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The cruel and aggressive Sub-boss of the Efrika Egg Army, Kerion Croc manages the Shifting Sands Egg Base, and leads the regiment of Efrika Egg Soldiers stationed there. He is directly below Efrika Egg Boss Axel the Water Buffalo in terms of rank.

Despite being a crocodile, his snout is quite broad, not unlike an alligator's, and people commonly mistake him for an alligator, much to his anger.

Physical Description

A somewhat brawny crocodile who stands a bit over six feet tall, Kerion has a somewhat long, broad snout, and a line of triangular scales running from his head and down to the tip of his tail, which is long and muscular. His forearms are somewhat bulky, and both his head and neck have undergone both external and internal Cyberization, with his snout being bladed in parts. He also has Cybernetic implants in his chest and shoulders that augment his muscles and nerves, although these are internal implants and aren't visible.

His scales are primarily cedar chest in color, with an earth yellow muzzle, chest, stomach, and underside of tail, while the triangular scales on his head, back, and tail are carnelian in color. He has no hair on his head, and his eyes are deep sky blue in color, with black sclera. His Cybernetic implants are the same color as his scales, but with black highlights.


Joining the Efrika Egg Army

It is unknown exactly when Kerion joined the Efrika Egg Army, but is is known he joined due to a lust for power and prestige. His fearsome strength and warrior's mindset saw him rise through the ranks, until he eventually claimed the title of Sub-boss.

First Attack

Kerion was the one who led the attack against the small village located in the Desert Ocean Zone; him and his Egg Soldiers razed the place, causing most of its inhabitants to flee, and capturing those who did not make it out. One villager, Bamidele the Kudu, willingly gave his allegiance to the Efrika Egg Army in an effort to avoid possible death. Seeing that the kudu would make a good Egg Soldier, due to how fit he was, he agreed to Bami's pleas.

Raiding the Sandstorm Sanctuary

At some point, Kerion was tasked with locating the Sandstorm Sanctuary at the behest of Dr. Eggman.


Base Stats
Other Stats

An imposing and powerful fighter, Kerion combines high physical strength with a savage fighting style in order to rip his foes to shreds. His terrifyingly strong jaws and sharp teeth, enhanced by Cyberization, allow him to crush rocks and wood, and snap through bones and even steel with ease. His long, thick tail is also strong and sturdy, able to sweep small, lightweight opponents off their feet.

The Cybernetic enhancements to his head and neck have transformed his upper body into a terrifying weapon, and he can rotate his neck freely, even moreso than an owl can, and is an ability with numerous applications. He can grab a pole in his jaws and spin his head, turning himself into a makeshift windmill or barricade, and can also become a sort of drill by closing his mouth and using his partially bladed snout as the 'drill-bit'. Opening his mouth and spinning his head basically turns him into a giant mincer, shredding anything that gets too close to his teeth. And, of course, any poor fool who gets caught in his jaws can be subjected to a "death-spin".

The Cyberization he underwent also augmented the nerves and muscles in his chest, strengthening them and making his already impressive strength even higher; he can lift a boulder well over his head and throw it too. He does not use any weapons apart from his natural ones (teeth, tail and claws).


Kerion has no specific resistances to any Elements or energy-types. His thick scales make him quite durable, and he can weather minor blows with ease; his Cyberized head and neck are also very sturdy now, and all physical attacks directed to those points are considerably dampened.


Kerion has no specific weaknesses to any Elements or energy-types. He is not very fast, and has fairly poor reflexes as well, allowing faster foes to run circles around him and potentially whittle him down with hit-and-run tactics. He also has no means of attacking from a distance, allowing ranged opponents to whittle him down as well.

Despite the fact that he is a crocodile, he is a poor swimmer; this is thanks to both his greatly increased weight thanks to the Cybernetics, and the fact that he spent virtually all of his time on land.

Friends and Foes








Cruel and aggressive, Kerion seems to delight in exercising his power over the Egg Soldiers stationed in the Shifting Sands Egg Base. He has some sadistic tendencies, and seems to revel in bloodshed, gleefully engaging in combat with enemies of the Efrika Egg Army whenever he can. He has a strong lust for power and recognition, and is quite greedy as well. Despite his savagery, he is quite cunning, and has a surprisingly tactical mind.

Kerion has a notoriously short temper, and will fly into a rage if any of his Egg Soldiers fail their missions. He is also rather lazy at times, and typically forces his soldiers to do things that he himself does not want to do, such as cleaning and maintaining the building. He also hates being mistaken for an alligator, and will likely become aggressive if anyone calls him as such. In addition to his savage nature, he has absolutely zero tolerance for the stupidity of others, and this can easily set off his already hairtrigger temper.

He has an almost obsessive desire to find the legendary Sandstorm Sanctuary.

Positive Traits

  • Brave

Neutral Traits

Negative Traits

  • Cruel
  • Lazy
  • Greedy



  • He was originally going to have Cyberized forearms ending in steel claws; however, Kagimizu (Talk) came up with a considerably better idea.


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