Kenji 'Kazuo' the Hedgehog

Age 5
Height 3' 5"
Weight 17 lbs.
Gender Male
Species Mobian/Hedgehog
  • Fur: Coming soon!
  • Eyes: Coming soon!
Attire Coming soon!
Birthplace (Fictional) Nagoya, Japan
Romantic Interests None

Kenji 'Kazuo' the Hedgehog (健二 'カズオ'・ザ・ヘッジホッグ Kenji 'Kazuo' za Hejjihoggu), or better known by his full name Kenji Ishida, is the son of Ichiro 'Takayama' the Hedgehog and Asuka 'Kazuma' the Hedgehog.

Physical Description

Coming soon!


Despite his child age, he is kind, hyperactive (although rarely) and sociable towards the others. Unlike his father and mother, Kenji speaks both English and Japanese. When he meets a friendly person for the first time, Kenji bows to them, as part of both a greeting and a tradition. He also wants to be a racer like his father, but usually plays football (as in soccer) as his hobby. He is also prone to being scared while meditating or walking alone and can also be easily startled when being spooked from behind. He is also very prone to breaking down in tears when he sees someone who is hurt or dying, even though he is, in fact, a child.


Though he barely has any abilities like his father and mother, he is very smart and also knows how to escape even the most hazardous situations, though his only defense mechanism is his wooden katana, which has been trained by his father, Ichiro, including his father's sensei. Kenji can also tell on whether or not the enemy is disguised as a hero due to his aura that only he can see and tell the difference.


He is prone to being attacked easily as this causes him to run away from enemies before shouting Ichiro, his father, for immediate help, even though he uses his wooden katana for defense, only for it to get destroyed. He is also extremely afraid of heights, thus making him unsuitable for climbing.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Playing soccer (his hobby)
  • His parents
  • Meditating


  • Heights
  • Climbing
  • Getting attacked
  • Being alone and lost

Character Interactions

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