Kenneth Clements is a character by Monk the Cat.

He is a twenty-six year old sand cat with th ability to manipulate dirt and rock. He inherited his powers from his parents.

Kenneth Clements
Kenneth Clements
Kenny, Ken, Sander
Sand Cat
He is a 3'3" tall sand cat with tan fur, with ruddy fur on his ears and the thin stripes on his back, white fur on his stomach and muzzle, and black fur on the two bands on his arms(just above and below elbows). He has light green eyes.
brown fingerless gloves, basic black belt, basic sandals, "sand robe" (occasionally), black headband (sometimes)
Sandra Clements (Wife), Lillian Clements (Daughter), John Clements (Son), Joanne Clements(Daughter)
Romantic Interest
Sandra Clements(Wife)
Friends, Family, Sand, His home, Playing with his kids, Running an inn, Chess
People hurting his Friends/ family, freeloaders.


Kenneth  is generally a friendly, wise and affectionate sand cat, who feels at home in almost any crowd. He is outgoing and caring. Being very friendly, he makes friends quite easily. When he is fighting someone he usually tries to work towards peace instead of just winning. He is very patient and a good listener, which has made him a strong diplomat and leader. He is always putting others ahead of himself, even strangers.


He has the ability to manipulate earth (rocks, dirt, etc.) to make weapons, hit people with rocks/dirt and make barriers to defend himself or others. He also can manipulate earth to hold water/ force it out, which is his family made Oasis Town and keep it running. He also knows some martial arts. He is also skilled with using a glaive in battle.

Items in Possession

  • A glaive
  • The "Oasis Town Inn"


He lived a quiet life in the desert for most of his life. He was raised as a rich--but not spoiled--kid of one of the founding families of Oasis Town. He always had a rival (Sandra); they competed in almost everything from school to sports. Several years ago, however, they developed feelings for each other and got married, settled down and had three kids. He still lives in Oasis town with his family to this day.

Relationships with Other characters

My Characters:

His family: he loves all of his children and his wife dearly.

The "Group": He respects all of the membersof the "Group",and has close friendships with most of the members.


  • He is the first sand cat on SFW! (to my knowledge)
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