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Cquote1.png If anyone threatens to disturb the peace of this world, to ruin the concept of life... let them know that they will soon learn the concept of death when I'm done with them! Cquote2.png
Kennedy, talking to Coffin

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When there is light, there is darkness. When there is fire, there is ice. When there is a cocky anti-hero, there is a calm hero. Welcome, folks, to the page of Mackenzie Hartley's counterpart, Kennedy McLeod!


Kennedy looks very similar to Mac, in which he has a Spanish-esque skin tone, bangless hair that droops down on the sides of his head, the build of a tiger, and a monkey-like tail. However, Kennedy's eyes are grey and are separate and not conjoined, the shags on the side of his head point upward, and his tail is more organized, with a slightly fixed posture.

Mystic Zone

Kennedy likes to wear cyan, fingerless gloves that Scarlet gave him because she thought that they'd make him look "cool." He has rather long black pants which he wears a LOT. He also wears a black, buttoned jacket that has a purple short-sleeve shirt underneath.

Mystic Fever

Kennedy's appearance is Mystic Fever changes due to his clothing being nearly eradicated at the end of Mystic Zone. Now, he wears a green top with a lighter-green slightly coiled dragon at the bottom right corner of the design. He also wears plain black pants, and instead of cyan ones Kennedy wears black fingerless gloves. Along with those, he wears a grey and purple scarf around his neck and white and grey shoes.

Until he gets a replacement, Kennedy usually has his purple energy armblade to replace his lost left arm, but after Schnee creates a new limb for him, Kennedy gains his robotic arm, which, in its most common form, it black with a purple wrist and grey "fingers" and super skinny purple lines circling around it.


Kennedy is basically sane Mackenzie. He thinks things rationally instead of charging head-on. His calmness can turn into aggravation when annoyed, but he keeps his temper under control. At least, he tries. Sometimes he freaks out, but that's only when he's dealing with folks so annoying, he kinda has to.

He tries to be the best person he can be, almost always giving 100% in what he does. He is also compassionate to levels past a lot of people's - instead of only being kind to those in need, he's nice to pretty much everyone he meets. Even though he's very old himself, he still addresses strangers with the utmost respect.

Kennedy can take an emotional beating. He will not cry if ten bullies just keep on pounding - he'll simply glance at them and continue with his day. To him, bullies are just fools who make fun of others because they have nothing better to do in their lives.

As he was trapped inside the Master Emerald, he saw just what humanity was like - some people are so scared, scared to defend themselves. Because of this insight, he steps in whenever he sees anyone in trouble - even if they're people he hates. He can be seen as the calm big brother figure for many people.

He thinks that life is an amazing thing, to live freely without limits. He often dreams about thoughts or the future because the concept of living is just so fascinating to him.

Kennedy has one strength that is more than just kindness; common sense. He thinks things through, noticing possible effects, and then he does whatever he is trying to do. This is one of the main differences between him and Mac.

Of course, when there are strengths, there must be weaknesses also. Here are some of them that are very notable.

Kennedy isn't too nice, but he has some trouble letting people down. He has some trouble stopping people from making stupid decisions when he knows that he should stop them, unless it's so dangerous he can't help himself. Because of this, he prefers to go solo on things - he believes that while others are important, at times, they'll just weigh him down.

Kennedy is pretty cocky. Not so high that he's obnoxious, but high enough that he still thinks he's pretty good at things to at least think he's in the Top 10. While this doesn't affect his mindset too much, it can get him into trouble with other people who have this flaw.

He is also very charismatic and influential, able to persuade people to join a cause with good manners. He'll ask anyone if they would like a drink like a butler even if he isn't in a job as one, say "Sir" and "Miss" as seen above, and even sacrifice his own time just to help someone. He believes that to do good in the world and to make up for past sins, you have to be the best person you can be, for you can either leave a bad mark on the world, or make Mobius remember the tiger who always tried to help.

