This is an article about Keshet the Mouse, a character created by SPop120 on 11/6/2013.


Keshet has clear fur, which appears white at certain angles. Her peripheral nerves glow and change colors. They appear neon. She wears a necklace with a stone pendant, a gift from her sister, Nightshade. She wears a blue and light green tie-dyed shirt, with her stomach partially showing. She has a few piercings on her ear. She has extra sharp and venomous claws that can be retracted. She wears shorts and metal boots. She has black hair with different colored streaks in it.


Keshet is very quiet. She is also quite curious, not having seen much of anything. She has a tendency to lie and steal. She is quite the sneak and kleptomaniac; she doesn't think much of it however and mainly thinks of it as "borrowing" the object she has taken. She is extremely afraid of people hitting her when she makes them mad. She is also very afraid of violence and will rarely ever get involved.



Autochromokinesis- Keshet can manipulate colors.

Special Abilities

Color Absorption- Keshet can absorb colors, to make things appear black and white. She can absorb color from anything, including herself.

Color Generation- Keshet can change the colors of whatever object she chooses.

Sense Manipulation- Because of her color manipulation, Keshet has enhanced senses, protected senses, and can cause imperceptibility and sense removal. She also has enhanced vision, however, she can not manipulate her own senses. She is only limited to others, and she can only affect sight.

Camouflage-  Keshet can rapidly change colors, and camouflage herself in any given environment.



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