Kia the Protean is a mysterious shapeshifting creature with a strong sense of value in freedom. After reawakening a thought-to-be deceased Kai, she has partnered herself with him to help him regain his life.


Kia possesses a purple texture all around her body, a single golden eye with a violet texture on her eyelashes and matching fringe that covers half of her face along with a cross-shaped crystal on her forehead. She has a trio of horns sprouting from the back of her head; two larger ones on either side of her head and a much smaller one at the middle. These horns trail behind her into large tendrils with two smaller ones framing her face. Most of her physical appearance is concealed from the neck up by a dark body suit, long braces that end in clawed gloves and boots with light purple accents


Kia is a rather charitable person with a kind heart and compassion to help those in need. She has a rather dry wit and a sharp tongue though, and come off as a bit rude with snarky remarks, but means well. There are very few things she cherishes more than the concept of freedom, being bound to nothing other one's own will and gets particularly uppity to see any form of restriction on that freedom..

Strengths and Powers

  • Malleable physiology - Kia's body is made out of a metamorphic substance that can be fashioned into countless shapes, affording her a wide range of abilities.
    • Enhanced durability - Her durability allows her to shrug off most physical attacks, either by absorbing blows, allowing them to pass through or even bounce them back
    • Shapeshifting - Kia can change her form into different shapes or morph certain parts of her body like her arms into blades or her legs into a corkscrew.
    • Mimicry - Kia can also mimic the body shape and texture of anything she has seen down to a tee, though the forms will possess a slight purple tinge and her eyes will remain gold. Additionally, she cannot copy the powers of whomever she copies, but she can replicate their physical abilities to a degree
    • Spin Attack - By morphing her body into a large orb, she can propel and launch herself at enemies, crashing at them with her weight
      • Spin Slide - A variation of the Spin Dash that leaves a trail of slime behind, acting as an oil slick that trips up opponents
  • Megaton Spin - By increasing her density, she can increase the force of her attacks, though she will fall much quicker. This attack is indicated by her texture turning to a much darker shade of purple


While a formidable opponent, Kia is not as quick as some other characters and a powerful enough hit will knock her out. She is also susceptible to solvents as well as an aversion to cold environments and ice-based attacks

General Info

Under construction


Kia the Protean's design was originally an entirely different character altogether, albeit with the same powers. However, unable to come up with a satisfactory color scheme, I decided to instead apply Kia's own color palette to it, and there it is. I've always wanted an actual shapeshifter who could turn into other people and mimic them to a tee.






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Relationships with other characters

Kai Chronaius: Friend/partner

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