The reason Kennedy is so set on helping people is not only because he feels bad about his destruction as Konton. When Hikari, the self-named positive Chaos Energy, was used to transform heroes and villains alike into super forms are to teleport them through space-time, Hikari learned more about their character - usually, their heroism. Because of that, Hikari was always wanted his own chance to contribute to helping the world, and because Hikari is a part of Kennedy, it transfers to him. All Kennedy wants is a perfect world, where he feels like he truly made a difference.

When reminded about Konton, however, Kennedy gets pissed off immediately. Like, even mentioning the grey terror will cause Kennedy to completely shut down and become a lot more moody. He doesn't like being reminded of the one who got him into so much trouble; even though he's put it behind him, he'll send a gloomy aura if you remind him.

Kennedy, when he has nothing to do, will not be the one to strike up a conversation. If he's bored, the first thought that comes to his mind is to read a book or exercise, not to go hang out with his friends. Due to this, he is easily seen as the second-to-most "quiet one" of the cast, with the only person in front of him being Alexia the Hedgehog.

He is usually very patient with other people, but if annoyed to a large extent... just don't get near him, or else he'll give you the lecture of the decade. However, this doesn't happen a lot because of his willingness to give people a chance to see how stupid they're being.


Konton Chaos

Kennedy didn't always have the form he has now. In fact, he isn't even supposed to be the species he is now. Schnee Ainekas the Hedgehog wanted to have a robot servant... but with lots of power and super-Mobian abilities, being as extreme as she is. She decided that she'd find a way to get Chaos Energy in order to power this robot. She called upon her friends, Mackenzie Hartley the Tiger and Scarlet June the Fox to help her make this Chaos bot, and they agreed. There was one issue, however.... the only sources of Chaos Energy were the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald, and they didn't have any idea where the Chaos Emeralds were.

They collectively decided to go to Angel Island and hunt for the Master Emerald. Given its huge energy signatures, it didn't take the trio long to find it, and while Scarlet distracted Knuckles, Mac and Schnee took the Master Emerald back to Schnee's place. Schnee extracted Chaos Energy from the Master Emerald and held it in a place where she was mostly sure it couldn't escape. Then, to give it Mobian form, she asked for Mac's DNA. She got it after a bit of arguing, but before she could put Mac's DNA in the extracted Chaos Energy, its sheer power allowed it to escape its confinement, and it took the physical form of a pitch-black hedgehog.

It introduced itself to the group maliciously, giving itself the name Konton. It said that it was part of the Chaos Force that flowed through the universe, and it was glad that some were foolish enough to give it a chance at life. Konton said that it was through being trapped for so long, and was ready to enjoy itself. Schnee rationalized that Konton's exposure out of the Emerald without a host of some sort caused the Chaos Energy to turn negative, and making him antagonistic towards them. Before the trio could put a halt to his plans, he teleported away.

Konton wreaked havoc across the area, not even just limiting himself to where he was "born," Trikon City. In his rampage, he traversed through several cities at insane speeds and just mindlessly destroying them without a care in the world. This strategy was successful for a few hours, about, when he was then confronted by several people; people known to the world as their saviors (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy), G.U.N. agents (Shadow, Rouge and Omega), and the very people who aided his creation along with some of their friends (Mac, Scarlet, Schnee, Terra, Alexia). Together, they all agreed to team up and battle the threat as a group; their numbers would surely overtake him.

They didn't.

Konton was charged with such high amounts of Chaos Energy, virtually no one stood a chance against him. He outsped, overpowered, and completely overwhelmed the group of 12 with ease, despite their various strategies. The only people who were any sort of challenge were when Shadow the Hedgehog removed his Inhibitor Rings (which Konton easily handled) and Mac transformed into his TAI form (again, Konton took care of that). Konton explained he was getting bored once he'd depleted all of the heroes' stamina, and was about to fly away to cause more chaos.

However, in a moment of desperation, Mac fired his pure life force energy at Konton before he was going to remove himself from the battle. This state of vulnerability questioned Konton's Chaos Energy, separating it into positive Chaos and negative Chaos before Mac's energy entered him. When Mac shot his life force, he pushed out the negative energy, and Konton transformed into a clothes-less grey tiger looking nearly exactly like Mac and then promply passed out.

