Kevin the Phantom is a fairly mysterious figure believed to have been the being responsible for a number of attacks on United Federation personnel and G.U.N. bases, with the name presented serving as a G.U.N internal identifier for this figure. As one of the Most Wanted figures on Mobius; the lack of details available about this being is concerning.


The true appearance of the entity referred to as "Kevin the Phantom" is uncertain, as they have never been observed in an attack out of their stolen armor. While there are no obvious alterations to the armor to suit a being with wings or pronounced tails, this does not rule out those races as ideas.


The one aspect of this criminal that is known is the suit of powered armor that they wear; one of the new series of G.U.N. manufactured Phantom-type Battle Armor suits. As with the vast majority of powered armor suits, this provides the being with a fully sealed exoskeleton that hides their identity fairly effectively, however the armor itself is even more insidious in function than most. Rather than a conventional paint scheme, this suit has a specialized graphite coating designed to minimize radar presence, leaving a strangely silvery-black appearance with unusual texturing. The one exception to this comes in the helmet; with the normal visors of standard battle suits instead replaced with a pair of eyeslits that function like wide-band cameras; while "active" they seem to glow. In the case of "Kevin", the suit's photoreceptors glow a vivid violet.



Much of the issues with combating "Kevin" come from the functions of their stolen suit. Electronic detection is almost impossible at range; with the design making radar-detection vastly harder while internal jammers and baffles make other forms of sensors and visual filters practically useless. This allows them to essentially seem to manifest like a ghost. To make things worse, the Phantom-type suits are all fitted with active camouflage, allowing Kevin to become invisible to the naked eye. While the active camouflage is active, the sensor jammers are disabled. This has allowed the entity immense freedom around many guards and security systems.

To complicate issues even further, should "Kevin" decide not to go for stealth in their attacks, the entity has access to enhanced strength from the exoskeletal suit's in-built musculature. With this enhanced strength, "Kevin" has been observed performing a combat style resembling muay thai kickboxing; holding nothing back in strikes using hands, feet, knees, elbows, and even their head, with the enhanced strength pushing the already dangerous style into bone-shattering terrain. While these blunt attacks are effective, "Kevin" has also been seen slashing at their targets, using their armored fingers like claws.

In many cases, "Kevin" has been observed utilizing a low, animalistic growl as he sizes up his opponents, a factor of intimidation that can cost the opponents' will to fight. Should that succeed and they flee; "Kevin" tends to let them flee in terror. In the case of a fight progressing into a ranged battle, there are two observed behaviors from the armored entity. In one case, it seems to draw a Hammerforge Industries RT-116 Assault Rifle from a "Hammerspace" portal and wields it with military precision; utilizing the rifle fairly well. Alternatively, the entity appears to unleash a Flamethrower, revealing pyrokinetic powers that it also utilizes in defense to stop incoming Fire-elemental attacks.

While this may seem impressive, and the fact that "Kevin" has remained hidden for an extended period of time from a practically global military organization is indeed worth noting; in truth this being will retreat if anything manages to pierce their armor, or will withdraw if threatened with Electrical and Magnetic assault, anything that threatens their precious armor.








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