Kha-Ef-Re the Magician is a human magician from Shamar that has served as both a mercenary mage and a stage performer, with skill in a wide variety of different slight-of-hand and true magical arts.

Kha-Ef-Re the Magician

Biographical Information
  • Farouk Hakim - real name
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Skin: Middle Eastern
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Blue-green
  • Black riding cap
  • Tanned brown riding jacket
  • Black tailed jacket, with silver edging and inner lining
  • Satin-like silver vest
  • White formal shirt
  • Black formal pants
  • Black riding boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry & Equipment
  • Wand
  • Spellbook
  • Highly skilled with illusionist and sleight-of-hand tricks
  • Fairly accomplished with combat magic
  • Skilled horseman
  • Capable of speaking multiple languages
  • Knowledge of multiple environments
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212


Unusually active for a human on Mobius, Farouk, better known by his stage name of Kha-Ef-Re, is a tall, thin Overlander with skin befitting his desert home. While he has the faint musculature of somebody who engages in routine fitness workouts rather than muscle-building or a combat focus, Farouk's short black hair and cunning blue-green eyes often seem to gleam with humor and intelligence.


Be it on the battlefield as a so-called "Mage Knight" or on stage, Farouk rarely leaves his home wearing anything other than his fancy stage costume, which he argues is part of his persona. This is mostly a formal array of clothes; mainly black tailored trousers and a white tailored shirt beneath a silver satin vest. The piece de resistance of his look, in his eyes, is the black tailed jacket he wears, with silver detailing along the edges as well as silver-grey lining within.

While riding his horse, the aptly named Biter, Farouk typically chooses to wear a tan riding overcoat and black riding cap, while retaining his fitted black riding boots as part of his day-to-day attire.



A skilled magician of both the stage and the battlefield; Kha-Ef-Re is known to be a member of the Chaos Dragoons mercenary group, one of the small handful of hires that has not remained a career mercenary, though he retains the ability to rejoin at any time at the insistence of the group leader. Farouk has taken a lot of time and effort to refine his behavior and appearance; as being a human is often a factor that leads to him being misrepresented in parts of Mobius away from the United Federation. Part of this has been to take on an emphasis on humor and illusion into his day-to-day life, misleading and misdirecting with slight-of-hand and card tricks. Even his wand is more intended for distraction than an actual combat use, with the amusing gestures he makes in combat purely serving as a distraction rather than as a focus for spellcasting.

A skilled cavalier with a lot of trust in his horse Biter, Farouk is known to fight from horseback and over a distance. His magical powers cover a wide range, all listed within his spell tome for a variety of different uses. Due to his specific spellcasting style; Farouk lacks a true elemental affinity as he draws his powers purely from manipulating nature with magic rather than drawing upon an outside force, so his techniques hit for a range of elemental types. Of note, however, he can create small blasts of energy through targeted focus and activation words; unleash sweet smells to soothe and sate hostile forces or calm and heal his allies, and even create small bursts of static electricity; with his tome holding far more powerful magic that he rarely, if ever, uses.

However, when the fight gets close, Kha-Ef-Re relies on his allies, or his beloved horse, for protection. He has never shown any skill or ability in close-quarters, and will typically run rather than even attempt to cast magic in such short distances.

Nature Abilities

Electrical Abilities

Elementless Abilities







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