When "Konton" next woke up, he was surrounded by Mac, Scarlet, Alexia, Terra, and Schnee (who was experimenting on him). Schnee explained the Konton situation, and noted that the negative Chaos was pushed out of him to who-knows-where. She explained that though Mac's DNA alone would've turned him into a Mobian-like robot, Mac's life force was enough to create a lifeform out of the Chaos Energy. "Konton" was filled with incredible guilt, thinking about his horrible actions. He thought about the people he harmed, and how Chaos Energy wasn't supposed to be used in such an evil way, and thus he apologized profusely to the group.

They all accepted without much convincing, and Schnee realized that Konton needed a new name to not affiliate himself with the berserker he was before. Mac did a bit of research on his phone, looking for names with the most embarrassing meaning, and he named Konton "Kennedy McLeod" (the names both meaning "ugly," though Kennedy himself wouldn't know for a long time). With this new identity, Kennedy set out to redeem himself, and through all of his powers that stayed from his form's transition, he dedicated his life to becoming a public hero in times of trouble.


Because Kennedy is made out of Chaos Energy, he is naturally someone who can manipulate it. Whenever he manifests it, he takes some of it out of his own defense and uses it to battle. However, it is possible to override it - if he uses too much energy, his defense goes down, and either he gets a lot weaker offense-wise (as seen in The Curse of Day in his battle against Mac) or his defense resembles on of a normal human's. He can recharge by resting or being near a power source (like the Chaos Emeralds), but it would take him about an hour to regain his normal energy output.

Kennedy also has the ability to sense energy in a near-precognitive way. If he senses you trying to put all of your effort into one attack, he's going to know that and put all of his effort into defending. Sensing energy also allows him to teleport - we'll get to that later. However, there are two major flaws to this ability also - one, if his opponent's energy output is too much, he can't sense it, and two, he relies on it far too much. It is very easy to psyche Kennedy out with an attack if you trick his senses. Kennedy has quite some skill with his power, however; he is able to sense when an opponent is holding back unless they release their full power quickly enough.

Kennedy has a few abilities that naturally comes with Chaos Energy - being able to stop or manipulate time or space. He is able to distort it in several ways -

  • one, he can use it to teleport a maximum of about three cities far, but doing that leaves him weak (as seen in TCoD), so he prefer to use short bursts of teleportation to confuse his opponent
  • two, he can use this to control both his own and others' gravity... and, to an extent, he can control his weight and mass and he can lift people a maximum of two meters off the ground
  • three, he can use it for telepathy and being able to speak with someone through their mind.
  • and four, he can use it to stop time completely. Though this is the most powerful of these abilities, it is also the most draining out of all of them, and if he's low on stamina, he might stop time and lose energy energy to not even be able to attack.
  • However, all of these use up some of his energy output so he cannot use two in conjunction.

Next, Kennedy can shapeshift... to a very limited extent. He hasn't been in his physical form for too long - as of now, he can only turn his arm into objects, and even then, he only knows how to turn it into one. Still, instead of trying to create many different forms of shapeshifting, Kennedy focuses on this one aspect - he can create his arm into an extendable purple energy blade. However, it is pure energy, and if you are able to overpower it, it will disappear from Kennedy's energy output.

Finally, a flaw/advantage Kennedy has is being able to control how much energy he releases at once. No matter how much he may look it, Kennedy does not have complete control of his energy output - his "base" form (for simplicity) is only about 50% control. If he lowers his control, then his irises, aura and attacks become green, and though he becomes a lot stronger (depending on how much energy he has to release in the first place), his defense truly suffers, and if you are able to land a string of attacks on him, you will most likely win. Lowering control is very risky, for another reason - if he allows himself to turn some of his neutral energy into negative Chaos Energy, then he shall have some of his former self, Konton in him, resembling a dark form. But where there is darkness, there is also light - if Kennedy gains more control over his energy output (and it is noticeably more difficult to gain than lose control) than he gains a purple aura and he gets a general stat boost. This is more akin to a super form, even though Kennedy would be stronger if he lost control.

