This is an article about Ketsubon the Hedgehog, a character created by Timesmashaperil on 01/30/2015.

Ketsubon The Hedgehog is a fan character created by Timesmashaperil.


Ketsubon originally looked similar to Shadow, but with a lighter color scheme. After his transformation into what he is today, however, his appearance was greatly distorted. His quills stick out in erratic, jagged, patterns. His fur has now become mostly peach/apricot colored, with blue stripes in the same places where Shadow's red stripes are.


Ketsubon is a prankster, taking advantage of his abilities to prank his friends, but it's all in good fun. He'll usually crack a joke or two, unless Dr. Waru is around. When it's a serious situation, Ketsubon is a good ally to have.


Ketsubon was originally a citizen of Mobius, leading a peaceful life. When he attempted to stop the notorious Dr. Eggman, he instead encountered Dr. Waru, a scientist who felt he was always overshadowed by Eggman. Waru kidnapped Ketsubon, which is when he met Platinum The Echidna, another of Waru's captives. Ketsubon was experimented on, in an attempt to give him Chaos Powers. However, in one of Waru's equations, he forgot a number, throwing off his calculations. As a result, Ketsubon was turned into what he is today. Horrified by what happened, Platinum teamed up with him in an attempt to escape. They managed, and hid at The Dragon Hero Tournament. All seemed to be going well, but in a fit of emotion, Ketsubon accidentally teleported far away... (To be continued once my RP is finished)


Ketsubon had no abilities before being modified by Dr. Waru. After that, he gained minor Chaos Abilities, mainly the ability to teleport. (More to be added)


(To be completed)


Ketsubon's teleporting abilities, while useful, are mostly uncontrollable. He erratically warps around, and during emotional fits, is prone to teleport far from his current location. This erratic warping does save him from attacks, but also can warp him into an attack, getting him hit by what normally would not harm him.

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