Cquote1 I see the problem here. It seems like a few cables were sliced open. I don't know how it happened, but I know how to fix it. All I need is at least a week and 80 dollars. It's an easy thing to fix for me, I just need some time and I'll get right to work. Cquote2
Kester offering to fix David's laptop

Kester the Echidna is a fan character created by Darkest Shadow. He one of The Eight Mates, and a brilliant inventor, able to build pretty much anything and everything!


Kester at first was considered to be the trash found in Darkest Shadow's characters. A hot unorganized mess, he was heavily inspired by Dill Pickles from "The Rugrats" spinoff, "All Grown Up". He was seen as this weird child with no friends, who happened to be gifted in robotics.

However, later on, the creator traded in his weirdness for high levels of intelligence.


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Kester is definetly kind, a bit of a psycho and strange. His love of collecting things and unusual science experiments show it. This makes him sound a little geeky. He is also pretty unpopular.

Kester also is very in to magic. He learned a few card tricks and simple tricks. He also thinks that his ability to fly isn't a trick but it is that he "hasn't accepted the Laws of Gravity".

Physical Appearance

Standing at 3'6, weighing about 70 lbs., Kester is an echidna with light blue fur. He has spines that go down to his back, leaving two in the front. His skin underneath is peach; the color of his muzzle. He has light blue fur over his arms and tummy. Like most echidna's you can't see his ears. His eyes are connected with red irises. His tail is in a zigzag shape like most echidnas.

Currently, Kester wears just a regular red short sleeve shirt with a circular collar. The odd thing about his attire is him wearing no pants. He also wears white gloves with sock-lick cuffs. He wears white socks and red shoes with white lines at the middle of the foot and grey laces. However, the most unoticable thing about his clothing is that he is wearing a highly transparent layer of a body suit that protects him from all types of kinetics and kinetic based attacks.


Inventing, Mechanics and Robotics

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Kester's main talent is his crazy inventions. He has made a few nifty devices over time, and they come in handy when someone needs them. While some of them are useful, some of them..... not so much. He can use his knowledge of this to create machines and inventions beyond belief and it impresses some of his peers. When he puts his mind to it, it isn't very hard for Kester to work with a few tools to create something amazing.

Some of his inventions involve:

  • C.U.D.D.L.E Bot (Command-Understanding-Duty-Doing-Loyal-Electric Bot)- Kester's most prized possession and favorite. When Kester needs a buddy to help him out with whatever he needs, he just uses his robot servant! He is programmed to only obey Kester and those who he trusts. Kester is seen a lot with his robot servant. While mostly he uses it for commands, sometimes he just uses it to have a friend to play with.
  • Problem Solver- Kester's bot that everyone always asks about. Problem Solver is a talking machine Kester made to give an answer for any question. He programmed the machine to answer everything Kester, and other intelligent people know. People usually see this bot to get answers to their homework. They also come to him for strategies to win competitions, or end fights.
  • G.U.Y.F.R.I.E.N.D (Good Understanding Young Friendly Reasonable Intelligent Electric Nexus Doohickey)- An invention Kester made recently. It's purpose is that it is a robot that looks exactly like an average mobian male, that any female can use to prove that she has a boyfriend.
  • Time Machine- An invention that took Kester 3-4 years to make. It is a huge contraption that looks like a giant refrigerator. Inside is a touchscreen monitor, that allows you to select the time of day, the place, date, month, and year. Kester has used this many times to travel into the future and see what the world looks like, so that he could constantly change it.
  • C.O.R.D (Computer Operated Radioactive Destroyer)- A bot created by Kester. It is a 1 foot robot that is operated through a computer that can destroy anything it comes in contact with. He uses this often to destroy his enemies.


Kester is shown to be gifted with high levels of intelligence. He has taken the test, and is revealed to have a strangely high IQ of 236. He shows his intelligence mainly though school with the first being maintaining a 5.9 GPA in his school. He was eligible to take a junior level Physics class in freshman year, and that went up to the current thought of Kester being able to graduate a year early (this year) with a full scholarship to universities with acceptance rates as low as 8.7%.

In ways outside of school, Kester also knows how to hack computers. He learned how to do this from his roommate at the MCA. He has made an app on his computer and phone that allows him to type words in the terminal for confusing and geeky commands that the average person doesn't understand.

Show Magic

Kester although he's just beginning, is a magician. He knows a few simple card tricks. He's not that good at them though. Also, he can make things disappear and reappear. His skills though are not that easy, but they aren't hard either.


Attack: 2- Though his machines are powerful, Kester is physically frail when it comes to physical attacking his opponents.

Defense: 6- Despite being a weak attacker, his defense is much better.

Speed: 7- Average.

Magic: 0- Kester possesses no magic ability

Evasion: 8.5- Kester is pretty much used to running away from attacks.

Skill: 10- Always equipped and knowledgeable about his weaponry and items.

Intelligence: 10- Kester is extremely intelligent, in school and on the battlefield.

Accuracy: 8- His weak punches rarely miss.

Stamina: 6- Average.

Tolerance: 5- Similar to defense.



  • Cole the Echidna (Adoptive brother)
  • Myla the Echidna (Adoptive mother)
  • Ricki the Echidna (Adoptive father)

Romantic Interests



  • Due to his birthday, Kester's age is 4 years old. His birthday is on February 29th. That date only comes on every 4 years. Kester usually celebrates his on March 1st because it would be counted as the day that takes the place of the 29th. So counting March 1st, Kester is really 16 years old.
  • Kester is the only echidna created by Darkest Shadow that is a flying type.
  • Kester has received many college scholarships, even to those as high as Gaudia and Mulvihil, but he wanted to go through all four years of the MCA because he found it like his second home.
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