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Kenas Xros 1

Kenas Xros The hegdehog's apperance

His skin color is gray and his secondary color is blue . His top 2 spines face upwards and they have stripes similar to shadows . His last spine or should i say 3rd spine faces down like a normal sonic spine . Blue eyes , Short ears ,And usually has a smile on his face . Wears a blue Dc hoodie under it a White vest or t shirt with DC on it  , Wearing grey pants , Grey shoes with blue stripes and sometimes a little fire comes out of it to show that he is a fiery elemented person . Usually carries his Sword the Blue flare a long katana except like the katan it doesnt bend it goes straight , Usually also has a Mp4 Sticking out of his hand or pocket


Kenas is normally a hyper person with a humorous attitude . But sereious when the time is right . Even though he is immortal He likes to live his life like Everyday was his last day . He Walks around most of the time with his twin brother Zero Which looks just like him but mostly opposite to him . He has alot of IQ higher than eggman due to his long life and his "Inner Sight" ability


Kenas Was born a normal weak child . And was rejected For being a savage and his hidden vampirism . When his uncle attacked and destroyed His home In Misty forest He Felt Alot of pain , Fear and Sorrow . This rendered a message to the demon world . Awkening a demon called dark Which was the deity of negative feelings . This demon Signed a contract with Kenas telling that he will destroy kenas's uncle in trade for kenas's body . Kenas agreed to this and The demon used his body to kill his uncle and destroy most of the villages . After this kenas Regained his fame as a hero but he was froced to retreat to the ark when a vampire name Kraze Attacked . He slept in the ark Where his power and body changed Dramatically and He was awakened by His long lost brother zero ! . They soon waged war against kraze's rule over most of mobius and found mroe people like them . They started the group called the gaurdians which travels through the Mobius helping people.


He has The ability to control one of the most dangerous fires other than lava . Blue fire , It is more powerful than normal fire able to evaporate water in a pinch . Kenas also has a lot of flexibility with his body so he can launch a vareity of attack moves on his opponent . At times he can break the light barrier due to his very fast speed .

He can also use his Katana to use a Good set of slashes and strikes . He focuses mainly on kicks and slashes


  • Sword Frenzy
  • Inner Sight
  • Darkness Beyond Darkness


His mostly used skills are these skilsl listed below

  • Light break , Light speed barrage of kicks With heavy Damage
  • Chronos control , Advanced technique of Chaos control which almost mess up the whole timeline in the wrong hands
  • Gates of Life , Release the current limits the leader of the guardians has set on himself to make himself even more powerful


The only weakness he has is his past and the fact to see his freinds die

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