loud music, creeps, eggman, pink, and especially Eggman, people that harm the envrionment,

Favorite Food: anything spicy

Favorite Beverage: Dr. Pepper

Favorite Color: blue


Physical Appearance

Fur Color: dark brown

Skin Color: peach

Eye Color: light blue with green eyshadow on eyelids

Hair: light brown with bangs that cover one and is short in the back

Nose: bat nose

Ears: bat ears

Mouth: usually has pale purple lipstick

Tail: bat tail

Attire:light blue tank top with darker blue shirt over top, light blue pants, dark blue flats, and light blue gloves with a black belt.


celia the bat (older sister)

keena the bat (older sister)

seth the bat (father)

Tamera (mother)


Gwen the mouse Nera the mouse

Love Interests

Joshua the mouse


Gwen the Mouse (friendly rival), Storm the Albatross (racing only)


Eggman, Gwen (formerly), Tim (Formerly), Ashly the Fox, the members of Ashly's Clique



"If you really want me to freeze you keep beating him up" Kiera when she stood up to a bully picking on joshua the mouse

Theme Song(s)

"Baby Girl" - Nelly Furtado

Relationships With Other Characters

Fight with Gwen

Gwen walks in on Kiera in her room and here is what went on:

Gwen: YOU!

Kiera: What?!

Gwen: Get outta here!

Kiera: No! This is my room!

Gwen: WHAT?!

Kiera: Thats right! Dad says I can have any room I want!

Gwen: But but but..... This was my room.....

Kiera: But nothing, my Dad owns this place now!

Gwen: NO FAIR!

Kiera: Well we could have a contest....

Gwen: Fine....

Kiera: I know I'll win though. (Looks superior)

Gwen: (Glares)

Extreme Gear

Kiera the bats extreme gear is called frozen ice, its a speed type and can grind the design on it has dark blue swirls all over it and its a lighter blue as the base color. she attacks by throwing ice balls at you that freeze you in place for three seconds.

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Kiera was afraid of the dark when she was little and slept with a night light.

Kiera the bat has a crush on joshua the mouse but is to shy to tell him

Bullies at her school fear kiera becasue she can freeze them at will


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