Kennedy, being a Chaos Spirit, can use Chaos Energy in his attacks. What makes him unique, however, is that with Chaos Control, he can teleport after finishing a combo for a follow-up. He uses powerful attacks that are heavy but slow most of the time, but he makes up for it with his fast dashes and air dashes.

Besides that, something worth mentioning is that while in the canon, he looks a lot like a Mac clone, in the game he is very different. He does not use physical weapons and is more like a fist-fighter with physical attacks.

Kennedy’s character needs a bit of technique to contrast himself to Mac - his specials, especially his Chaos Control combos, need lots of delicacy, and any mistake could result in a fierce punishment that could come to bite one in the butt later.

Kennedy is definitely a mixup character, who has both good air game, good close-quarters combat capabilities, good range and keep-away attacks and good combos. However, Kennedy is a very complex characters who requires technique and precision: mess up, and you could find yourself in big trouble. Because of this, Kennedy uses a lot of meter.

Kennedy has a lot of health to make up for subpar defense. Though he can get punished easily, it takes a while to defeat him due to the amount of health he has. He is a character biased to “all-out strings,” which means that he gives his all into his attacks and though his strings are risky, they do really good damage.


Chaos Spear - Exchange button
  • Kennedy fires a quick, purple Chaos Spear. It doesn't do too much damage, but it comes out extremely quick, so you can work it into combos to get some extra hits in! Pressing down will result in Kennedy firing it upwards.
Chaos Javelin - Arcade Modifier (Air) only Exchange button
  • Kennedy fires a spike-like Chaos Spear forward, and it drills through the opponent multiple times before stopping. It has good shield pressure, and it doesn’t explode or anything afterwards, so this is a good move for setting up and extending combos.
Chaos Lance - Arcade Modifier (Air) OK AS QCF + Exchange button
  • Kennedy fires a beam of purple Chaos Energy forward. Good for stopping the enemy's approaches and combos with Chaos Control.
Chaos Control - Arcade Modifier (Air) OK AS QCB + Exchange button
  • Light Version (one tap): Kennedy warps backwards, a good special for creating space.
  • Medium Version (two taps): Kennedy teleports in front of the opponent, able to attack immediately after.
  • Heavy Version (hold): Kennedy teleports behind the opponent and slashes downwards with his energy arm-blade, making for a sliding knockdown. You can cancel the attack by pressing the Special button after he teleports behind them.
Chaos Upper - Arcade Modifier (Air) OK AS QCF + Attack button
  • Light Version: Kennedy bolts a short distance upwards, covered in Chaos Energy.
  • Medium Version: After he flies upwards, Kennedy does an upside down kick for a sliding knockdown.
  • Heavy Version: Kennedy travels higher up, and his upwards rise hits multiple times.
Tag, You're It! - Arcade Modifier (Air) OK AS QCB + Attack button
  • Light Version: Kennedy lightly punches the opponent, placing an energy tag on them. After four seconds, the tag explodes.
  • Medium Version: When Kennedy punches them, they are sent a good distance back.
  • Heavy Version: Kennedy teleports behind them before punching them.
Jumpstarter - Attack h + Exchange button
  • Kennedy runs forward with his energy arm-blade, stabs the opponent, and jumps up.
Erynsphere - Arcade Modifier (Air) OK AS QCF + Attack lightAttack medium
  • A Mana Burst in which Kennedy charges Chaos Energy inside of a large, purple sphere and fires it at the opponent, and it takes the opponent to the other side of the screen before exploding. Depending on how long you hold the buttons, the move will become faster, larger, or more powerful.
Pulsing Snap - Arcade Modifier (Air) OK AS QCF + Attack hExchange button
  • Another Mana Burst where Kennedy's eyes glow purple, and an explosion is set off where the opponent is.
Chaos Finish - AS QCB + Attack lightAttack medium/Attack hExchange button
  • In this Mana Break, Kennedy fires a Chaos Lance at the enemy. If it gets into their hitbox, they deflect it and knock it away, but Kennedy teleports behind them and releases a purple Chaos Blast, knocking them into the air. They manage to regain their footing to levitate for a few seconds, but Kennedy teleports above them and kicks them in the back, launching them to the ground. Then, Kennedy charges an Erynsphere and fires it at them, causing a large purple explosion.
Loko Katana - [hold Exchange button after being knocked down]
  • Kennedy’s arm turns into a sword, and it extends across the screen, stabbing the opponent through the heart. Then, he transfers energy through the blade to where the enemy is, causing a large explosion.


Uproar Cyclone (assist)
  • Kennedy performs Uproar Rise, but he spins around as he does it, creating a larger hitbox and making the move hit multiple times. This may allow the point character to be able to start a combo in the middle of the assist.
Gyroslash (assist)
  • Kennedy turns his arm into a sword and slashes, shooting a green blade beam that, if it hits the opponent, will paralyze them for three seconds OR make them 1.4x heavier for ten seconds, in that order.
Stun Punish - Attack h + Exchange button
  • Kennedy stops time, blitzing through the opponent. Then, he takes out his energy arm-blade and slashes through the opponent before unfreezing time, causing an explosion.

FF and Dialogue

Focus Frenzy: Kennedy can now perform Chaos Control Chrono, where he stops time for half a second. This move will really trip your opponent up if used properly, and will allow you to make more decisions! Changes dependent on teammates include:

  • Mac: Kennedy gets 15% speed boost and his moves will have 10% less ending lag.
  • Scarlet: Kennedy gets a 1.2x damage boost, and his Mana Bursts have the ability to burn the opponent for seven seconds.
  • Alexia: Kennedy gets an all-around 1.2x stat boost and his Mana Bursts have the ability to freeze the opponent for five seconds.
  • Shadow: Shadow will snap three times separately, and Chaos Spears will be planted where Kennedy stands. Press the Focus Frenzy button again to set them off.
  • Konton: Kennedy gets an all-around 18% stat boost and he heals 1/4 of the damage he deals.

Introduction: Kennedy teleports into the area, arms crossed, and sighs as he unfolds them. Then, as he lowers his eyelids, a purple aura goes around him.

Introduction 2: Kennedy makes a “come at me” gesture with his hand as he says his line. Then, it turns into a purple energy armblade.

“I won’t be holding back - show me your best.”

“Let’s see if you can handle my Chaos Energy.”

“I beg for you not to bore me.”

Ending: Kennedy puts his hand up, revealing Chaos Energy in the shape of a fire in his palm before clasping it into a fist, Chaos Energy still escaping through the cracks in his knuckles.

Ending 2: Kennedy releases several kicks before smiling, saying his line, and turning his leg into a purple energy blade.

“That was enjoyable.”

“Please… don’t get up.”

“I am Kennedy McLeod, defender of justice!”

“I appreciate the effort, but…” “This is true Chaos!” “This fight is over!” -during Chaos Finish



Plot: On a journey to find the Chaos Emeralds, Kennedy encounters the Drained Doubles. All of his seven opponents are bosses, each one powered by an Emerald and each one stronger than the last. The final boss is the Drained Cluster.

"I'm not sure how exactly the Emeralds got into those clones' hands, but I wasn't going to let those mindless menaces continue unpunished. Though they seemed to absorb the power of the Emeralds with unprecedented ability, I was able to stop them from getting much further with their goals. The question is - if I have all the Emeralds, what should I do with them...?"

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