Kestrel "Dr. Rage" the Thylacine

Kestrel "Dr. Rage" the Thylacine

Biographical Information
Age Unknown (while he talks like a 58-year old, he looks a lot like a 31-year old)
  • None
  • "Dr. Rage" (most commonly used name)
  • Mad Scientist
  • "Kenneth" (his real name, and despises it)
  • "Kenneth McAngryPants" (used by Albus)
Romantic Interests
  • None
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Thylacine
Gender Male
  • Fur: Acid Green
  • Hair: Grey
  • Eyes: Green
  • 82 lbs.
  • 4' 3
Attire Coming soon!
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Syringe
  • Saw
  • Gamma Laser
American V.A.
  • Rob Paulsen
Japanese V.A.
  • Shigenori Yamazaki

Kestrel the Thylacine, otherwise known as "Dr. Rage", is a mad scientist, who first debuted in the Roleplay, known as "RAGE!". Unlike Dr. Eggman, his main goal was to make all the innocent lives of Mobius fall into the hands of an uncontrollable deranged emotion, as he is known for manipulating people's emotions with his latest device known as the "aggro band".


Coming soon!


Kestrel is known to be a "mad scientist", due to his extremely negative emotions, such as rage, derange, demented, crazy and insane. This is most likely because he has an aggro band attached firmly onto his head, making it impossible to remove it, unless Kestrel, or the others (if they have managed to steal the remote), deactivates it. He is also a genius, known for his high chemistry skill in creating things from odds and ends, even creating beings by manipulating DNAs, mainly from his minions. He also has a sharp tongue if anyone were to make fun of his scientific genius. He also takes an extreme dislike to his real name, Kenneth, from his father, and as well as the others who would try calling his real name, since Kestrel has a short temper.

He is also famous for creating weapons, such as his Gamma Laser, and was ironically famed for becoming "The Best Scientist", although this way before he became a villain.

Abilities and Weaknesses

While not a fighter or a kinetic-wielder, his scientific genius is unparalleled as he uses chemistry as a weapon, but his main weapons are his Gamma Laser and a Saw. He also uses syringes to inject people into unconciousness, for self-defense purposes. Kestrel also commands his robotic minions to attack anyone that would stand in his way. Because of his high skills in chemistry, he can also create beings by manipulating DNAs for his assistance, although this combination were from his own minions, but has used hair strand from different persons, even his own.

His Gamma Laser is considered to be a deadly weapon, as the ray fired from it can cause thermal damage inside one's brain, or even inflicting severe headache. He also has a Saw as his secondary weapon, also used for self-defense, should any opposing foes get close to him.

Because of his lack of combat skills and kinetic abilities, it is difficult to defend himself, unless he uses his minions or his creation to shield himself from harm. He snaps very often, most likely because he was called by his real name, in which he utterly despises. Kestrel also hates daytime, as this can instantly blind him, if he wasn't wearing his protective goggles. The reason behind this because he has been living inside a large laboratory facility for 30 whole years and has never seen daylight since.

Character Interaction

The Random RangersThe Random Rangers

He seems to have hatred to them because of being called Kenneth as his real name. He uses his aggro bands against the Rangers, which makes them angry towards each other, as an act of revenge.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Chemistry
  • Creating beings by manipulating DNAs
  • Scientists
  • Manipulating people's emotions
  • Creating weapons
  • Winning awards


  • Being called by his real name "Kenneth"
  • Daylight
  • People attempting to insult him
  • His remote (which makes people become enraged) stolen


  • Kestrel's grey hair bears somewhat a resemblance of the "Pentagon Thief" from the co-op game "Zombies" in the multiplayer (or single-player) map "Five" from the latest first-person shooting game Call of Duty: Black Ops.
  • The way Kestrel makes mutated beings by manipulating DNAs and creating weapons from odds and ends would be like Dr. Hawkins from the game MDK 2.
  • So far, it is unclear on whether he even has parents or not, although he had a father, but Kestrel left from him.
  • Despite being classified as a villain (or neutral) he is no more than a mad scientist, since does nothing more than make people become enraged towards each other.
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