Then, there is all of this "my existence is chained" crap he has to deal with. If Mac dies and his life force is completely erased, Kennedy dies - at least, the Mac part of him is separated from him and it traps Hikari in the Master Emerald again. However, if someone somehow got to destroy the Chaos Force, or at least the Lamak Zone's connection to it - that would cause the Hikari side of him to die, trapping the Mac side in Mac's mind. If both happen, he's dead. Like, dead for real. No way of bringing him back. You could also completely obliterate his particles to kill him, but not many people can do that.

Now, here's a counter-strength - Kennedy has a small healing factor. He can shrug off being stabbed in the heart, take ten shots to the brain, and regenerate a lost limb in three minutes, tops. However, as a counter-strength-counter, his healing factor can be overtaxed, causing him to heal much more slowly - or, in lethal cases, not heal at all. His healing factor is also completely dependent on Ken's remaining energy output, so when he loses all control of his energy output, his healing is non-existent.


Kennedy is a decently skilled hunter, and though he isn't the best, it doesn't matter all too much because he isn't an active hunter. Hunting is made easier for him because he has this "energy-sight" where everything he sees is neon green or white and he can see the energy flows in the air. This "energy-sensing" ability allows him to find trails of things. (Because of this, Kennedy can usually retrieve things he lost.)

Kennedy is fairly intelligent more of the time, using his wits to formulate plans and put them into action. He is very adaptable, and he can master things within a relatively short amount of time (for example, if he had three hours each day, he could learn Spanish in three months). However, one thing he lacks is the ability to be encouraging to people who aren't his friends - this is seen in Depths of Dimensions, where when medusa unleashes an outburst of how morality isn't black and white, Kennedy doesn't know how to console her.


Kennedy, after Mac taught him how to (with multiple faceplams being facepalmed), learned how to ride Extreme Gear. He's pretty good, too - his first races were terrible, but he started getting better, with his highest placing being second - and when he's not second nowadays, he's either fifth, fourth, or third.

Kennedy's reaction speed is crazy fast, being able to react to things very quickly by reading movements. This allows him to have very fast movements, and being able to counter attacks. Energy-sensing also assists with this ability.


Ignite (Sword Art Online)

Represents his relationship with Jana-Su.

Crossing Field (SAO; NateWantsToBattle)

It shows how he feels about his past.

Monochrome Memory (Seth's Theme)

It has a feel to it that represents Kennedy.



Friends and Allies

Foes and Rivals

  • Dr. Eggman & his robots

Kennedy sees Eggman as a foolish threat. Robotizing all the citizens of Mobius isn't something he likes about Robotnik. Everytime the Doctor starts something, Kennedy works his hardest to shut it down. Too bad Eggman never quits... oh well. More beatings from Kennedy for him.


Friends and Allies

Foes and Rivals


"Perfection. I like it." -Achieving a S-Rank

"Good enough for me, I suppose." -Achieving an A-Rank

"It's better than nothing, which isn't saying much." -Achieving a B-Rank

"Hmph. I must do better the next time." -Achieving a C-Rank

"This was... not expected of me...." -Achieving a D-Rank

"Bah, this is worthless! How can this be?!" -Achieving an E-Rank

"People who make fun of you are like fire. A small amount you can just put out. If it grows stronger, you need more force. But if it eventually blazes so bright, you can't put it out yourself... that's when your friends, the firefighters, come to help you." -Kennedy's inspirational quote

"There's no way I'm going to let you take on one of your largest personal hurdles ever by yourself. It may not feel like it to you, but your devil-may-care attitude is going to get you killed, and that would be very unfortunate. I'm not leaving you behind, Mac, and that's a promise." -Kennedy when Mac told him he couldn't help in the battle against Luna

"I am not a toy to be used. I am not a robot to be programmed. My name is Kennedy McLeod, and if I want to help someone who can't help themselves, no one has the power to stop me. Especially not you!" -Kennedy responding to Luna asking if he wants to be her servant if she spares his life



  • One could consider Kennedy a fusion of life and chaos, which would technically be right.
  • Konton's voice actor is Doug Erholtz, and Kennedy's is David Vincent.
  • Kennedy has an Extreme Gear board called Seth.