Kez the Rabbit
Kezuko Rocket-Smith
Hero/Neutral Good

Fairly Speedy

Killer right hook
Physically Weak Twitchy and Paranoid
Theme Song(s)
Rave (Wife)

Maggot (Adopted Son) Hollywood (Best friend) Aiden (Best friend) Mint (Arch Enemy)

Anti-Kez (Allie)

Kez the Rabbit is the main character of PatchworkMatryoshka. She is a 28 year old Rabbit who takes up residence in a small flat with her Wife, Rave, and their adopted son. She hasn't always had an easy life, but she's managed to come out the other end stronger.


Kez's Personality here


Most of Kez's fur is white apart from her ears and the tip of her tail, both of which are a dark grey. Her ears are much fluffier than the average rabbits. Her tail is long and almost wolf like, dispite her being purly a rabbit and not any sort of hybrid, the tail was a ressesive genetic mutation that had only ever been as a Dominant Gene in her Great Great Great Grandfather, Jack, up until Kez's birth. This mutaition, also caused one of her eyes to become a bright pink colour while the other is Yellow. Her muzzle is beige and the inside of her ears are a light pink.

Due to some past experiances, most of Kez's body is covered in scars, ranging for barley noticable small to large ones that cover a good proprotion of her body.

Unusually Kez does not have 1 set attire, choosing instead to have many different cloths. She is mainly seen wearing really silly knitted sweaters with silly slogens on them and green cargopants however.


Kez's backstory is stupidly long and I'm still trying to work out a couple of details with the recent rewrite I'm giving it, so bare with me on this one.

(Honestly her original story was so melodramatic good lord what was I thinking???)



Rachel "Rave Glowball" Rocket-Smith

Best friend. Lover. Spouce.

Kez and rave have a long history, going back to when Kez was just 16. When they first met, Kez and Rave hit it off and soon became flatmates. After a while, the two decided to attempt dating as they where heavily attracted to one another, though they quickly broke up as they didn't believe anything would come from their relationship. They stayed just friends for another 3 years at which point they finally decided they where turely and deeply in love and so got back together. Rave was Kez's closest Ally while she was fighting her addiction and Deppression and after she managed to get clean at the age of 21, Rave proposed to her and Kez said yes.

Mark "Maggot" Rocket-Smith

Best friend. Adopted Son.

When Kez was 17 she found a 5 year old Maggot alone on a street. Taking pity on the child she took him home and let him stay with her. When it was discovered he had no parents, Kez went about offically adopting him as in the short time she'd looked after him, she'd developed a bond with the small creature. The two are now almost inseparable, with Maggot being incredibly protective over his mother.

Hollywood Vealscene

Best friend.

Hollywood/Kez's relationship details here

Aiden Balena


Aiden/Kez's relationship details here



Ally. Negative form

Kez and Anti-Kez's relationship is and has always been strained and quite complicated. Anti-Kez is a dark and feral form of Kez that was created by Mint the Hedgehog using Kez's negative emotions. Though Anti-Kez rebeled against Mint, she has also never seemed to truely care for Kez's well being, although for years the creature did stalk her lighter counterpart. Recently with Kez's recovery, Anti has started to become less fueled by Kez's negative emotions and as such has decided to stop following Kez and attempt to distroy her creator in an ettempt to gain inner peace herself. While they don't exactly talk, Anti-Kez has saved Kez's life several times and Kez does genuinly have concern for her. It is currently unknown if the two will be able to become anymore than ocasional allys.


Mint the Hedgehog

Arch Enemy. Rival.

Mint/Kez's relationship details here.


  • I have had Kez for 6 years. -6 years- I don't even know how i've kept this character for this long.
  • Kez's great great great grandfather started life as an alternate universe Male version of Kez, whom I decided to recycle.
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